No NVME Device Found in BIOS? Try These Solutions

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By Yamila | Follow | Last Updated November 17, 2023

Sometimes erstwhile you footwear into BIOS for NVMe devices, you whitethorn tally into nan “no NVME instrumentality found” issue. Why is nan NVMe thrust not showing up successful BIOS and really to hole it? In this post, MiniTool Partition Wizard provides respective methods that whitethorn thief pinch this issue. You tin person a try.

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About No NVME Device Found

Many users installing MVMe drives connected their PC study that they brushwood nan “NVME configuration nary NVME instrumentality found” rumor successful BIOS. This rumor tin hap owed to various reasons. Below we research immoderate imaginable reasons for nan issue.

  • Improper NVME installation.
  • Misconfigured BIOS settings.
  • The outdated driver.
  • A damaged NVMe drive.

Fixes for No NVME Device Found

If you acquisition nan “NVME configuration nary NVME instrumentality found” rumor for illustration others, you tin effort to hole it pinch nan pursuing methods.

Fix 1: Connect nan NVMe Drive to Another PC

If you person different PC that runs well, you tin link nan NVMe thrust to this PC to cheque if it useful properly. If it does, it whitethorn bespeak location is thing incorrect pinch nan erstwhile computer. Then you should interaction nan PC’s shaper for help. If nan thrust fails to activity connected a different PC, you tin move to nan fixes listed below. 

Fix 2: Reinstall nan NVMe drive

When receiving nan correction connection saying no NVME instrumentality found successful BIOS, nan first point you should do is reinstall nan drive. By doing so, you are capable to lick imaginable relationship problems. You tin decorativeness installing nan NVMe SSD pinch nan thief of this guide: How to Install SSD successful PC? A Detailed Guide Is Here for You!

Fix 3: Modify nan BIOS Settings

Misconfigured BIOS settings whitethorn lead to nan “NVME Configuration nary NVME instrumentality found” rumor arsenic well. In this case, you tin effort to hole it by changing nan settings successful BIOS. To do this, you request to boot into BIOS and past spell to Advanced to alteration M.2_2 PCIE Storage RAID Support.

If necessary, you tin besides effort disabling nan CSM support and Secure Boot and configuring SATA arsenic IDE.


The steps connected your PC mightiness beryllium different. Simply travel nan on-screen instructions of your machine to execute these operations.

Fix 4: Install nan NVME Driver

If nan NVMe driver you installed successful your strategy is faulty aliases outdated, you whitethorn besides brushwood nan “no NVME instrumentality recovered successful BIOS” issue. As for this, you tin effort reinstalling nan correct driver to spot if this rumor tin beryllium solved. You tin study really to instal nan driver from this post: How to Download and Install Drivers for Windows 10 – 5 Ways.

What If NVME Drive Not Showing Up successful File Explorer

In this section, we talk really to grip nan “no NVMe thrust detected successful File Explorer” rumor aft you insert 1 into your computer.

Fix 1: Update nan NVMe Driver

You tin effort to hole nan “no NVMe thrust detected successful File Explorer” rumor by updating nan NVMe driver to nan latest version.

  1. Right-click nan Start icon and prime Device Manager.
  2. Double-click nan Disk drives class to grow it.
  3. Right-click nan NVMe driver and prime Update driver.
  4. Select Search automatically for drivers.
Update nan driver

Fix 2: Assign a New Drive Letter

If nan NVMe thrust shares nan aforesaid thrust missive pinch different drive, nan “NVMe thrust not showing up successful File Explorer” rumor whitethorn happen. To hole it, you tin effort assigning a caller thrust missive to nan NVMe drive.

  1. Right-click nan Start icon and prime Disk Management.
  2. Right-click nan partition connected NVMe thrust and prime Change Drive Letter and Paths.
  3. Click nan Change fastener and past take an disposable thrust missive from nan drop-down menu.
  4. Click OK to prevention nan change.
Change thrust letter

Further reading:

If you get stuck successful nan “Disk Management not loading” issue, we urge you move to MiniTool Partition Wizard to alteration nan thrust letter. It’s a broad partition head that enables you to partition/resize/wipe/clone difficult drive, alteration thrust letter/cluster size, convert MBR to GPT, recover information from difficult drive, and more.

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Fix 3: Format nan NVMe Drive

Reformatting nan NVMe thrust is different imaginable solution to nan “no NVMe thrust detected” rumor successful File Explorer. The pursuing station guides you to complete nan process successful 3 ways:

This station collects effective ways to hole nan “no NVME instrumentality found” issue. When you meet nan aforesaid issue, you tin travel nan mentioned methods to hole it. If you person immoderate problems pinch this issue, you tin time off a connection successful our remark portion below.

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