How to Resize or Reduce Photo Size on iPhone and iPad

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Key Takeaways

  • Use nan Shortcuts app connected your iPhone aliases iPad to easy resize photos by creating a caller shortcut and customizing nan resize settings.
  • The Image Size app is simply a convenient action for resizing photos if you don't want to create a shortcut, allowing you to alteration solution and trim record size.
  • On a Mac, you tin quickly resize photos utilizing nan built-in Preview app, making it easy to resize photos successful conscionable a fewer seconds.

The editor successful nan Photos app is rather feature-rich, but you can't resize photos. Luckily, you tin usage a shortcut aliases a third-party app to resize aliases trim photograph size connected iPhone and iPad. Here's how.

How to Resize a Photo Using Shortcuts

If you request to trim a photo's solution aliases record size, look nary further than nan Shortcuts app. Shortcuts is Apple's built-in automation instrumentality that helps you create your ain devices and simplify multi-step processes that you execute frequently.

Using Shortcuts, you tin create elemental automations that travel predefined steps. In this guide, we'll create a shortcut that tin return azygous aliases aggregate photos, resize them based connected your input, and prevention nan resulting output backmost to nan Photos app.

To get started, unfastened nan Shortcuts app connected your iPhone aliases iPad. In nan "My Shortcuts" tab, pat nan Plus ("+") fastener successful nan top-right area to create a caller shortcut.

All Shortcuts displayed successful nan Shortcuts app.

Tap nan "Add Action" button.

Search for and past adhd nan "Resize Image" action.

Searching for nan

Now it's clip to customize this action. Tap nan "Image" button. In nan pop-up, take nan "Shortcut Input" option. This intends that nan shortcut will resize immoderate image that you nonstop to it (It's useful for sending aggregate images utilizing nan Share menu successful nan Photos app.).


Next, it's clip to determine nan resulting width and height. By default, nan shortcut will resize nan image to 640 pixels wide pinch car height. You tin pat nan "640" fastener to alteration nan default, aliases you tin move to nan "Ask Each Time" option. This would beryllium our recommendation, arsenic it gives you nan state to alteration nan solution without duplicating nan shortcut.

The adjacent section is nan resolution, and

It's champion to time off nan "Auto Height" action arsenic nan default. Next, hunt for "Save to Photo Album" action successful nan hunt barroom astatine nan bottommost of nan surface and pat nan result. If you've done it correctly, your full shortcut will look for illustration nan following:


By default, this action will prevention nan resized image to nan "Recents" album. If you want, you tin pat nan "Recents" fastener to alteration nan album.

Change nan default photograph prevention location by tapping nan "Recents" button.

The shortcut is now created. Tap nan mini chevron (arrow without a tail) adjacent nan "Done" button, and prime "Rename." Name nan Shortcut immoderate you like, but make it logical. Three Shortcuts named "sdklfhk," "ahjsdbn," and "qwuioeq" wouldn't beryllium helpful.

Chevron adjacent to nan title of nan Shortcut, pinch

Once you've named nan shortcut, pat nan "Nowhere" section to alteration wherever this Shortcut appears.


Be judge to alteration nan "Show successful Share Sheet" option, past pat nan "Done" fastener astatine nan apical to prevention nan customization.


Then, connected nan shortcut screen, pat nan "Done" fastener again to prevention nan shortcut. You're each done successful nan Shortcuts app. Next, motorboat Photos connected your iPhone aliases iPad.

In Photos, prime a photograph (or nan photos) that you want to resize and pat nan "Share" fastener (which looks for illustration a rounded quadrate pinch an arrow pointing upward from it).


Scroll down and prime nan shortcut that we conscionable created (in our example, it's called "Resize" but you mightiness person named it thing different successful nan Shortcuts app above).

Enter nan desired image width successful pixels and pat nan "Done" button.

A ample section to participate nan horizontal solution you want.

After a moment, nan shortcut will resize nan image (or images), and you'll find it (or them) saved successful nan "Recents" medium successful nan Photos app.

You tin now share nan resized images to your Mac aliases usage them successful immoderate app aliases website that you want.

How to Resize a Photo Using a Third-Party App

While Shortcuts tin beryllium a awesome instrumentality for powerfulness users (A azygous shortcut tin prevention you a batch of clip if you're going to beryllium resizing images often.), taking nan clip to create nan shortcut tin consciousness for illustration overkill if you only want to resize a fewer photos each now and then.

This is wherever you tin find comfortableness successful nan free Image Size app. The exertion has a very elemental resize instrumentality that helps you alteration nan solution and trim nan photograph size arsenic well.

To get started, download nan Image Size app from nan App Store. After opening nan app, pat nan Photos fastener successful nan top-left corner.

In nan Image View app, pat nan "Photos" icon successful nan apical toolbar.

The app will inquire you for entree to your photograph library. You tin springiness nan app entree to your full photograph library, aliases you tin prime conscionable a fewer photos.

Give Image Size entree to each aliases immoderate of your photos.

Once you let access, spell done your room and prime nan image that you want to resize.

Choose nan photograph you want to resize.

In nan image preview, pat nan "Choose" button.

In nan preview, pat nan "Choose" fastener to adhd nan photograph to nan editor.

You will now spot nan image successful nan editor. In nan "Pixel" section, alteration nan "Width" aliases nan "Height" to resize nan image (Make judge that nan fastener successful nan mediate that looks for illustration a concatenation nexus is enabled truthful that nan facet ratio remains nan same.).

Enter nan width aliases nan tallness for nan image you want to resize.

The app will show nan record size of nan new, resized image. Once you're happy, pat nan prevention fastener (that looks for illustration a downward-pointing arrow pinch a statement beneath it) successful nan toolbar astatine nan bottommost of nan screen.

Tap Save fastener to prevention nan resized image to nan Photos app.

The app will prevention nan resized image successful nan "Recents" files successful nan Photos app. You tin repetition this process to resize arsenic galore photos arsenic you'd like.

On a Mac? You tin resize a photograph successful a mates of seconds using nan built-in Preview app.

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