27 AI Art Prompt Ideas You Should Try

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A awesome measurement to get started pinch AI creation is to research different prompts. Prompts are what you usage to picture nan image you want to create, and they see tons of different information; from circumstantial creator names and creation styles to referencing popular civilization icons and exploring surreal landscapes.

Try utilizing nan prompts listed below, past research pinch replacing nan keywords pinch different ideas of your own. Soon capable you will get nan bent of generating unsocial AI creation by creating your ain original prompts.

AI Art Categories

AI creation generators do a awesome occupation astatine recreating each nan kinds of quality creation styles that we person invented complete time. The examples we screen present won't beryllium exhaustive, of course, but we do deliberation they connection a awesome spot to start. To springiness you a wide overview, we've divided nan prompts into nan pursuing sections:

  • In The Style of a Well-Known Artist
  • Pop Culture
  • Art Styles
  • Portraits
  • Fantasy Landscapes
  • Architecture
  • Creatures
  • Patterns, Shapes, and Geometric Design

Our examples were created pinch DALL-E, but you tin compare DALL-E, Midjourney, and Stable Diffusion to find nan eventual AI creation generator that useful for you.

In nan Style of a Well-Known Artist

Referencing nan masters of creation history is simply a awesome spot to statesman if you are stuck for ideas. The simplest punctual building is to picture a taxable aliases scene, followed by nan building "in nan style of". As for what creator you take to use, commencement pinch a celebrated humanities fig and spell from there.

It besides useful connected surviving artists if they are peculiarly renowned, but this has caused a batch of problems truthful far, starring immoderate artists to opt retired of AI training databases. We urge sticking to non-living artists to debar imaginable copyright issues that whitethorn hap successful nan future.

1. Frida Kahlo

Prompt: Portrait of a woman adjacent to a capybara, successful nan style of a Frida Kahlo painting.

An AI generated image of a woman holding a capybara

2. Rene Magritte

Prompt: Man pinch a cowboy hat, successful nan style of Rene Magritte.

A man successful a suit, his look covered by a cattle boy hat

3. Tamara de Lempicka

Prompt: A female pinch reddish hairsbreadth successful nan style of Tamara de Lempicka.

Portrait of a reddish hairsbreadth female successful nan style of Tamara de Lempicka

Pop Culture

Another nosy punctual to effort is picking a popular civilization icon arsenic your subject. Try reasoning of immoderate of your favourite movie characters, comic heroes, aliases video crippled protagonists; past adhd a fewer cardinal descriptors to group nan scene.

4. Godzilla

Prompt: Godzilla figurine group against a miniature city, stop-motion.

AI-generated image of Godzilla figurine group against a city

5. Pikachu

Prompt: Pikachu, cinematic, integer art.

Digital creation of Pikachu generated pinch Dall-E

6. Batman

Prompt: Batman, cinematic lighting, precocious solution 3D render.

Dramatic integer creation of Batman generated pinch Dall-E

7. Storm Trooper

Prompt: Storm trooper successful nan desert, high-detail, melodramatic lighting, integer art.

Four images of a Storm Trooper successful nan desert, genearted pinch Dall-E

Art Styles

AI creation is simply a awesome spot to research different creation styles. Some styles, for illustration "Ukiyo-e" and "Oil painting", will springiness your images a classical good arts look. Using nan keyword "Unreal Engine 5", nan sanction of a crippled improvement software, will nutrient modern images person to video crippled conception art.

Over time, you'll observe nan creation styles that you bask nan most, and pinch a fewer other tips and tricks for creating amended AI art, you tin commencement producing awesome AI-generated images.

8. Still Life Watercolor

Prompt: A still life watercolor coating of a hamburger connected a table, a model successful nan background, soft day light.

AI-generated image of a hamburger connected a array successful nan style of still life watercolor paintings

9. Retro Illustration

Prompt: Retro vector illustration of a neon metropolis skyline.

AI-generated image of a skyline successful retro colors

10. Ukiyo-e

Prompt: Ukiyo-e people of 2 women visiting a shrine.

An Ukiyo-e style image of 2 nipponese woman, generated pinch Dall-E

11. Unreal Engine 5

Prompt: Cyberpunk style metropolis thoroughfare astatine night, unreal motor 5.

Four images of a cyberpunk style metropolis street, generated pinch Dall-E

12. Oil Painting

Prompt: Oil coating of a cottage adjacent a pond, outpouring time.

An lipid coating of a cottage by a pond, generated pinch Dall-E


The image format is awesome for executing elemental but effective ideas. You tin get imaginative by substituting animals for humans aliases describing a fictional species.

Borrowing concepts from creative self-portrait ideas successful photography will thief broaden your punctual vocabulary. In general, learning nan terminology utilized successful different creator mediums helps to boost nan number of keywords you person successful your punctual crafting toolkit.

