Loki season 2 has a new Disney Plus release date – and it's good news for Marvel fans

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Loki leans against a table successful nan TVA successful Loki play 2
Loki play 2 will commencement airing connected Thursdays successful nan US. (Image credit: Marvel Studios)

Loki play 2 has received a caller merchandise day connected Disney Plus, and it's bully news for fans of nan Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) – well, unless you're a UK-based viewer, anyway.

Revealed successful a tweet connected Marvel Studios' charismatic X (formerly Twitter) account, Loki play 2 will officially motorboat a time earlier than expected successful nan US. The hugely celebrated Disney Plus bid will now debut connected Thursdays stateside, pinch nan first section group to get astatine 6pm PT / 9pm ET connected October 5.

The astonishing Loki is back.Marvel Studios’ #Loki Season 2, an Original series, is clip slipping to a caller date, streaming October 5 astatine 6PM PT, only connected @DisneyPlus. (previously recorded) pic.twitter.com/aKBPWKQY2fSeptember 18, 2023

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While it's awesome that we'll get to spot Loki's misadventures proceed earlier than planned, nan show's caller merchandise day and clip is bad news for UK audiences. British fans will person to aftermath up early successful nan greeting – that's 2am BST connected Fridays, for anyone wondering – to watercourse each caller section of Loki arsenic it lands connected 1 of nan best streaming services. Alternatively, viewers will person to enactment disconnected societal media until they tin watch nan show aft activity aliases school, pinch awesome communicative spoilers group to predominate nan scenery pinch each caller episode's arrival. 

Australian fans will look a akin spoiler-related issue, though Loki play 2 will aerial astatine 11am AEST connected Fridays, truthful Marvel aficionados down nether should beryllium capable to drawback caller episodes connected their luncheon breaks.

Loki's adjacent MCU outing follows successful nan footsteps of Star Wars: Ahsoka, Loki's adjacent MCU outing follows successful nan footsteps of Star Wars: Ahsoka, which debuted astatine 6pm PT / 9pm ET connected Tuesday August 22 successful nan US, which was 2am BST / 11am AEST nan pursuing day.

The latest Star Wars TV show was nan first-ever Disney Plus show to beryllium released astatine specified a clip (new-episode nights were Dubbed Tano Tuesdays successful nan US), pinch Disney TV Originals launching astatine 12am PT / 3am ET / 8am BST / 5pm AEST earlier then.

And lo, each nan UK-based journalists held their caput successful their hands astatine nan imaginable of waking up to screen #Loki play 2 astatine nan astir ungodly hr https://t.co/yCPmfWuXLDSeptember 18, 2023

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It's still unclear if Loki season 2 will person a two-episode premiere for illustration its predecessor did, aliases if it'll onshore connected Disney Plus pinch a azygous introduction connected motorboat day. While we hold for an charismatic confirmation connected this front, manufacture insiders, specified arsenic reliable runtime leaker Cryptic Quality HD, person already claimed that Loki play 2's first 2 episodes will tally for astir 40-45 minutes apiece. Expect each six episodes of nan deity of mischief's latest multiversal travel to beryllium arsenic agelong (or short, depending connected your perspective) arsenic erstwhile MCU TV shows, specified arsenic WandaVision, Moon Knight, and Secret Invasion.

This isn't nan only caller accusation we've learned astir nan forthcoming Marvel Phase 5 task successful caller weeks. On September 5, a caller Loki play 2 trailer appeared to spoil 1 of nan show's main storylines, while its first charismatic trailer smashed a longstanding Marvel TV bid record upon presence successful precocious July. Let's dream it lives up to nan hype, and cements its spot connected our database of nan best Disney Plus shows erstwhile Loki's 2nd play magics its measurement onto nan platform.

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