Samsung Unveils Industry's First 32Gbit DDR5 Memory Die: 1TB Modules Incoming

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by Anton Shilov on September 1, 2023 11:00 AM EST

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Samsung early connected Friday revealed nan world's first 32 Gb DDR5 DRAM die. The caller representation dice is made connected nan company's 12 nm-class DRAM fabrication process and not only offers accrued density, but besides lowers powerfulness consumption. The spot will let Samsung to build grounds 1 TB RDIMMs for servers arsenic good arsenic little costs of high-capacity representation modules. 

“With our 12nm-class 32 Gb DRAM, we person secured a solution that will alteration DRAM modules of up to 1 TB, allowing america to beryllium ideally positioned to service nan increasing request for high-capacity DRAM successful nan era of AI (Artificial Intelligence) and large data,” said SangJoon Hwang, executive vice president of DRAM merchandise & exertion astatine Samsung Electronics.

32 Gb representation dies not only alteration Samsung to build a regular, single-rank 32 GB module for customer PCs utilizing only 8 single-die representation chips, but they besides let for higher capacity DIMMs that were not antecedently possible. We are talking astir 1 TB representation modules utilizing 40 8-Hi 3DS representation stacks based connected 8 32 Gb representation devices. Such modules whitethorn sound overkill, but for artificial intelligence (AI), Big Data, and database servers, much DRAM capacity tin easy beryllium put to bully use. Eventually, 1TB RDIMMs would let for up to 12 TB of representation successful a azygous socket server (e.g. AMD's EPYC 9004 platform), thing that cannot beryllium done now. 

With regards to powerfulness consumption, Samsung says that utilizing nan caller dies they tin build 128 GB DDR5 RDIMMs for servers that devour 10% little powerfulness than current-generation modules built astir 16 Gb dies. This driblet of powerfulness depletion tin beryllium attributed to some 12 nm-class DRAM accumulation node arsenic good arsenic avoiding nan usage of 3D stacked (3DS) chips that battalion 2 16 Gb dies into a azygous package.

Samsung is not disclosing nan velocity bins of its 32 Gb representation dies, but vanished 16 Gb modules made connected nan aforesaid 12 nm-class exertion connection a 7200 MT/s information transportation rate.

Samsung intends to commencement wide accumulation of 32 Gb representation dies by nan extremity of 2023, but for now nan institution isn't detailing erstwhile it plans to connection vanished chips to customers. it's apt that nan institution will commencement pinch customer PCs first, though whether that translasts into immoderate costs savings remains to beryllium seen.

Otherwise, for servers it usually takes a while for server level developers and vendors to validate and suffice caller representation components. So while Samsung has 1 TB RDIMMs successful its future, it will return immoderate clip earlier we spot them successful shipping servers.

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