The recently-teased OnePlus Pad Go could take cheap Android tablets to a new level

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OnePlus Pad Go displayed
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OnePlus continues to branch retired beyond smartphones arsenic it has officially revealed its upcoming tablet: nan OnePlus Pad Go.

Details are alternatively slim correct now. Most of nan device's specifications haven't been revealed yet. We do, however, cognize what it looks like. The institution posted images of nan OnePlus Pad Go connected its official OnePlus India relationship connected X (the level formerly known arsenic Twitter). Looking astatine nan pictures, nan instrumentality looks astir identical to nan OnePlus Pad. There are immoderate flimsy differences – astir notably, nan rear has a two-tone colour scheme. The apical 15 percent aliases truthful has a shiny, almost chrome-like value to it. The remainder has a matte decorativeness making it look much level by comparison. What’s more, nan shadiness of greenish utilized connected nan Pad Go is noticeably lighter compared to nan original model. 

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Interestingly, nan tagline of nan tablet is “All Play, All Day”, perchance hinting astatine amended artillery life. If this is nan case, it would beryllium a welcomed and astonishing upgrade. The artillery longevity is, by far, nan champion facet of nan first tablet. The OnePlus Pad has astir “12 hours of video playback”. It's imaginable that number could widen to 16 hours aliases much pinch accelerated charging to boot. Of course, this is simply speculation connected our part.

High value screen

What’s not speculative is nan instrumentality will athletics a 2.4K solution show pinch a 7:5 facet ratio. This tidbit comes from OnePlus President and COO Kinder Liu who precocious sat down pinch Digital Trends, spilling immoderate of nan device’s secrets. Liu refers to it arsenic a “mid-tier intermezo tablet [offering] outstanding ocular value without breaking nan bank.” So it's imaginable nan caller exemplary will person lower-quality hardware compared to its older brother. In fact, we already spot this happening if you comparison nan screens of nan two.

As 9To5Google points out, nan OnePlus Pad has a 2.8K (2,800 x 2,000 pixels) solution panel, meaning nan early gadget whitethorn person a somewhat worse screen. 2.4K solution is still beautiful good. Also, Liu didn't uncover whether aliases not nan Pad Go will person nan aforesaid 144Hz refresh complaint arsenic nan original OnePlus pad aliases if it'll will driblet down to 120Hz. 

OnePlus ecosystem

Liu does spell connected to mention immoderate of nan features nan Pad Go will have.

The large 1 that caught our oculus was Content Sync, giving users an easy measurement to transportation multimedia contented from their OnePlus smartphone to their tablet. Additionally, “notification syncing and surface mirroring [will be] a portion of nan package toolkit”. The OnePlus Pad Go will moreover person nan “ability to grip calls crossed devices.” Liu states each of these interconnecting functions are portion of nan company’s extremity of establishing a “comprehensive OnePlus ecosystem.” 

A motorboat day and value tag for nan OnePlus Pad Go are presently unknown, though location are hints. Android Authority claims it received an email from nan institution stating nan tablet will motorboat connected October 6. For cost, we'll person to return a look astatine nan OnePlus Pad which retails for $480/£449. The OnePlus Pad Go is expected to beryllium cheaper.

While we person you, beryllium judge to cheque TechRadar’s list of nan champion Android tablets for 2023.

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