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While each week is location theatre week for america connected TechRadar, pinch nan yearly CEDIA Expo 2023 group to statesman connected September 7, this 1 is officially Home Theater Week 2023. We've prepared a bid of articles to thief showcase really you tin get nan astir retired of your location intermezo setup this week.

For those that aren't acquainted pinch this manufacture event, it's wherever much than 20,000 location tech professionals converge successful Colorado to showcase and talk their finest civilization installations – deliberation luxury location theaters that costs nan aforesaid arsenic a house. 

We've seen immoderate of nan astir cutting-edge tech successful location entertainment, from nan best Dolby Atmos soundbars to luxury Leica projectors, truthful we're ever connected nan hunt for ways to bring nan astir spectacular tech home. Not everything will scope nan thrills from nan likes of a Perlisten/Dirac location theater, but we tin each dream together.

What tin you expect from this year's Home Theater Week? 

We'll beryllium updating this article pinch each nan features from TechRadar's Home Theater Week 2023 truthful beryllium judge to bookmark this page to find retired much astir which stories we'll beryllium covering, from proposal connected getting nan cleanable audio setup to nan merits of elephantine TVs versus projectors. We'll besides beryllium wrapping up nan week pinch a characteristic of nan 7 location theaters to dice for.

In nan meantime, location person already been immoderate exiting caller announcements successful nan world of location theatre technologies, including Dolby Atmos' caller FlexConnect, which takes nan thought of location theatre speakers systems successful a caller direction. We sewage to effort it astatine IFA and were blown distant by really overmuch this will beryllium a game-changer for TV audio.  

At nan same, DTS unveiled a akin update to its Play-Fi platform to support situation sound formats for illustration Dolby Atmos, DTS:X and IMAX Enhanced wirelessly to speakers. Those updates were some announced conscionable past week and plentifulness much will apt beryllium connected their measurement successful nan fast-paced world of tech truthful enactment tuned!

How location theaters person evolved complete time

Samsung MicroLED TV successful surviving room pinch couch

(Image credit: Samsung)

What amended measurement to footwear things disconnected past to revisit really acold location theaters person travel complete nan years? In this feature, we research nan technological advancements that person helped to toggle shape man caves into media rooms and motorboat nan civilization installation manufacture pinch it.   

We've travel a agelong measurement from three-tube CRT projectors and LaserDisc players. Today, there's a agelong database of technologies to powerfulness projectors, including DLP, LCD and LCOS, and they tin execute acold much brightness than ever before, which intends media rooms tin yet travel retired of nan darkness.

The streaming strategy that's arsenic bully arsenic 4K Blu-ray

A surviving room pinch a TV

(Image credit: Kaleidescape)

Did you cognize there's a streaming strategy particularly for hardcore location theaters? It's called Kaleidescape and it offers nan expertise to download movies astatine nan aforesaid level of value arsenic 4K Blu-ray (rather than nan much compressed value you get from nan mainstream streaming services) – and we've conscionable exclusively tried its caller hardware.

Kaleidescape's superior value intends that you get moreover much detail, much realism successful colors, and much extent and opposition to nan image than different streaming services, while still offering their convenience. One of these systems is nan cherry connected apical of nan location theatre cake.

What to see erstwhile buying a projector screen

Projector surface successful surviving room

(Image credit: Sony)

A surface plays a important rotation successful ensuring that you get nan absolute champion imaginable image from your projector, which is why it's important to make judge that you return nan other clip to investigation what's correct for your abstraction and nan peculiar type of projector you mightiness have. 

That's why we've put together a guideline for things to see erstwhile shopping for a projector screen. These see things for illustration nan size of nan screen, nan region it sits from nan projector, whether its fixed framework aliases retraceable, nan facet ratio, surface atom and whether you request an ambient ray rejecting action for an ultra short propulsion projector.  

Five ways to get nan astir retired of your sound system

Home theatre speakers successful surviving room pinch yellowish background

(Image credit: Future)

If you're astatine nan commencement of your location theatre audio journey, past this guideline is nan cleanable companion to thief you set up a Dolby Atmos location theatre system. From nan size of your room to Dolby Atmos configurations, there's a batch that goes into getting nan astir retired of your setup.

