The 6 Best AI-Powered Mac Apps to Save Time and Be More Productive

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When clip is limited, equipping yourself pinch nan correct devices will alteration you to execute more. Although your Mac already has respective built-in features and apps to thief you beryllium much productive, you whitethorn still request thing other to complete nan job.

Fortunately, respective macOS apps person integrated artificial intelligence (AI) to streamline your workflow and automate mundane tasks, allowing you to attraction connected nan important stuff. Below, we'll screen nan champion AI-powered Mac apps to boost your productivity.

1. Krisp: Remove Background Noise During Meetings

Customizing Microsoft Teams sound settings to adhd Krisp

Background sound is 1 of nan astir communal distractions that tin derail your meetings. As online meetings go progressively prevalent successful nan modern workplace, uncovering ways to destruct inheritance noise, for illustration aerial conditioner hums, coworker chatter, aliases barking dogs, is vital.

Krisp is an essential instrumentality for online meetings, arsenic it uses AI to shut up inheritance noises and amended your audio value successful existent time. Krisp is easy to use; you only request to motion up for an relationship and download nan app onto your Mac. Next, motorboat nan app from your Mac's paper bar.

Krisp useful pinch astir connection aliases video conferencing apps for your Mac, for illustration Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Hangouts, and more. Open your preferred online gathering app, spell to audio settings, and prime Krisp arsenic your microphone and speaker. You tin now bask inheritance noise-free virtual meetings. Note that Krisp tin besides transcribe your meetings successful existent time.

Download: Krisp (Free, subscription available)

2. GrammarlyGO: AI Assistance for Writing and Editing

GrammarlyGO's prompts successful Pages

GrammarlyGO is an AI-powered Mac app that tin enactment arsenic your individual penning and editing assistant. You tin usage this instrumentality to cheque punctuation, grammar, and pronunciation mistakes. Grammarly tin besides thief you guarantee your sentences are successful nan progressive sound and amended nan wide readability of your writing.

Beyond its editing capabilities, GrammarlyGO uses generative AI to nutrient content based connected your requirements. You tin input your prompts aliases usage 1 of nan galore suggested prompts. For instance, you tin usage GrammarlyGO to shorten, expand, aliases amended your text. You tin besides usage it to group nan correct reside for your matter to suit a circumstantial audience; for instance, you tin create a general email for a customer aliases a friends station for Facebook.

Using Grammarly is simple. All you request to do is motion up for an relationship and download nan Safari hold and nan Mac app. You are now fresh to usage GrammarlyGO by highlighting matter and accessing its features by clicking connected nan GrammarlyGO icon (indicated by a bulb).

Download: GrammarlyGO (Free, subscription available)

Notion AI's prompts

How galore productivity apps do you person installed connected your Mac? Chances are, you person a dedicated app for your notes, tasks, calendar, and more. While these devices undoubtedly thief you get things done, switching betwixt them tin beryllium a hassle. This is wherever an all-in-one productivity workspace for illustration Notion AI comes successful handy.

Notion is simply a versatile productivity instrumentality that tin thief you shape your tasks, support way of each nan web pages you visit, prevention your gathering notes, and much without switching to different apps. That's not all, though; Notion uses artificial intelligence to simplify your workflow.

For example, you tin usage Notion AI to summarize, expand, translate, aliases simplify your notes. You tin besides usage it to find action items from your gathering notes aliases coming cardinal points successful a array format. Notion is free to usage connected your Mac, but you tin upgrade to nan paid type for much features.

Download: Notion AI (Free, subscription available)

4. Canary Mail: Your AI Email Assistant

Canary Mail's AI Sidekick successful action

A database of AI-powered Mac apps that thief you prevention clip and beryllium much productive won't beryllium complete without mentioning an email assistant. That's because email is still 1 of nan astir communal connection methods for individual aliases master use. Plus, nary 1 enjoys penning emails aliases spending clip successful their inbox! So, if nan built-in Mail app isn't doing nan trick, see switching to Canary Mail.

Canary Mail is an AI-powered email adjunct that tin thief streamline your email workflow and prevention time. This instrumentality uses artificial intelligence to analyse and summarize your emails. You tin besides usage Canary Mail to constitute your emails by providing a fewer specifications astir what you want to say.

If you often struggle to support up pinch nan overwhelming number of emails you receive, Canary Mail tin thief you reduce email overload by sorting and prioritizing them for you. In addition, it makes it easier for you to unsubscribe from pesky email newsletters. Lastly, you tin adhd each your email accounts to Canary Mail to create a unified inbox and debar switching betwixt different email clients.

Download: Canary Mail (Free, subscription available)

5. Craft: Your AI-Powered Document Editor

Craft's AI prompts

If you're looking for a powerful yet easy-to-use macOS app to thief create documents utilizing AI, you won't spell incorrect pinch Craft. Craft is simply a beautifully designed AI-powered archive editor for Macs that tin elevate your note-taking acquisition and easiness nan process of creating documents.

Craft's rich | action of formatting devices makes it easy to create each sorts of documents, including blog posts, task proposals, gathering notes, gratitude journals, and more. In addition, Craft besides provides respective templates, making it easier to commencement your documents pinch pre-designed layouts.

Furthermore, you tin usage Craft's AI Assitant to prevention clip erstwhile creating documents. For instance, Craft AI tin summarize, translate, propose a title, create an outline, and proceed writing, to sanction a few. All you request to do is property nan guardant slash (/) bid successful your archive to entree its features.

Download: Craft (Free, subscription available)

6. Rewind: Capture Everything connected Your Mac

Rewind's hunt container and snapshot successful nan background

Do you often struggle to retrieve nan sites you sojourn aliases nan messages you read? Let's opportunity you visited X (formerly Twitter) connected your Mac nan erstwhile time and came crossed an absorbing quote aliases a funny post. Unfortunately, nan only point you retrieve from nan station is simply a connection aliases phrase. You tin usage Rewind to hunt for nan post.

Rewind is an AI-powered app that captures everything you spot connected your Mac. Once you download and instal Rewind connected your Mac, it runs successful nan background, automatically records your screen, and stores nan recordings locally connected your Mac. You tin entree Rewind from nan paper barroom and click its icon to spell backmost successful clip and find nan accusation you need.

Download: Rewind (Free, subscription available)

Artificial intelligence is not conscionable a passing trend; it's a powerful instrumentality that tin thief you do much successful little time. Fortunately, galore Mac apps, for illustration nan ones listed above, usage AI to simplify your workflows.

So, whether you're a freelancer, a distant worker, a student, aliases personification who wishes to make nan astir of your Mac, these AI-powered apps tin importantly amended your productivity.

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