Windows Is Now an App for iPhones, iPads, Macs, and PCs

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Use Windows moreover if you are connected a smartphone, tablet, aliases a web browser.

Screenshot of Windows App moving connected Windows 11 PC

Key Takeaways

  • Microsoft has announced a caller Windows App that allows users to link to Windows 365, Azure Virtual Desktop, and distant PCs from immoderate instrumentality pinch an net connection.
  • The Windows App serves arsenic a hub for Microsoft's desktop and app virtualization services, akin to really nan Microsoft 365 app is simply a gateway to productivity apps.
  • The app is disposable for Preview connected Windows, macOS, iOS, iPadOS, and web browsers, and tin beryllium accessed done a web browser aliases installed from nan Microsoft Store aliases TestFlight. It presently requires a business aliases acquisition Microsoft account, pinch imaginable readiness connected Android successful nan future.

At nan Ignite 2023 event, Microsoft announced nan Windows App for nan iPhone, iPad, Mac, and PC. The simply named app allows users to link to Windows 365, Azure Virtual Desktop, Microsoft Dev Box, and distant PCs from anyplace pinch an net connection. The app is now disposable for Public Preview.

Windows Is Now a Remote Desktop App for Other Devices

Windows App is designed to fto users entree Microsoft's OS done different intends connected various devices. The Windows App is simply a hub for Microsoft's desktop and app virtualization services for illustration Azure Virtual Desktop, Windows 365, and Remote Desktop Services. You tin deliberation of it for illustration really nan Microsoft 365 app is nan gateway to each your productivity apps for illustration Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.

The Windows App is disposable successful Preview for Windows, macOS, iOS and iPadOS, and web browsers. Before leaving Preview, nan app whitethorn acquisition respective changes to go a amended type of itself and service nan users better. At nan clip of writing, nan app is not disposable connected Android, but that mightiness alteration successful nan future.

How to Use nan Windows App to Connect to a Remote Windows System

Microsoft specified nan operating systems you tin tally nan Windows App on. But since you tin unfastened it done a web browser, you tin unfastened nan Windows App from anywhere, arsenic agelong arsenic nan instrumentality tin tally a modern web browser.

To unfastened nan Windows App connected a web browser, sojourn You tin instal nan Windows App from nan Microsoft Store for Windows devices aliases TestFlight for Apple devices. For now, you tin only motion successful pinch a business aliases acquisition Microsoft account. The Windows App documentation specifications really you tin link to different devices.


After installing nan app connected your device, nan first action is to motion successful to nan app utilizing your work, school, aliases individual account. It's important to statement that you should usage nan relationship associated pinch each nan virtual PCs you want to access.

You don't person to instal immoderate different software. But nary matter what instrumentality you use, nan Windows App allows you to return advantage of nan peripherals and features connected nan section device. For instance, you tin usage aggregate monitors, webcam, audio, retention devices, and printer connections pinch nan distant Windows system. The app besides supports civilization show resolutions, move show resolutions, and scaling.

Getting Started With nan Windows App

Working connected a virtual Windows OS from anyplace is simply a earthy improvement for a mobile workforce. The Windows App tin go thing amended than a distant desktop relationship erstwhile you tin entree Microsoft's powerful devices and platforms via nan cloud.

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