To get started, you'll request a fewer pieces of equipment, including a TV aliases a projector, AV receiver and cabling. It's besides important to see sound dampening and lighting, which are often forgotten, to make judge you get nan champion imaginable value from nan tech inside. 

How do 98-inch TVs comparison to projectors? 

An Epson projector adjacent to a Samsung TV

(Image credit: Epson; Samsung)

When it comes to large TVs, this twelvemonth is nan twelvemonth for 98-inch sizes. Not only person we seen caller models from Samsung but besides from nan likes of TCL and Hisense, which person continued to motorboat caller sets. 

What does this mean, then, for nan original big-screen projector? We return a look astatine really they now comparison from a price, brightness, resolution, creation and convenience position to find retired which is best.   

Why AV receivers still matter

Denon AVR-A1H AV receiver pinch manus controlling measurement know

(Image credit: Denon)

Soundbars supply a convenient and cost-effective measurement to adhd room-filling Dolby Atmos and DTS:X audio to your TV, but nan champion location theatre audio acquisition is delivered by an AV receiver paired pinch a abstracted speaker system. In our feature, we explicate why AV receivers are still nan bosom of immoderate bully location theater, and besides bring you up to day connected nan latest AV receiver developments.

What are those developments? Oh, conscionable 8K video and 4K 120Hz support for gaming, high-res audio streaming, built-in powerfulness for 15-speaker systems, room EQ processing utilizing nan cutting-edge technologies from Audyssey and Dirac... nan database goes on. Far from being irrelevant, AV receivers are now much powerful and feature-packed than ever.

The concealed to precocious spec location theatre setups 

Klipsch subwoofer

(Image credit: Klipsch)

Custom location theatre installers are progressively adding much subwoofers to ultra high-end setups and nan logic comes down to a batch much than conscionable bass. Because debased wave sound waves aren't absorbable, location tin beryllium a existent quality successful nan sound you perceive from 1 spot to nan next. 

The solution to this problem? More subwoofers. In this adjacent feature, we explicate why your dream location theatre isn't complete without aggregate subwoofers, detailing nan effect that it has not conscionable from a method constituent of position but really it creates a much immersive listening experience.  

The eventual movies to show disconnected Dolby Atmos 

Morpheus from nan Matrix holds his manus retired to extremity immoderate bullets successful mid-air. There is simply a logo for Home Theater Week successful nan corner

(Image credit: Warner Bros. / Future)

There are plentifulness of Dolby Atmos fresh movies to take from these days but which make nan astir of your situation sound setup? We're perpetually attending location theatre demos truthful are very acquainted pinch nan accustomed reference scenes that thin to get shown. 

But we're besides regularly testing spatial audio tech ourselves and person our ain preferences erstwhile it comes to films. We've narrowed these down to 10 movies that will show disconnected what your Dolby Atmos strategy tin do – they're besides awesome films successful wide too. 

Getting nan astir from Sonos’ astir elite speakers

Sonos Era 300 brace connected apical of a Sonos Arc

(Image credit: Future)

We've been testing retired Sonos' elite sound strategy scope for nan past fewer weeks and person recovered nan caller Era 300 speakers that were launched this early twelvemonth to beryllium a awesome measurement up. 

When we tried Sonos’ astir elite Dolby Atmos location theatre speakers, they amazed america successful 2 ways. Not only is nan sound amended and clearer, but they fresh successful a mini abstraction conscionable arsenic easily. If you're considering making nan jump to Sonos aliases upgrading your system, publication our experiential to get an thought of nan benefits. 

The 7 location theaters of our dreams

Cooper location home theatre installation showing seats and screen

(Image credit: Intuitive Designs)

CEDIA 2023 is almost vanished and that intends we'll soon beryllium seeing nan winners of this year's civilization installations. Last year, saw immoderate unthinkable projects pinch nan likes of Intuitive Designs winning awards for its Cooper House. 

It's a task that we've included successful our roundup of seven location theaters to dice for article, wherever we look astatine immoderate of nan astir unthinkable movie setups. We've included various civilization installations that will suit a assortment of tastes but each are ultra high-spec erstwhile it comes to AV technology. 

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