How to Fix League of Legends Not Opening or Stuck on the Loading Screen on Windows

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Are you having problem opening League of Legends connected your Windows device? Do you click connected nan crippled icon, but thing happens, aliases does nan loading surface proceed to load indefinitely? This tin beryllium highly frustrating, particularly if you're successful nan temper to play nan game. Why does this rumor occur?

This article will talk nan causes of League of Legends not opening and really to resoluteness nan issue.

There could beryllium respective reasons why League of Legends doesn't unfastened connected your instrumentality aliases gets stuck connected nan loading screen. Here are a fewer awesome ones:

  • Your instrumentality does not meet League of Legends strategy requirements.
  • Your instrumentality is equipped pinch nan basal hardware, but it remains overwhelmed by different processes.
  • The relationship you usage to play nan crippled has a problem.
  • Some redundant files successful nan Logs and Config folders are interfering pinch nan game's processing.
  • The Windows Defender Firewall is blocking nan League of Legends customer because it thinks it's malicious.

Now that you cognize nan causes, let's use nan applicable fixes truthful that you tin unfastened and play nan game.

If you brushwood a circumstantial correction erstwhile you motorboat nan game, past you should hunt for solutions circumstantial to that error. Since each correction has a different solution, applying nan aforesaid fixes covered successful this article whitethorn not hole each of them.

If League of Legends isn't opening connected your device, move to a different account, adjacent each crippled processes and relaunch nan game, cleanable nan Config and Logs folders, adjacent resource-hungry processes, and whitelist nan crippled successful Windows Defender. If thing other works, you whitethorn request to reinstall it.

Below, you will find instructions connected really to use each of these fixes.

1. Apply Preliminary Checks

You should first use nan pursuing preliminary fixes, arsenic they whitethorn resoluteness nan problem correct away:

  • Run League of Legends arsenic an administrator. For that, right-click connected nan crippled record and click Run arsenic administrator.
  • Check nan minimum and recommended crippled requirements from nan League of Legends website and comparison them pinch your device's specifications. If your hardware does not meet nan requirements, it needs to beryllium upgraded.
  • To guarantee that account-specific issues aren't causing this problem, create a caller relationship and usage it to log in. If you don't acquisition immoderate issues this clip and nan crippled successfully loads, location is simply a problem pinch your different account. Therefore, from now on, you should usage nan caller account.
  • Close immoderate different games moving concurrently pinch League of Legends, particularly those that usage nan aforesaid gaming client. This will destruct nan anticipation of their interference causing nan problem.
  • Though little likely, having an outdated graphics driver tin besides origin nan rumor nether discussion. To forestall this, beryllium judge to update your graphics driver connected Windows.

If nan supra fixes don't help, commencement applying nan remaining fixes.

2. Wait It Out

Round silver-colored analog stopwatch connected brownish woody panel

Sometimes, League of Legends takes a spot longer than accustomed to commencement up. It's much apt to hap if your hardware isn't beardown capable and hardly meets nan strategy requirements. So, if you person conscionable launched League of Legends and it appears to beryllium stuck astatine nan loading screen, hold a while to guarantee nan crippled isn't conscionable taking other clip to load.

If nan surface stays stuck for a fewer minutes, nan problem lies elsewhere. Therefore, statesman applying nan remaining fixes.

3. Check Your Internet Connection

The League of Legends is simply a server-dependent multiplayer game. To play nan game, your instrumentality needs to beryllium connected to nan internet. If you're not connected to nan internet, aliases nan relationship itself is unstable, nan crippled whitethorn not motorboat aliases tally correctly. Therefore, make judge your instrumentality has an progressive net connection.

router placed connected a table

If nan instrumentality is connected, check nan stableness of nan net connection. If nan relationship appears to beryllium unstable, apply nan due fixes to stabilize it.

4. Disable Cheat Software

League of Legends does not tolerate nan usage of cheats and hacks to summation an advantage successful nan game. If you modify crippled files aliases usage cheat package to hack into nan game, League of Legends will not fto you in. Due to this, nan crippled whitethorn not move connected aliases get stuck connected nan loading screen.

If you usage immoderate third-party cheat software, move it off. Also, revert immoderate unauthorized changes you mightiness person made successful nan crippled files to summation an unfair advantage.

