How to Use Frames in Canva

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Adding Frames to Images and Shapes in Canva - Frames are a great design element in Canva that can enhance your images, shapes, and visuals. The right frame can pull together a cohesive look, draw attention to important content, or simply add artistic flair. In this article, we'll explore how to find and customize frames to level up your Canva designs. 

How to Use Frames in Canva

Accessing the Frame Elements

To start using frames, you first need to locate them in the Elements menu:

  • Click the "Elements" tab on the left sidebar.
  • Scroll down and select the "Frames" category.
  • Browse through the various frame thumbnails to see the options.
  • Frames are organized into categories like Geometric, Flourish, Vintage, Abstract and more to fit different aesthetics.
  • Click a frame you like to add it to your design area. You can insert as many as needed.

Adding Visuals into Frames

Once you've chosen your frames, it's easy to put images, shapes or text inside:

  • Upload or drag your visual elements like photos onto your design.
  • Select the frame and click the "Add" button within the frame.
  • Choose to add an image, shape, or text element from the pop-up menu.
  • Your visual will automatically insert into the frame. Resize and position it as needed.
  • For text, click into the frame and start typing out your content.

Resizing and Editing Frames

To perfect your framed elements, take advantage of these editing features:

  • Adjust the size of the frames by dragging their edges and corners.
  • Change the frame color under the Style tab to match your brand palette.
  • Flip or rotate frames using the arrow icons above the element.
  • Layer frames over images for an added effect. Lower the opacity to create a watermark look.
  • Crop frames by selecting them and using the crop icon to cut into their shape.
  • Add a filter or texture like Grunge or Light Leaks to frames from the Effects tab.

Design Tips for Using Frames

Keep these best practices in mind when framing your visuals:

  • Make sure framed images have sufficient whitespace and aren't crammed too tightly in the frame.
  • Use frames to showcase featured content like an article headline, main photo, or pull quote on a page.
  • Pick a frame that matches the visual style like an ornate frame for classical portraits.
  • Try framing a collection of images or thumbnails to unify them as a series.
  • Frame text by enlarging the text size so the frame acts more like a text box.
  • Add variety with a mix of square, circular, banner-shaped, and asymmetric frames.
  • Overlap frames of different sizes and angles to create visual interest.

Frames are the perfect finishing touch that pull together images, text, and illustrations. Use Canva's extensive frame selection to add an extra design layer that makes your visuals feel more polished, artistic and complete.

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