I’ve been swimming with the Shokz Openswim headphones — and they’ve revolutionized my workouts

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Shokz OpenSwim / Best waterproof headphones shown poolside
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I’ve ever been skeptical astir swimming headphones and I’m not judge why. Maybe it’s because successful 2023, I don’t person immoderate mp3 euphony files to upload onto them (if you’re caller to nan swimming headphone crippled for illustration I was, you’ll request to cognize that Bluetooth doesn’t activity successful water), aliases possibly it’s getting complete that fearfulness of putting exertion successful a swimming pool. Either way, I’ve ever trained successful nan excavation successful silence, until now. 

I’m presently 5 months pregnant, and arsenic a marathon runner, my bump is starting to slow down and shorten my runs arsenic it grows. Instead, I’ve turned to nan pool, wherever I tin happily aquatics without nan weight connected my pelvis slowing maine down. It’s important to statement present while exercising erstwhile pregnant is recommended, you should ever cheque pinch your expert aliases nurse if you are unsure. 

As my clip successful nan excavation increased, I recovered I missed listening to music, podcasts, and audiobooks for illustration I do erstwhile running, truthful I dug a brace of Shokz Openswim headphones retired of nan cupboard, wherever they’d sat, unopened, for a agelong time, and I’ve not looked back. Read connected to find retired more. 

I’ve been swimming pinch nan Shokz Openswim headphones — here’s what I love 

The sound value

Like astir of nan best bony conducting headphones, nan Openswim headphones activity by transmitting nan sound waves on your cheekbones, alternatively than done nan air. This is beneficial erstwhile you’re successful nan pool, arsenic it intends you tin still perceive nan lifeguard’s whistle and beryllium afloat alert of your surroundings. 

I was amazed astatine really intelligibly I could perceive some my euphony and podcast speech pinch my look successful nan h2o — location are 2 different modes connected nan headphones, 1 specially designed for nan water. The swimming mode offered a boost for voice-based podcasts wherever nan bump successful measurement and clarity felt astir noticeable. The General mode was versatile capable to activity for different types of audio some successful and retired of nan water.

The artillery life

To complaint nan Openswim headphones, you person to clip 1 broadside of nan headphones into a mini container built that's connected nan extremity of nan charging cablegram — you won’t want to suffer this charger, arsenic it’s not your run-of-the-mill cable. Shokz estimates you’ll get astir 8 hours of playback from a azygous charge, though I’d opportunity this was a small optimistic. That said, immoderate brace of headphones that stores euphony arsenic good arsenic playing it is apt to person a shorter artillery life. 

The design

Another positive was that these headphones stayed put successful nan water, truthful overmuch so, I’d hide I was wearing them completely. They measurement conscionable 1.05 ounces (around 30g) and I could easy gaffe them underneath my swimming headdress successful nan water. I besides recovered they didn’t move, moreover erstwhile pushing disconnected from nan broadside of nan pool, and didn’t get tangled successful my hairsbreadth connected sessions wherever I’d forgotten to battalion my cap. 

The headphones came pinch a useful carry-pouch, to extremity them from getting mislaid successful my aquatics container and accidentally chucked successful nan washing instrumentality pinch my towel. They besides came pinch a group of aquatics receptor plugs, which I didn’t request to use, but I ideate they thief heighten nan sound value if you’re swimming successful a peculiarly noisy pool. 

The headphones themselves were easy to usage successful nan excavation — Shokz placed 3 beingness buttons connected nan underside of nan correct broadside of nan headphones to move connected nan headphones and set nan measurement up and down. 

There’s besides a smaller ‘mode’ fastener that allows you to move betwixt nan swimming and wide modes. As you can’t link nan headphones to your telephone to spot nan artillery level, aliases what mode you’re in, there’s audio feedback to show you erstwhile you’ve switched modes, powered your headphones connected aliases off, and a artillery life status.

I’ve been swimming pinch nan Shokz Openswim headphones — here’s what I don’t love 

Remembering to upload files

This is an evident one, and a problem you’d brushwood pinch immoderate of nan champion swimming headphones connected nan market, but remembering to upload files onto my headphones earlier leaving nan location was a hassle. I’m nit-picking here, of course. The headphones person 4GB of retention and nan expertise to transportation complete MP3, WAV, WMA, AAC files and you do that utilizing nan aforesaid proprietary cablegram utilized to complaint nan headphones. It is simply a small fiddly, particularly successful this time and age, but it’s nan value you salary for listening to euphony arsenic you swim. 

Overall, I’ve been impressed pinch these headphones and I’d urge them to anyone looking to hit nan boredom arsenic you thigh your section pool. Check retired nan different headphones that made our best waterproof headphones list, arsenic good arsenic nan different best bony conduction headphones here. 

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