Stupid Companies Make AI Promises. Smart Companies Have AI Policies. [Sponsor]

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It seems for illustration each institution is scrambling to liking their declare successful nan AI goldrush–check retired nan CEO of Kroger promising to bring LLMs into nan dairy aisle. And beforehand statement workers are pursuing suit–experimenting pinch AI truthful they tin activity faster and do more.

In nan fewer short months since ChatGPT debuted, hundreds of AI-powered devices person travel connected nan market. But while AI-based devices person genuinely adjuvant applications, they besides airs profound information risks. Unfortunately, astir companies still haven’t travel up pinch policies to negociate those risks. In nan absence of clear guidance astir responsible AI use, labor are blithely handing complete delicate information to untrustworthy tools. 

AI-based browser extensions connection nan clearest illustration of this phenomenon. The Chrome shop is overflowing pinch extensions that (claim to) harness ChatGPT to do each mode of tasks: punching up emails, designing graphics, transcribing meetings, and penning code. But these devices are prone to astatine slightest 3 types of risk.

  1. Malware: Security researchers support uncovering AI-based extensions that bargain personification data. These extensions play connected users’ spot of nan large tech platforms (“it can’t beryllium vulnerable if Google lets it connected nan Chrome store!”) and they often look to work, by hooking up to ChatGPT et al’s APIs. 
  2. Data Governance: Companies including Apple and Verizon person banned their labor from utilizing LLMs because these products seldom connection a guarantee that a user’s inputs won’t beryllium utilized arsenic training data.
  3. Prompt Injection Attacks: In this small known but potentially unsolvable attack, hidden matter connected a webpage directs an AI instrumentality to execute malicious actions–such arsenic exfiltrate information and past delete nan records. 

Up until now, astir companies person been caught flat-footed by AI, but these risks are excessively superior to ignore. 

At Kolide, we’re taking a two-part attack to governing AI use.

  1. Draft AI policies arsenic a team. We don’t want to wholly prohibition our squad from utilizing AI, we conscionable want to usage it safely. So our first measurement is gathering pinch representatives from aggregate teams to fig retired what they’re getting retired of AI-based tools, and really we tin supply them pinch unafraid options that don’t expose captious information aliases infrastructure.
  2. Use Kolide to artifact malicious tools. Kolide lets IT and information teams constitute Checks that observe instrumentality compliance issues, and we’ve already started creating Checks for malicious (or dubious) AI-based tools. Now if an worker accidentally downloads malware, they’ll beryllium prevented from logging into our unreality apps until they’ve removed it.

Every institution will person to trade policies based connected their unsocial needs and concerns, but nan important point is to commencement now. There’s still clip to prehend nan reins of AI, earlier it gallops distant pinch your company’s data.

To study much astir really Kolide enforces instrumentality compliance for companies pinch Okta, click present to watch an on-demand demo.

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