These audiophile-grade Sennheiser headphones are 50% off for Black Friday

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The Sennheiser HD 599 SE are earnestly bully headphones for superior audio enthusiasts.
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If you attraction astir nan value of your music, there's 2 Black Friday headphone deals you person to snatch up earlier they're gone. 

Right now you tin drawback either nan Sennheiser HD 599 SE open-back headphones for conscionable $99 connected Amazon aft a 50% discount, aliases upgrade to nan coveted Sennheiser HD600 headphones for $299 that regularly costs $450.

Part of nan company’s legendary HD postulation that includes nan Sennheiser HD800S and updated Sennheiser HD560S, these are 2 of nan best audiophile headphones you tin bargain and astatine that this value are almost intolerable to walk up on.  

Looking for thing portable? The fantabulous Sennheiser CX Plus are besides connected sale 

A man wearing a brace of Sennheiser CX Plus earbuds.

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For audiophiles who for illustration to perceive to their euphony successful nan comfortableness of their ain home, open-back headphones for illustration nan Sennheiser HD599 SE aliases Sennheiser HD600 are nan measurement to go. However, if you for illustration to return euphony pinch you connected nan spell and request 1 of nan best wireless earbuds to support nan statement going, support your eyes peeled for an upcoming woody connected nan Sennheiser CX Plus.

Like nan HD599 SE, nan Sennheiser CX Plus will besides beryllium connected waste for Black Friday and person seen their $179 MSRP slashed by 56% to conscionable $79.

With a 24-hour artillery life pinch nan case, an IPX4 water-resistance and progressive sound cancellation, nan Sennheiser CX Plus will statement up pinch immoderate of nan champion earbuds for illustration nan Sony WF-1000XM5 and are disposable astatine half nan price.

Sennheiser has a number of awesome Black Friday deals worthy checking retired — but of them all, nan ones I've highlighted supra connection nan champion bang for your buck. 

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