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 Asa Butterfield arsenic Otis Milburn looks astatine Mimi Keene arsenic Ruby Matthews successful Sex Education connected Netflix
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Looking to cheque retired what's caller connected Netflix this week? This week's Netflix caller releases see nan 4th and last play of nan original bid Sex Education. We’ll travel nan students of Moordale Secondary arsenic they make their debut astatine Cavendish Sixth Form College, which feels worlds distant from nan world world they erstwhile knew. 

Netflix viewers tin besides indulge successful Love Is Blind play 5, Netflix's "pod-based" making love reality show rife pinch plentifulness of feel-good emotion stories and play that's conscionable arsenic messy. 

This week's caller connected Netflix database besides features nan documentary The Saint of Second Chances, which explores Mike Veeck, boy of shot Hall of Famer Bill Veeck, and his travel to clear his family’s bully name. Meanwhile, Japanese anime bid Kengan Ashura play 2 brings burly brawler Ohma “Ashura” Tokita backmost into nan arena for a bid of knock-down, drag-out fights to nan death. 

Plus, Spy Kids: Armageddon explodes onto nan streaming service, bringing nan cheesy but well-loved franchise backmost to nan taste zeitgeist pinch a thrill thrust that follows a caller procreation of young heroes who are joining nan family spy game. 

Read connected for our day-by-day listing of what's caller connected Netflix this week. 

New connected Netflix this week: Top picks

The Saint of Second Chances

Raised successful nan protector of begetter and Hall of Famer Bill Veeck, Mike Veeck's sanction was agelong tainted by scandals successful nan shot world. While nan Veecks revolutionized nan ballpark acquisition pinch their innovative entertainments, 1 disastrous misstep threatened Mike's legacy. After being ousted from nan sport, he group retired connected a travel to reconstruct his bully sanction and reconnect pinch his family. When an unexpected revelation hits, Mike (whose younger aforesaid is played by Charlie Day) walks a way that transforms into a communicative of redemption, each narrated by Jeff Daniels.

Watch connected Netflix starting Sep. 19 

Kengan Ashura play 2

Diving backmost into nan sadistic world of underground battles, gladiator Ohma "Ashura" Tokita (Kaiji Tang) enters nan arena erstwhile much pinch renewed resoluteness and caller techniques. As he confronts a barrage of bloodthirsty enemies successful combat each eager to bring him down, each move from his past and each instruction he's learned on nan measurement quickly go portion of his arsenal. All nan while, his loyal handler Yamashita (Keith Silverstein) places his religion successful Ashura arsenic he emerges victorious from each fight. But successful this high-stakes game, he's sewage to do much than conscionable survive. He has to take sides his honor, too. 

Watch connected Netflix starting Sep. 21

Sex Education play 4

As they locomotion nan unfamiliar halls of Cavendish Sixth Form College, Otis (Asa Butterfield), Eric (Ncuti Gatwa), and nan remainder of nan Moordale Secondary unit consciousness successful complete their heads. While Otis grapples pinch nan situation of launching his clinic, Eric hopes for a caller start. But Cavendish is simply a revelation that champions kindness, which makes it a caller frontier for nan Moordale students. Meanwhile, crossed nan pond, Maeve (Emma Mackey) dives heavy into academics nether acclaimed writer Thomas Molloy astatine Wallace University. The 4th and last play of this British teen drama has a batch going on. 

Watch connected Netflix starting Sep. 21

Love Is Blind play 5

Netflix's making love sensation returns erstwhile much pinch a caller excavation of singles from Houston, Texas asking nan age-old question: is emotion genuinely blind? The crippled remains nan same. Men and women spell connected "dates" successful abstracted pods, revealing themselves to their partners only aft they make nan determination to get engaged. Of course, while location are plentifulness of storybook relationships, location are besides lingering pasts, dubious friends, and plentifulness of play bombs. Will nan caller couples descend aliases aquatics without ever having met successful person? You'll conscionable person to beryllium there. 

Watch connected Netflix starting Sep. 21

Spy Kids: Armageddon

Remember Spy Kids? Robert Rodriguez's iconic family spy escapade is backmost pinch caller heroes and a caller cognition successful this reboot. Secret agents Nora and Terrence Tango-Torrez, played by Gina Rodriguez and Zachary Levi, find their bequest astatine liking arsenic their children, Patty (Everly Carganilla) and Tony (Connor Esterson), inadvertently play correct into nan hands of crippled developer and evil brilliant Ray "The King" Kingston (Billy Magnussen). They thief to dispersed a microorganism that gives him power of nan world's technology, which forces nan Torrez family to squad up and make nan full "being a spy" point a family affair. Can they prevention nan world from Kingston's evil clutches successful a mates of hours? Probably!

Watch connected Netflix starting Sep. 22

Everything caller connected Netflix: Sept. 18-24


My Little Pony: Make Your Mark: Chapter 5 (Netflix Family)
Now that Opaline has captured Sparky's Dragonfire, nan evil Alicorn is stronger than ever — and she won't extremity until she has each nan powerfulness of Equestria!


Kountry Wayne: A Woman's Prayer (Netflix Comedy)
Comedian Kountry Wayne delivers a rousing stand-up group astir life arsenic a dada of 10, really to cognize if a female likes you and why he keeps it existent pinch Jesus.

The Saint of Second Chances (Netflix Documentary)
Mike Veeck grew up successful nan protector of his father, Hall of Fame shot proprietor Bill Veeck. But it each fell isolated erstwhile Mike blew up his dad's career. Exiled from nan game, nan younger Veeck spent nan adjacent fewer decades clawing his measurement back, wished to redeem himself. The Saint of Second Chances is wildly unexpected, afloat of heart, and keeps you laughing done a comeback communicative dissimilar immoderate other.


Hard Broken (LB) (Netflix Series)
A tragic execution sends a friend group into a frenzy, revealing hidden romances and betrayals lurking beneath nan aboveground of their seemingly cleanable lives.

New Amsterdam: Season 5


KENGAN ASHURA: Season 2 (JP) (Netflix Anime)
The 2nd information of nan Kengan Life-or-Death Tournament continues — without Ohma. As nan mighty gladiators clash, a shadowy fig land a convulsive coup.

Scissor Seven: Season 4 (CN) (Netflix Series)
After an aggravated battle, a severely wounded Seven must bounce backmost to take sides Chicken Island and his friends from different ruthless Shadow assassin.

Sex Education: Season 4 (UK) (Netflix Series)
With Maeve successful America and Moordale closed, Otis must find his footing astatine free-spirited Cavendish College — but he's not nan only activity therapist connected campus.


The Black Book (NG) (Netflix Film)
After his boy is framed for a kidnapping, a bereaved deacon takes justness into his ain hands and fights a corrupt constabulary pack to absolve him.

How To Deal With a Heartbreak (PE) (Netflix Film)
Her 2 champion friends are mapping retired a agleam future. Ma Fé? She’s broke, uninspired and nether a tight deadline to nutrient a book she can't write.

Love Is Blind: Season 5 (Netflix Series)
Hoping to find their early fiancés by talking done walls, a caller group of men and women braves twists, turns and triangles successful hunt of existent love.


Spy Kids: Armageddon (Netflix Family)
When a crippled developer unleashes a powerful machine virus, nan children of 2 concealed agents must activity together to prevention their parents — and nan world.

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