The Sunday Read: ‘Young and Homeless in Rural America’

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The Daily|The Sunday Read: ‘Young and Homeless successful Rural America’

Most societal services travel done the schools — but it tin beryllium intolerable to get to them.

Narrated by January LaVoy.

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Nov. 13, 2022, 6:00 a.m. ET

Written by Samantha M. Shapiro

Produced by Adrienne Hurst and Aaron Esposito

Edited by John Woo

Original euphony by Aaron Esposito

Engineered by Sophia Lanman

Sandra Plantz, an head astatine Gallia County Local Schools for much than 20 years, oversees areas arsenic divers arsenic Title I speechmaking remediation and national grants for each 7 of the district’s schools. In caller years, though, she has leaned successful hard connected a relation that is overlooked successful galore districts: stateless liaison.

Ms. Plantz’s district, successful agrarian Ohio, serves an country that doesn’t connection overmuch successful the mode of a information nett beyond the section churches. The region has nary household stateless shelters, and those with nary spot to spell sometimes extremity up sleeping successful the parking batch of the Walmart oregon astatine the infirmary exigency room.

Homeless students person the worst acquisition outcomes of immoderate group, the lowest attendance, the lowest scores connected standardized tests, the lowest graduation rates. They each look the aforesaid cruel paradox: Students who bash not person a unchangeable spot to unrecorded are incapable to be schoolhouse regularly, and failing to postgraduate from precocious schoolhouse is the azygous top hazard origin for aboriginal homelessness.

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