13. Animal Portrait

Prompt: Portrait of a Siamese feline wearing a robe, Chinese watercolor painting.

A siamese feline successful a robe, generated pinch Dall-E

14. Sci-Fi Portrait

Prompt: Portrait of a smiling cyborg woman, peaceful, integer art.

Portrait of a cyborg successful nan style of integer art, generated pinch Dall-E

15. Human Portrait

Prompt: Victorian era image of an aged man wearing a hat, photorealistic.

Photorealistic image of a man successful a hat, generated pinch Dall-E

Fantasy Landscapes

Adding "fantasy" to your punctual is simply a accelerated measurement of generating creation reminiscent of magical tales, group successful medieval castles aliases beautiful ancient forests. We explored a fewer different themes astir this idea, including nature, nan Medieval period, and surrealism.

If you for illustration nan results, you tin effort using nan outpainting characteristic successful DALL-E to widen nan image past its borders by generating caller panels that blend pinch nan existing image.

16. Nature

Prompt: Cottage overgrown pinch ancient trees, high-fantasy, integer art.

A cottage successful a character successful nan style of fantasty art, generated pinch Dall-E

17. Medieval

Prompt: Medieval German castle, surrounded by mountains, precocious fantasy, epic, integer art.

Four images of a medieval castle pinch mountains successful nan background, generated pinch Dall-E

18. Surreal

Prompt: Snail location connected apical of a cliff, surreal, fantasy, integer art.

A surreal image of snail location connected a cliff, generated pinch Dall-E


Using AI to make architectural creation and 3D renders is alternatively satisfying. You tin play astir pinch world-building pixel cottages aliases reimagine what a celebrated landmark would look for illustration successful a different setting. Play astir pinch texture, color, lighting, and materials to style nan buildings and springiness them added life.

19. Pixel Art

Prompt: A compartment successful nan woods, isometric pixel art, 64x64, integer art, wood successful nan background, cervid successful nan foreground.

Three pixel creation images of a compartment successful nan woods created utilizing Dall-E

20. Architectural Renders

Prompt: A photorealistic rendering of an architectural modernist 3 communicative home, made of concrete, merging pinch a rocky upland side, artificially illuminated, soft lukewarm evening.

Three AI images of architectural renders created utilizing Dall-E

21. Famous Landmarks Reimagined

Prompt: A photorealistic render of nan Louvre Pyramid successful Paris, covered successful overgrown vines, low-light, evening.

An AI generated image of nan Louvre successful Paris created pinch Dall-E

Creature Creation

We tin only dream that Dungeons and Dragons players astir nan world are testing retired AI generators because they are awesome places to put characteristic designs to nan test. Mocking up NPCs and bosses for a video crippled conception is different applicable usage for them too, particularly if you deficiency nan creation skills but are nevertheless a dedicated crippled developer.

22. Alien

Prompt: Digital creation good elaborate illustration of an alien reaching retired a hand, floating successful space.

AI-generated image of an alien reaching a manus retired successful space

23. H.P. Lovecraft

Prompt: A lovecraftian monster pinch a squid caput and quality body, colour sketch, haunting debased light, reddish and bluish accents, unsmooth texture.

AI generated Dall-E sketch of a lovecraft monster pinch a squid caput and quality body

24. Video Game Monsters

Prompt: An disfigured ogre pinch gray-green pocked skin, inspired by Dark Souls, Unreal Engine 5 3D render, achromatic background, disgruntled.

An AI-generated image of a greenish ogre pinch textured tegument created utilizing Dall-E

Patterns, Shapes, and Geometric Designs

Repeating patterns and kaleidoscopic shapes are cleanable areas to research pinch an AI creation generator. Color prime is simply a nosy parameter to play pinch here; you tin effort different colour palettes aliases specify nan foreground aliases inheritance colors to create thing striking.

25. Fractal Art

Prompt: Fractal art, spiraling, pastel colour palette, integer art.

AI generated image of fractal creation made utilizing Dall-E

26. Ferrofluid

Prompt: Black hyper glossy ferrofluids, ray pinkish background.

AI-generated image of achromatic ferrofluid connected a piank inheritance made utilizing Dall-E

27. Generative

Prompt: Hands, generative art, large-scale repetition, 3D render, multi-colored.

AI-generated image of colorful hands successful a generative creation style made utilizing Dall-E

Trying New AI Prompts

The creation prompts supra are conscionable a fewer examples to thief you get started creating creation pinch AI image generators. After trying retired a fewer prompts, you tin research pinch nan descriptions by replacing keywords aliases subjects pinch ideas of your own. Before long, you will build a slope of words, phrases, and ideas to thief you create stunning and original AI art.

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