How to find your printer model number

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Finding your printer's model number is important for several reasons. You'll need it to purchase replacement ink or toner, to download software and drivers, and to troubleshoot issues. Fortunately, it's easy to locate once you know where to look. This guide will walk you through the steps to find your printer model number on any major brand.

How to find your printer model number

Why Do You Need the Printer Model Number?

Knowing your exact printer model number is crucial for several printer-related tasks:

  • Buying ink or toner - Ink and toner is specially formulated for each printer model. You'll need the model number to purchase compatible cartridges.
  • Downloading software - Most printer manufacturers provide software to monitor ink levels, perform maintenance, and more. The installation files are specific to each printer model.
  • Getting drivers - Printer drivers allow your computer to interface with your printer. The drivers vary based on the make and model.
  • Troubleshooting problems - Support reps will first ask for your printer model number to diagnose any issues. It helps them provide accurate solutions.
  • Replacement parts - Certain components like rollers and trays are custom-fit for each printer model. The model number ensures you get the right parts.

Knowing where to look will make it quick and easy to find this essential information.

Check the Printer Exterior

The most obvious place to locate the model number is by checking the exterior of the printer. There are typically stickers or nameplates that list the model somewhere on the body.

Check these locations on your printer:

  • Above or below the manufacturer name or logo
  • Back of the printer
  • Bottom of the printer
  • Inside the top cover or scanner lid
  • Side panels

The model name or number is often shown in a large font or highlighted with bold text to make it stand out. It may be accompanied by the serial number and other specifications.

If the text is small, you may need to use a flashlight and magnifying glass to read tiny stickers. Look carefully and thoroughly, as the sticker could be tucked away in a discreet place.

Consult the Labels on Ink or Toner

Ink and toner cartridges also contain vital information about your printer's identity. There will usually be a label that states the compatible printer models.

When purchasing replacement cartridges, always compare its compatibility label against your printer model number. But you can also reference the cartridge to find the number.

The label on the cartridge often follows this format:

  • Manufacturer name
  • Cartridge number
  • Printer model compatibility

So check your existing ink or toner packs to see if your printer's model name or number is indicated. This is an easy way to confirm the number if it's unreadable elsewhere on the device.

Check Your Receipt or Order Records

If you bought the printer new and still have the documentation, check your receipts, invoices, and order records.

Retail receipts list the item name and number next to the price. The retailer receipt from an office supply store, electronics outlet, or online merchant should specify the printer model.

Packing slips and delivery receipts also include this info to confirm shipment of the correct item. And your order confirmation email would contain the model name or number as well.

Having these records makes it simple to reference the model details. Keep them filed away so you have a foolproof way to verify the printer's identity.

Look in Your Printer Software

The model number is easy to find if you have the printer software installed on your computer. Here's how to locate it:

For Windows

  1. Open Settings
  2. Click Devices
  3. Select Printers & Scanners
  4. Right-click your printer and choose Properties
  5. Click the General tab
  6. Check Model - the model number will be listed

For Mac

  1. Click the Apple menu and choose System Preferences
  2. Click Printers & Scanners
  3. Select your printer
  4. Click Options & Supplies
  5. Click Utility
  6. Select Printer Information from the dropdown menu
  7. View Model Number

The steps vary across versions of Windows and macOS, but you'll generally find the model details in the printer properties or utility. Consult your operating system's help documentation if you need assistance.

Check the Original Box

If you still have the printer's original packaging, that's another place to look up the model name or number.

Manufacturers always print the model info directly on the box. It will likely be highlighted prominently on the box front, sides, or flaps.

Having the original packaging also provides you with the UPC barcode number, which can help track down details on that specific printer model.

So if you've kept the box stored away safely, dig it out to view the model name printed on it.

Contact Customer Support

As a last resort if you can't find the model number anywhere on the physical printer, reach out to the manufacturer's customer support line.

A support representative can assist you in a couple ways:

  • Lookup by Serial Number - They may be able to retrieve the model number if you can provide the printer's unique serial or product number.
  • Identify by Photos - Emailing photos of your printer can help them visually inspect and determine the model.
  • Lookup by Purchase Date - Providing the retailer, date purchased, and your contact info may allow them to track down the model in their system.

Most major printer brands like HP, Canon, Epson, and Brother have helpful support teams available by phone, email, or chat. Contact them if you have no other recourse to find the printer's model yourself.

FAQs About Finding Your Printer Model Number

Having trouble locating the model number on your printer? Here are answers to some frequently asked questions.

What if there are no labels on my printer?

First double check for any stickers under the scanner bed, inside the top cover, or on the bottom. If you've owned the printer a long time, the labels may have worn off. Try the other methods like checking ink cartridges, software, and documentation. Or contact the manufacturer as a last resort.

Are the model number and product number different?

Yes, the product number (sometimes called serial number) is unique to your printer, while the model number identifies the general product type. You can use either number when seeking support - but the model number is most important for getting the right cartridges and accessories.

Why does my printer show different numbers in different places?

Manufacturers may use slight variations in labeling - for example, "Deskjet 1000" vs "HP 1000." As long as the base numbers match, these denote the same overall model. The extra text helps categorize subclasses of that printer.

What if my model is discontinued?

If your printer model is no longer manufactured, don't worry. The manufacturer should still provide support services. And you can still buy ink and parts - just look for ones listed as compatible with your discontinued model.

What about the model number format?

Printers follow the general format of Brand Name + Model Number. For example, "HP Deskjet 2600" or "Epson WF-100." The brand name is always first.


How to find your printer model number ? Finding your printer model number is easy when you know where to look. Start by checking labels on the device itself, ink/toner cartridges, original packaging, and order records. You can also consult the printer software on your computer or contact customer support. Once you have the model number, keep it handy for future convenience. It's an essential reference for getting the most out of your printer.

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