Zoe Saldana’s new kitchen will ‘jump up the luxury hotel feel in your kitchen,' says experts

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Zoe Saldana astatine premiere
Zoe Saldana astatine premiere (Image credit: Shutterstock)

The room is nan astir utilized abstraction successful nan location — but conscionable because it has a functional purpose, doesn’t mean it has to look bland aliases lacklustre. Zoe Saldana's recently renovated room shows that you tin successfully harvester a homely room pinch a luxurious touch.

The character champion known for lead roles successful Avatar and Guardians of nan Galaxy showed disconnected her recently renovated room connected her Instagram account. The station captioned, ‘MY happy place,’ shows her opinionated successful her luxurious kitchen, pinch a cup of beverage successful hand. She besides gives acknowledgment to Officine Gullo “for creating a room that turns beverage into a divine experience.”

And judging by her ultra-luxe room style, it surely does look divine. Here, we spot nan glossy brownish and golden veined marble countertops that proceed connected nan wall backsplash, and connected nan stunning room island. She besides has 3 pick leather stools underneath nan island. The shaker-style cabinets and scope hood are complimented pinch a brushed golden trim, and golden accents are seen successful nan scope knobs, and handles, making it each look chic and sophisticated. 

In addition, we spot personal, decor touches specified arsenic a postulation of look books wrong 1 of nan cabinets, a image framework connected nan countertop and a azygous vase connected nan island.  All nan elements needed for a homely kitchen! We’ve asked interior designers to stock their thoughts connected Zoe’s ace luxe kitchen. 

“For nan ultra luxe look, usage beardown veined marble and brass accents for illustration Zoe has done present for a precocious extremity feel,” says Athina Bluff, interior designer and laminitis of Topology Interiors. “Both materials are premium elements that’ll jump up nan luxury edifice consciousness successful your kitchen.” 

Camilla Lesser, Development Manager astatine Essential Living besides agrees pinch nan ocular artistic of utilizing premium materials. “Zoe Saldana’s marvelous room exudes indisputable luxury, incorporating cleanable lines, a warm, earthy palette and eye-catching brass accents.

“Kitchens are functional spaces that tin go decoratively mundane and bland. However, Zoe combines sophistication and practicality successful hers by uplifting classical achromatic fixtures pinch brass accents that trim everything from nan cabinets to nan taps and extractor fan, gracefully tying nan abstraction together. The stone-topped land and splashback crushed nan room, complementing nan warmth of nan brass to create a cosy abstraction balancing opulence pinch purpose.” 

How to execute nan Zoe Saldana look — for less 

Gold faucet

Gold faucet (Image credit: Shutterstock)

Luckily, you don’t person to beryllium an A-list prima to execute an A-list looking kitchen. Similar to knowing ways to make your surviving room look much expensive, location are clever things you tin do to springiness your room renewal a luxe, yet homely consciousness — without spending a fortune. "To seizure nan people of Zoe's kitchen, effort swapping retired metallic and alloy to incorporated lukewarm metallic hues for illustration copper, brass and golden into your kitchen”, suggests Lesser. “Achieve nan look simply pinch cooking utensils aliases return it each nan measurement to your fixtures, including taps, descend and cooker." 

 In addition, you don’t person to instrumentality to nan accepted marble colors, and tin research pinch bold hues instead. “Living brass is simply a awesome worldly to see arsenic it people ages pinch deterioration complete clip and is increasing successful fame much and much crossed residential homes,” says Bluff, “Green (and red) marble is peculiarly ‘in’ astatine nan infinitesimal and a worldly to usage if you’re wanting to springiness disconnected a premium feel.” 

Whether you for illustration nan eye-catching marble chromatic aliases subtle, brass accents, Zoe Saldana’s blend of luxe glamour and ‘homely’ feel, makes for nan perfect kitchen.

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