Pressure Mounts Against BSSN to Immediately Reveal Bjorka

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TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - The National Cyber and Crypto Agency (BSSN) was urged to immediately reveal the person behind the hacker persona 'Bjorka'. The pressure came after the BSSN received a Rp70 billion increase in its budget.

Chairman of the Communication & Information System Security Research Center (CISSReC) Pratama Persadha, asserted that if the BSSN is still unable to reveal who is Bjorka, at least the BSSN can reveal the persons disguising themselves and claiming themselves to be Bjorka in social media.

"Indeed there was a budget increase of around Rp70 billion, although not ideal, the BSSN must be able to show good performance," Pratama said on Friday, September 30, 2022.

Pratama argued that BSSN must be able to show the public that the institution is essential for the country and its residents. "Generally, we still have so much homework to improve cyber security in the country," Pratama said.

Pratama added that the 5 sectors that need to be improved related to cyber security are laws and regulations, Human Resources, research and technology, establishing cooperation with other respective parties, and improving the organizational aspect of the agency responsible for cyber security.

Recently, Bjorka published personal data belonging to Chief of BSSN Hinsa Siburian. Bjorka also mentioned the recent budget increase received by BSSN. "Let's ask this old man what the money will be used for," Bjorka wrote in BreachForums.


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