Realtek Audio Microphone Not Working – How To Fix?

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Immediately request nan microphone to activity and it is not working? I cognize really that feels, arsenic I person been successful nan aforesaid business excessively while having a squad gathering this week.

Whatever mightiness beryllium nan reason, we will effort to get it resolved utilizing nan methods below:

First let’s get into nan truth why nan rumor mightiness person caused and past we dive heavy into solving nan problem:

Why Is The Realtek Mic Not Working On Windows 11? 

Several reasons tin lead to nan Realtek audio mic not moving issue. Some of those reasons are listed below:

  • Issue pinch nan operating system
  • Compatibility issues betwixt nan audio enhancements and nan Realtek audio driver
  • The audio larboard aliases nan microphone of your instrumentality isn’t working
  • The audio driver isn’t installed correctly
  • Missing, outdated, aliases corrupted audio driver
  • Microphone is disabled
  • The microphone is turned disconnected aliases muted
  • Incorrect action of microphone successful Windows
  • The audio instrumentality isn’t correctly connected

Realtek Audio Manager Not Opening is arsenic a matter of concern, and to get clasp of immoderate easy fixes, publication this elaborate guide.

How To Fix Realtek Mic Not Working In Windows 11? 

This article will locomotion you done immoderate of nan astir communal solutions for nan Realtek audio mic not moving issue.

Here are a fewer of those:

1) Restart The PC 

Restarting nan PC solves insignificant method glitches, truthful if you look immoderate rumor pinch nan Realtek microphone not working, past spell for a elemental restart of your computer.

This will adjacent each nan programs that tally successful nan inheritance and commencement them again, which tin hole nan problems caused by corrupted aliases outdated files.

Click connected nan restart fastener to restart your PC.

If this does not lick nan problem spell apical nan adjacent step.


2) Run Microphone Troubleshooter

Windows 11 has an in-built Windows troubleshooter known to hole nan Realtek microphone not moving issue. This instrumentality automatically detects and fixes communal sound-related problems, including microphone issues.

Therefore, moving nan sound troubleshooter is simply a bully thought to resoluteness nan issue.

This is really it tin beryllium done:

  • Right-click connected nan speaker icon successful nan taskbar’s correct area and past select “Troubleshoot sound problems.”


  • The troubleshooting will instantly observe nan rumor you’re facing pinch your audio instrumentality and propose a solution.
  • Wait until it finishes reference nan prompts, and past prime your champion option.
  • Check if nan rumor has been resolved.

If this does not lick nan problem spell to nan adjacent measurement to hole nan issue.

3) Restart Windows Audio Service 

Windows Audio Service is known to hole audio-related issues, including microphone issues. Restarting it astatine times helps clear glitches aliases conflicts affecting your microphone.

If nan Audio work gets stopped, it will surely impact nan sound devices; hence, nan peripherals won’t activity properly.

Therefore, it is basal to cheque that nan services are enabled and moving correctly.

This is really you tin do it:

  • Press nan Windows + S keys simultaneously.
  • Type “services.msc” successful nan “Search” container and property “Enter.”


  • Search for “Windows Audio” and cheque nan position of nan service.


  • Ensure it is running, and for much assurance, right-click connected nan work and prime nan “Restart” option.


Finally, restart your Windows instrumentality and cheque whether nan correction is gone.

If nan correction persists spell for nan updating nan sound driver. Find beneath really to do it. 

4) Update The Sound Driver 

If your Realtek microphone isn’t moving correctly, past updating nan sound driver will beryllium helpful. An outdated aliases corrupt driver is sometimes responsible for triggering nan Realtek microphone issue.

The driver tin beryllium updated straight from nan manufacturer’s website aliases nan Windows Device Manager.

Follow nan steps to update nan sound driver:

  • Right-click connected nan Start fastener and prime “Device Manager”.


  • Expand nan “Sound, video, and crippled controllers” category.
  • Right-click connected nan Realtek sound paper driver and past prime nan “Update Driver” option.


  • Select “Search automatically for updated drivers.”


  • Soon aft this, Windows will hunt for nan latest driver for your sound paper and instal it.
  • After nan driver is updated, restart your machine and trial nan Realtek microphone.

