My favorite weatherproof Carhartt hoodie is 40% off ahead of Black Friday

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While Carhartt whitethorn beryllium trendy pinch young fashionistas and influencers, nan marque has good complete a 100 years of acquisition manufacturing rugged outerwear for hardworking outdoor folks. So you cognize they are legit. And 1 of my favourite Carhartt pieces, nan Rain Defender hooded sweatshirt, is 40% disconnected correct now ahead of Black Friday. 

That knocks nan value down to astir $40 if you bargain nan Carhartt Rain Defender Hoodie done Cabela’s. At nan moment, location are plentifulness of sizes to take from. And while don’t emotion nan logo connected nan sleeve — I personally ain nan achromatic type without it — for $40, I tin decidedly unrecorded pinch it.

So, what sets this hoodie isolated from others? For starters, it’s nan astir weather-resistant sweatshirt I’ve ever owned. I often deterioration it retired sans-jacket during Seattle’s acold and rainy months. In each but a downpour, it stays dry.

The Rain Defender is besides nan thickest and warmest hoodie I’ve travel across. Pro tip: Get it successful a size aliases 2 larger than you ordinarily wear. The other worldly makes it each nan much comfy. The size of nan hood is besides generous, which I appreciated. And there's a useful hidden pouch wrong nan communal pouch for storing mini accessories. 

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