Most Jakartans Fond of City's Integrated Transportation, Says LSI Survey

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22 October 2022 00:28 WIB

TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - The Indonesian Survey Institute (LSI) presented the results of a recent poll regarding public satisfaction towards former Jakarta governor and deputy governor Anies Baswedan and Riza Patria. Both Anies and Riza ended their term on October 16, 2022.

"80.9 percent of Jakartans showed they are satisfied by the governor's performance. This is quite high and consistent with the positive assessment of Jakarta's general condition," said LSI Director Executive Djayadi Hanan on Friday, October 21, 2022. 

Former Jakarta deputy Riza Patria also scored a commendable score of 61.7 percent in terms of performance. 

The LSI survey also evaluated the Jakarta Provincial government's performance under Anies Baswedan's leadership. One of the questions asked of the respondents was about the integration of public transportation.

Djayadi Hanan said that the results showed that 63 percent of Jakartans were aware of the public transportation integration program and have used its services. "More than 90 percent [94.8 percent] think it's going well," he said.

When viewed in more detail, people who are fond of integrated public transportation programs are evenly distributed in various demographic sectors. However, in terms of education and income, it can be seen that middle-class citizens, namely those with higher education degrees with high incomes are the most users of public transportation.


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