5) Now cheque If The Microphone Is Set As Default Or Disabled 

If your Realtek microphone isn’t group arsenic a default instrumentality aliases is disabled, past this problem tin occur.

This is really you tin group nan Realtek microphone arsenic a default device:

  • Open Settings > System > Sound. 
  • Scroll down and prime “More Sound Settings”.


  • Move to nan signaling tab and right-click connected a spread successful nan tab.
  • Now, cheque Show Disabled Devices to make judge that nan microphone is included successful nan instrumentality list.


  • Choose the “Set Default” action and verify whether nan Realtek microphone works.


6) Increase Microphone Volume 

If you muted nan measurement of your audio instrumentality immoderate clip backmost and you forgot to move it on, this rumor is bound to happen.

So, if you brushwood this problem, first cheque nan audio device’s volume. If nan sound is muted aliases low, summation nan measurement of nan sound device.

To summation nan volume, travel nan steps:

  • Type “Settings” successful nan Windows Search bar.
  • Click connected System>Sound.


  • Under nan “Input” section, prime a microphone for viewing its properties.
  • Under “Input volume,” set nan slider to summation nan volume.


  • Setting nan microphone to shut up will lick nan problem.
  • If not, past click nan “Start Test button” adjacent to nan “Test Your Microphone” label.


7) Check For Updates 

Checking for updates will guarantee you person nan latest type of nan Realtek driver installed connected your device. Running an outdated aliases incompatible driver pinch your microphone is imaginable if you do not cheque for updates.

Check whether each nan Windows update is progressive and whether each nan existent updates are installed.

This is really you tin update your Windows:

  • In nan Search bar, type “Check for updates” and past click connected nan first option.


  • Click connected nan “Check for updates” button.
  • If location is immoderate readiness of pending updates, download and instal those.


  • If location aren’t immoderate Windows updates available, past modify nan privateness settings of your microphone.

8) Modify nan Privacy Settings Of Your Microphone 

It is basal to cheque nan privateness settings of your Realtek microphone if it isn’t working.

Certain apps are being blocked from accessing nan microphone; successful this case, nan microphone stops moving without your knowledge.

Here is what you request to cheque nan privateness settings of your microphone:

  • Press nan Windows cardinal + I to unfastened the “Settings” app.
  • Click connected “Privacy and Security”.


  • Scroll down, hunt for the “Microphone” option, and click connected it.


  • In nan adjacent window, alteration nan “Microphone access” toggle and cheque whether nan “Let apps entree your microphone” toggle is enabled.


  • Next, scroll down, take which apps tin entree your microphone, and guarantee that each apps you want to entree are switched on.

9) Connect And Use A Different Microphone 

If nan problem lies pinch nan microphone, past connecting and utilizing a different microphone will resoluteness nan Windows mic not moving issue.

if you can’t hole nan problem pinch nan original microphone, usage a different microphone to resoluteness your issue. This tin beryllium adjuvant until you get nan original microphone fixed aliases replaced.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. How Can I Check If My Realtek Microphone Is Properly Connected?

Check whether nan microphone is plugged securely into nan correct audio jack connected your computer. Also, you tin effort to usage a different microphone, aliases you tin besides trial nan coming microphone connected different instrumentality to find retired nan hardware issues.

  1. What Should I Do If My Realtek Microphone Is Detected But Not Recording Any Sound?

If nan Realtek microphone is detected but not signaling immoderate sound, you request first to cheque nan measurement levels and microphone settings.

Also, guarantee nan microphone is not muted, and nan correct input instrumentality is selected.

  1. Why Does My Realtek Microphone Work On Other Devices But Not On Windows 11?

If your Realtek microphone is moving connected different devices but not connected Windows 11, nan rumor lies pinch your Windows 11 system. This lawsuit tin beryllium owed to driver conflicts, package settings, aliases moreover unsocial hardware configurations.


Realtek microphone not moving connected Windows 11 tin origin distress for those who trust connected their microphones for nan liking of communication, gaming, and different activities.

Tell america which troubleshooting method helped you to lick nan Windows mic not moving rumor connected your system. Also, if location are immoderate underlying doubts, constitute to america successful nan remark conception below.

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