The 13 Best X (Twitter) Alternatives Worth Trying

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The changes to X (formerly Twitter) person been tumultuous and frequent. If you're reasoning of quitting, you're not alone. There are plentifulness of X alternatives for you to try, it conscionable depends connected nan type of societal acquisition you want and what features you're looking for connected a societal platform. Here are nan champion X alternatives to effort out.

1. Substack Notes

Substack Notes

Seemingly nan consequence of a spat betwixt X and Substack, Substack Notes launched connected April 5th, 2023 and was warmly received. If you already subscribe to Substack, past nan group you travel will beryllium pre-determined. However, you tin ever adhd more.

Because Substack subscribers salary to publication contented connected nan platform, location are nary adverts, and nary desire for viral posts. Consequently, this is simply a much balanced experience, free from doom-scrolling and negativity.

Substack Notes tin beryllium accessed done your browser aliases via nan Substack Reader mobile app.

Download: Substack Reader for iOS | Android

2. Threads

Meta's type of X popped up retired of nowhere. To motion up to Threads, you'll person to person an Instagram relationship already. However, this intends that you'll easy beryllium capable to find nan accounts of group you already follow.

Threads has a very barebones approach, pinch a elemental split-feed of For you and Following. You tin station videos, images, aliases matter arsenic a post, and concatenation them up successful threads. The Explore tab is very light, simply displaying a database of accounts that you tin follow.

Meta has agelong proven itself to beryllium 1 of nan champion brands successful societal media, truthful there's precocious imaginable for Threads lasting for a agelong clip arsenic a platform. Out of each nan X alternatives retired there, Threads is astir apt nan astir viable. The different brands don't person Meta-level money to propulsion astatine their respective X challengers, nor a celebrated societal media level (Instagram) to thief transportation their name. The level already has an awesome personification base, making it nan astir viable X contender successful nan mainstream.

Download: Threads for iOS | Android (Free)

3. Mastodon

screenshot of mastodon floor plan connected android

Mastodon is an open-source X replacement that offers greater power complete what you spot and nan conversations you have.

The existent spot of Mastodon is that it tin beryllium utilized pinch individual "instances". This intends that you tin entree specialized versions of nan site, usually themed by topic. Star Trek fan? There's a Mastodon lawsuit for you. And because Mastodon is unfastened source, you tin get your ain instance, group it up, and fundamentally tally your ain societal network.

Learn much successful our guide to nan Mastodon open-source societal network.

Download: Mastodon for iOS | Android

The Bluesky web app Home feed

If you for illustration nan Twitter of old, past Bluesky Social is simply a awesome alternative. With a 300-character limit, complete autonomy connected your feeds, and a smaller personification base, Bluesky represents nan imagination early Twitter had. It moreover has original Twitter co-founder, Jack Dorsey, arsenic portion of its committee of directors.

You'll person a akin acquisition connected nan app arsenic to what you expect from X. There's a sidebar to nan near that's beautiful overmuch nan same, isolated from for location being Feeds and Moderation options.

Bluesky is simply a small much barebones, pinch you only being capable to station matter aliases image-based posts. However, nan level of power it gives you complete what contented you spot has to beryllium applauded. The full Moderation tab is afloat of ways you tin customize your provender and exclude definite topics aliases profiles.

Bluesky is, unfortunately, invite-only astatine nan moment; truthful you'll request to get a Bluesky induce code to subordinate nan platform.

The level is built connected nan AT Protocol, which is simply a decentralized, federated web that allows you to link to anyone connected immoderate work utilizing nan protocol, arsenic good arsenic migrating your relationship complete betwixt different platforms without losing immoderate of your data. If you judge successful nan thought of federated, decentralized networks complete nan traditional, restricted societal media platforms, past Bluesky represents not only an replacement to X, but portion of a much autonomous era for your societal media presence.

Download: Bluesky Social for iOS | Android (Free)

5. Post News

The provender connected nan web app for nan Post societal platform

Launched successful precocious 2022, Post News was group up by erstwhile Waze CEO Noam Bardin. The platform's FAQ states that it's “a spot for group to discover, read, watch, talk and stock premium news contented without subscriptions aliases ads”.

The layout of Post is akin to X (particularly early iterations) and different microblogging services, truthful it shouldn’t return you agelong to get started.

Download: Post News for Android | iOS (Free)

6. Aether

A organization connected nan Aether web app

At nan consequence of pigeonholing Aether, you tin deliberation of nan level arsenic a blend of Discord and Mastodon. Your first sojourn to nan website will show this: “Open source, self-governing communities pinch auditable moderation and mod elections.”

Championing little microblogging and much of a chat area, Aether has respective cardinal features:

  • Peer-to-peer: location is nary centralized server.
  • Only six months of posts are kept: you tin prevention things, but not aft that pain date.
  • Moderation is transparent: reasons for deletion are made public-facing.
  • Moderators tin beryllium elected and impeached: inappropriate mods tin beryllium disabled.

Each of these features makes Aether a very absorbing improvement successful nan online chat space. Aether has versions for Windows, macOS, and Linux, but nary mobile app.