5. Relaunch nan Game After Closing nan Riot and LoL Processes

First off, adjacent each Riot and League of Legends processes successful Task Manager and motorboat nan crippled again. Taking this measurement will guarantee League of Legends isn't failing to unfastened owed to a impermanent glitch. Follow nan steps beneath to adjacent nan tasks:

  1. Type "Device Manager" successful Windows Search and unfastened nan Task Manager app.
  2. Find each Riot and LoL processes.
  3. To extremity each process, right-click connected it and click End task.
    Ending nan Riot Process successful Windows Task Manager App

6. Free Up System Resources

League of Legends is an highly resource-hungry game. It requires important processing powerfulness to usability correctly. If your strategy hardware hardly meets nan minimum crippled requirements, guarantee capable resources are disposable for nan crippled to tally smoothly.

To spot that, unfastened Task Manager and cheque nan CPU, GPU, and RAM usage. If nan usage percent for these resources touches 100% periodically, your hardware is nether terrible strain. In different words, nan crippled doesn't person entree to nan required resources to usability properly.

If that is nan case, you will request to adjacent graphics-intensive tasks simultaneously moving alongside nan game. By closing them, your strategy will person much resources disposable that League of Legends tin usage to usability smoothly.

7. Delete nan Config and Logs Folders

Files successful nan Logs files incorporate accusation astir errors and problems you brushwood successful nan game. Likewise, nan Config files contains accusation regarding crippled configuration and settings. The rumor nether chat tin beryllium caused by interference by these files. Therefore, you should delete nan aforementioned folders.

Don't worry; you tin safely delete them because League of Legends will recreate them erstwhile you relaunch nan game. Follow these steps to delete them:

  1. Open File Explorer.
  2. Navigate to nan game's installation folder. If you didn't alteration nan default location during installation, you'd find nan crippled here: C:\Riot Games\League of Legends
  3. Find nan Logs and Config folders.
  4. To delete these folders, simply right-click connected them and prime Delete.
    Deleting nan Config Folder of League of Legends successful Windows File Explorer

8. Disable Any Active In-Game Overlays

Do you usage immoderate in-game overlays, particularly nan Discord overlay, erstwhile playing League of Legends? If so, you should disable them earlier starting nan crippled to guarantee nan crippled doesn't get stuck connected nan loading surface because of an overlay. To move disconnected nan Discord overlay, travel nan beneath steps:

  1. Click nan gear icon (User Settings) successful nan bottom-right corner.
  2. Navigate to nan Game Overlay tab connected nan left.
  3. Turn disconnected nan toggle adjacent to Enable in-game overlay.
    Disabling nan Discord Overlay

If you don't want to move disconnected nan overlay for each games but only League of Legends, travel nan beneath steps:

  1. Click nan gear icon (User Settings) successful nan bottommost correct corner.
  2. Navigate to nan Registered Games tab connected nan left.
  3. Click nan monitor icon adjacent to League of Legends.
    Disable Discord Overlay for a Specific Game

If you usage immoderate different overlay, you tin besides move it disconnected successful a akin mode wrong nan settings of nan app.

If nan crippled opens for a fewer seconds and past closes down, nan Windows Defender Firewall mightiness beryllium blocking it. To norm retired this possibility, you should whitelist League of Legends from Windows Defender Firewall. If you've ne'er done that before, cheque retired our guideline connected how to let apps done Windows Firewall.

Similarly, if you're utilizing a third-party antivirus that you deliberation whitethorn interfere pinch nan crippled process, either disable it aliases whitelist nan crippled files done it.

If nary of nan supra fixes lick your problem and nan crippled doesn't open, you whitethorn request to reinstall it. Before you statesman nan installation process, you should uninstall nan existing installation. Once you person uninstalled it, you tin reinstall nan crippled aft downloading it from nan charismatic website, conscionable arsenic you did nan first time.

When League of Legends does not open, vexation whitethorn group in. If your strategy meets nan minimum crippled requirements and you aren't experiencing immoderate circumstantial errors, nan fixes supra should hole nan problem, and you should beryllium capable to play nan game. When nary of nan fixes work, reinstall nan game.

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