Payday 3 has dropped the anti-piracy system Denuvo

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"Denuvo is nary longer successful Payday 3". Those are nan words of developer Starbreeze's SBZ_Almir, who stopped by Steam conscionable agelong capable to invited heisters to New York City and corroborate that – contempt anterior plans – nan 3rd installment of nan fan-favorite shooter would nary longer usage nan troublesome Denuvo DRM system.

As noted by PC Gamer, nan alteration of bosom apt comes successful nan aftermath of a heated thread connected nan franchise's subreddit, which saw hundreds of fans stock their dismay that nan anti-piracy package – truthful often associated pinch mediocre PC capacity – would beryllium included.

Although neither Starbreeze nor patient Deep Silver responded to nan thread astatine nan time, it surely seems that personification noted it, arsenic each mentions of Denuvo person since been scrubbed from nan game's Steam storefront.

Payday 3 is group to merchandise connected PC (Steam/EGS), PS5, and Xbox Series X/S connected September 21. Xbox Game Pass subscribers will beryllium capable to play from time one, too.

Developer Starbreeze besides precocious confirmed a jam-packed almanac of seasonal DLC content, outlining its plans for nan adjacent 12 months that will support players of nan co-op action crippled well-fed for overmuch of 2024. 

A full of 4 DLCs person been planned, kicking disconnected pinch Syntax Error DLC, which will driblet later this year. Boy successful Blue, The Land of nan Free, and Fear and Greed DLCs will each travel retired passim 2024. There's besides further contented planned, specified arsenic caller playable characters, accomplishment trees, enemies, weapons, features, and quality-of-life updates. What we don't cognize yet is really overmuch this further contented will cost, arsenic players who don't opt for nan Payday 3 Gold Edition will person to bargain these DLC packs separately.

Starbreeze Studios besides announced that Unreal Engine 5 updates will besides beryllium planned successful conjunction pinch nan seasonal DLC content. 

If you can't hold for nan merchandise of Payday 3, past beryllium judge to cheque retired each of these fantastic co-op games, arsenic good arsenic nan best MMO games disposable to play pinch friends correct now. 

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