Whoa! Epic Black Friday sale slashes $100 off the Xbox Series X

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Xbox Series X adjacent to TV pinch Black Friday woody tag
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Gaming tin beryllium an costly hobby, which makes Black Friday deals each nan much enticing. Black Friday doesn’t officially footwear disconnected until November 24 but galore retailers person already slashed prices connected galore products — particularly video games and video crippled consoles. If you’re looking to prevention large connected nan latter, we conscionable recovered an Xbox Series X woody that’s difficult to walk up.

Right now, nan Xbox Series X is connected waste for $399 astatine Best Buy. You besides get a free $50 Best Buy gift card. This woody is only disposable to My Best Buy Plus ($49/year) and My Best Buy Total ($179/year) members, but considering nan savings you get arsenic a member, it’s worthy signing up for. You can sign up for My Best Buy via this link. As for nan Xbox Series X itself, it’s a awesome console that’s tin of playing some modern and older games. With Xbox Game Pass, nan strategy gives you a wide action of titles from passim nan Xbox’s 20+ twelvemonth history. For $399, this is simply a woody worthy taking advantage of.

In our Xbox Series X review, we called this strategy nan "pinnacle of Microsoft's gaming efforts." We besides praised it for its high-powered specs, accelerated loading times, and cool design. While not connected par pinch nan best gaming PCs successful position of wide performance, nan Xbox Series X delivers experiences comparable to last-gen gaming PCs. Microsoft’s console packs a accelerated SSD, 4K solution and tin moreover tally galore titles astatine 60 frames per second.

The best Xbox Series X games see nan likes of Halo Infinite, Forza Horizon 5 and of course, Starfield. Backward compatibility is different highlight, and you tin play galore classical titles going backmost to nan original Xbox. Of course, nan strategy besides has third-party titles from publishers for illustration Capcom, EA, Ubisoft and more. And arsenic you whitethorn well, Microsoft now owns Bethesda and Activision, which will service to bolster its sizeable gaming library.

We besides can’t hide astir Xbox Game Pass, which is arguably the champion subscription work successful gaming owed to nan sheer abundance of titles it offers — not to mention entree to first-party Xbox games astatine launch. You get each of that for a debased monthly interest starting astatine $9.99/month.

This waste will only instrumentality astir while stocks past for Best Buy members truthful make judge to snag nan Xbox Series X while you can.

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