7. societal network

One of nan cardinal purposes of X arsenic conceived was “microblogging.” This is simply a word fixed to nan format of short blog posts published without a title. So, fundamentally a tweet. is little demanding and slower than Twitter.

It’s perfect for short and agelong posts, photos, and engaging pinch readers. All of that sounds great, though location is 1 shortcoming: is disposable only pinch a monthly subscription, which starts astatine $5 a month. This basal subscription gives cross-posting to societal networks, mobile apps, and different basal features, while upgrading gives you podcast and video hosting, arsenic good arsenic email newsletters.

A free 30-day proceedings is disposable if you want to effort

8. Gab

With an purpose of putting "people and free reside first" Gab has go known arsenic nan "alt-right" replacement to X; indeed, it was formed arsenic an antidote to what laminitis Andrew Torba described "the wholly left-leaning Big Social monopoly".

While a free speech-focused work mightiness not look unreasonable, Gab was banned successful 2016 from nan Apple App Store. In 2017, meanwhile, Google removed nan app from nan Play Store, noting that Gab grounded to "demonstrate a capable level of moderation, including for contented that encourages unit and advocates dislike against groups of people."

All this contention is simply a shame, arsenic nan Gab level is beautiful useful, pinch 300-character position updates and a comfortable personification interface.


Claiming to beryllium “a marketplace of ideas”, GETTR offers aggregate sign-up options, from telephone aliases email to Google, LinkedIn, X, Twitch, and galore others.

This makes it really easy to get started utilizing a societal web “founded connected nan principles of free speech, independent thought and rejecting governmental censorship”. You tin deliberation of GETTR arsenic a little blimpish Gab aliases Parler.

GETTR is disposable for mobile devices and done your browser. It moreover has a TikTok-like feature, called Gtoks.

Download: GETTR for iOS | Android

10. Cohost

Cohost societal network

Ad-free Cohost is built for sharing immoderate you want. A monthly aliases yearly subscription affords enhanced entree to nan site, including larger uploads and customization options.

Cohost has a slow sign-up process, pinch posting restricted until your relationship is afloat verified (normally 2 days). On nan positive side, this intends you person nan clip to research conversations and topics, bookmark hashtags, and group up a profile.

Cohost has pledged that it “will ne'er waste your data, waste ads, aliases waste nan institution to anyone who mightiness alteration these policies to make a speedy buck”.

Currently, nary mobile app is disposable for Cohost, but you tin spot this user's station connected Cohost connected really to mimic nan acquisition of having nan level arsenic an app.

With a desktop personification interface that resembles X Pro (formerly TweetDeck), CounterSocial intends to connection its organization 4 “unique protections.”

These protections include:

  • Deepfake detection: uploaded contented is analyzed to find nan usage of deepfakes.
  • Botsentinel integration: intended to observe bots.
  • Identity breach alerts: a useful measurement for relationship holders to find retired if their relationship has been hacked and misused.
  • Factlayer integration: color-coded links to show really reliable a news nexus is.

Accounts person a 500-character limit per post, media tin beryllium uploaded, polls conducted, and warnings employed to hide text. Paid accounts person enhanced features, specified arsenic changing status, and posts that expire and “explode". There is besides a VR metaverse (although this is not disposable successful nan mobile app).

CounterSocial offers a bully experience, though immoderate topics are underserved. If you’re fond of discussing news and topical events, however, it should beryllium precocious connected your database of X alternatives.

Download: CounterSocial for iOS | Android (Free)

12. Trust Cafe

The web app of societal level Trust Cafe

Trust Cafe is simply a long-form X replacement that intends to "fight misinformation successful nan societal media sphere". A community-moderated platform, you tin expect much insightful chat from much charismatic users connected a scope of topics. You tin moreover browse arsenic a impermanent if you don't want to create an account.

You tin create text, image, aliases video posts arsenic good arsenic collaborate pinch others connected a post. Liking and commenting exists truthful that you tin interact pinch different users' content. If you were ever connected WT.Social, past you'll cognize that this is simply a successor to nan platform, created by nan Wikipedia laminitis Jimmy Wales. Currently, you'll only beryllium capable to entree Trust Cafe via nan web app.

Hive Social intends to connection an early-day Twitter experience, pinch much accent connected nan individuals. You tin alteration nan position connected your aliases others' feeds via a apical menu, segmenting it to each posts, Image and Video, aliases conscionable text-based.

Throughout Twitter's modulation into X, Hive Social had a fewer heydays; pinch awesome personification influxes. While it has struggled to support its highest personification guidelines since, it has built up a loyal community.

If you miss nan early days of Twitter and for illustration to person a smaller like-minded organization alternatively than a provender afloat of noise, you could find it successful Hive.

Download: Hive Social for iOS | Android (Free)

What's Your X Replacement?

Whether you scheme to get disconnected X today, aliases deliberation it's amended to time off it until nan group you travel jump ship, nan alternatives covered are presently nan champion options.

Which 1 you for illustration depends connected what you dream to get retired of a microblogging/social networking experience. It besides depends connected whether you attraction astir who owns a definite platform. And whichever level is already integrated into your life. For instance, Substack Notes and Threads whitethorn beryllium connected your radar since you already person Substack aliases Instagram.

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