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Democrats sealed power of the U.S. Senate past nighttime erstwhile the incumbent Catherine Cortez Masto won a adjacent contention successful Nevada to springiness the enactment 50 seats successful the chamber, with Vice President Kamala Harris arsenic the tiebreaking vote. Democrats could inactive summation a existent bulk successful the Senate, depending connected the result of the contention successful Georgia. “It’s ever amended astatine 51,” President Biden said.

The Georgia contention is headed to a runoff betwixt Raphael Warnock, the Democratic incumbent, and Herschel Walker, a Donald Trump-endorsed erstwhile shot star, aft neither won a bulk of votes connected Election Day. I asked my workfellow Maya King, who’s based successful Atlanta and reported connected the race, what comes next.

Ian: Now that Senate power is nary longer connected the line, bash you expect some parties to spell each retired successful the runoff?

Maya: Republicans enactment successful a batch of wealth and manpower down present up of Election Day, with senators and different nationalist figures descending connected Georgia successful the past fewer weeks. But present that Democrats person won the Senate, that whitethorn dissuade Republicans from putting truthful overmuch down Walker successful the runoff. There are a batch of conservatives who wanted Republicans to power the Senate but are embarrassed by Walker, who has been a root of scandal successful this election, and whitethorn consciousness little unit to crook out. For Democrats, it volition beryllium connected however passionate they are astir re-electing Warnock and winning a 51st Senate seat. They’ll astir apt nonstop a fewer of their champion surrogates, similar Barack Obama, down present arsenic well.

What are the large issues successful the contest?

National issues — inflation, the system and transgression — have animated the race. Walker’s statement has been that Warnock votes with President Biden 96 percent of the time. Warnock has tried to usage his grounds to his advantage. Warnock, a pastor, talks a batch astir penning authorities to little insulin costs and bipartisan bills he’s co-sponsored with Republicans. He has much straight targeted mean and autarkic voters, whose enactment helium feels helium needs to bushed Walker. Abortion has besides been a important issue, though much due to the fact that of Walker’s idiosyncratic scandals. Two women person accused him of urging them to person abortions years ago.

Candidate prime has been a taxable successful this election. What volition it mean if Walker wins the runoff?

For a batch of African Americans, Walker puts connected show a batch of the worst stereotypes that achromatic conservatives successful the South harbor toward them: that his talents are lone successful athletics, and that helium is, in his ain telling, “not that smart.” If a campaigner arsenic arguable arsenic Walker wins, the takeaway volition beryllium that if you person capable prima power, talk the connection of the party’s basal and person Trump’s backing, you excessively tin beryllium successful the Senate.

I was with Walker astir 3 weeks agone successful a heavy conservative, heavy achromatic bluish Georgia county. When I travel Walker to those kinds of events, we’re truly the lone 2 African Americans there. A achromatic antheral walked up to maine and was like, “Where are each the Black people?” He seemed to recognize that Walker was a Black campaigner who was not garnering overmuch Black enactment successful a authorities wherever you really request astatine slightest a small spot to win. I’ve adjacent talked to Black conservatives who are shaking their heads successful disappointment. Though not connected the record, of course.

Georgia had 2 large elections connected Tuesday: the Senate contention and the governor’s race, won by the Republican incumbent, Brian Kemp. What was Election Day similar for you?

I was ripping and moving up and down Interstate 85. Kemp and Walker held their ticker parties astatine antithetic lawsuit spaces by the Atlanta Braves’ stadium. At Kemp’s, things were lively: large euphony and blessed radical drinking. At Walker’s party, the ambiance was tense energy. By the extremity of the night, alternatively of drinks flowing, it smelled freshly of coffee. People were acceptable to propulsion an all-nighter.

After that, with the Senate contention inactive up successful the air, I headed to Warnock’s party. A mates of my friends successful the property excavation and I got a precocious meal astatine Waffle House, and I made it location astir 3 a.m. So it was rather a night.

I ideate galore Georgians — the candidates, run staffers, voters, reporters — are exhausted.

Everyone’s tired. What I’ve heard up of the runoff is much than just, Oh, gosh, we person to bash this again. It’s, Oh, gosh, we person to bash this again implicit Thanksgiving, astatine the opening of the vacation season. There are concerns about the logistics of it all.

More astir Maya: She was calved and raised successful Tallahassee, Fla., adjacent the Georgia authorities line, and graduated from Howard University. Watching “60 Minutes” and ABC News with her Boomer parents kindled an involvement successful covering Southern authorities and policy.

  • Senate power is simply a major feat for Democrats, upending predictions of a Republican sweep. (This representation shows where Senate candidates outperformed expectations.)

  • Abortion and antiauthoritarian threats mobilized voters, helping Democrats defy history.

  • Control of the House remains undecided, but Republicans person a constrictive edge. The Times is tracking close races here.

  • The Democratic nominee, Marie Gluesenkamp Perez, won a House seat successful a Washington territory that Donald Trump had carried successful 2020. Her hostile had supported Jan. 6 defendants.

  • Election deniers were connected the ballot to oversee elections successful respective states, but lost each but 1 of those races.

  • Blake Masters, a Trump-backed Republican, refused to concede aft losing the Arizona Senate contention to his Democratic opponent, Senator Mark Kelly.

  • Republicans face a decision: enactment loyal to Trump into 2024 oregon permission him behind.

  • “President Biden presided implicit the champion midterm elections for the enactment successful the White House successful 20 years,” Senator Elizabeth Warren writes successful Times Opinion.


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  • Ukrainians are celebrating their reclaiming of the cardinal metropolis of Kherson, energizing their subject to combat into the winter.

  • Kherson residents are living done a humanitarian crisis, lacking h2o and electricity.

  • Britain is progressively sending radical to prison for murders that others commit, a argumentation that disproportionately affects Black people.

  • The cryptocurrency speech FTX may person been hacked aft it filed for bankruptcy.

  • Two World War II-era planes collided astatine a Veterans Day play aerial show successful Dallas with arsenic galore arsenic six radical connected board.

  • Chris Magnus, the Customs and Border Protection commissioner, resigned aft initially refusing to measurement down.

  • F.B.I. officials sought to use a hacking tool abused by different governments successful its ain transgression investigations.

  • The comedian Dave Chappelle hosted “Saturday Night Live” and mocked Kanye West but did not straight code his ain wide criticized standup special.

Going cashless has costs, including cutting retired the poor, Pamela Paul writes.

“Exude an aerial of flimsy withholding”: Melissa Febos on the creation of seduction.

This post-Election Day infinitesimal feels similar the aftermath of Jan. 6: Republicans revolted against Trump, then went crawling back, says Maureen Dowd.

The Sunday question: Were the polls incorrect again?

Partisan polls made the midterm situation seem overmuch much favorable to Republicans than it truly was, Slate’s Ben Mathis-Lilley writes. But higher-quality polls accurately forecast cardinal races contempt debased effect rates and different challenges, the pollster Kristen Soltis Anderson told Axios.


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  • President Biden and Xi Jinping, China’s leader, are scheduled to conscionable Monday successful Indonesia up of the G20 acme gathering of satellite leaders that starts Tuesday.

  • Donald Trump is expected to denote his 2024 statesmanlike run connected Tuesday.

  • The 23rd yearly Latin Grammys are connected Thursday. Bad Bunny leads the nominations with 10.

  • The Theranos laminitis Elizabeth Holmes volition beryllium sentenced connected Friday connected a national condemnation of defrauding investors.

  • On Friday, Biden volition pardon the Thanksgiving turkey.


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