Kettlebell halo exercise: How to do it and the benefits for your core and shoulder muscles

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Woman holding a kettlebell successful some hands pinch fume down her during kettlebell workout
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The kettlebell halo workout topped nan 5 opinionated ab exercises that sculpt your halfway pinch 1 kettlebell round-up, and location are different large benefits up for grabs erstwhile doing nan halfway and enarthrosis workout regularly, speech from hitting those obliques hard. 

Holding a kettlebell overhead your head, ray aliases heavy, tin beryllium vulnerable without bully technique. Below, we talk nan benefits of nan kettlebell halo, communal mistakes and halo variations we recommend, arsenic good arsenic immoderate tips for keeping your shape tight sloppy of your weightlifting abilities. 

As pinch immoderate exercise, if you’re a beginner, pregnant, aliases returning from injury, we counsel speaking pinch a aesculapian master aliases qualified individual trainer beforehand, particularly if you scheme to load pinch dense weights. 

Woman successful purple workout apparel holding a kettlebell successful beforehand of her pinch some hands against grey backdrop

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I cognize — sigh — being told to standard backmost and activity support first is boring. But present are 7 things I wish I’d known earlier I started lifting dense weights for nan first clip if you’re wondering why exercising be aware (before your muscles) matters. If you're fresh and group to lift, drawback 1 of nan best kettlebells for weightlifting and publication connected for more. 

Kettlebell halo: Benefits

As we mentioned, nan kettlebell halo hits your shoulders and abs, but that’s not all. The precocious assemblage workout besides develops enarthrosis mobility by activating each 3 enarthrosis heads — anterior, lateral and posterior — nan precocious back, arms and various halfway muscles that wrap astir nan body, not conscionable your abs. 

Your halfway consists of muscles for illustration nan erector spinae that hug nan spine, nan transverse abdominal muscles — a deeper furniture of muscles that beryllium for illustration a loop beneath your abs, and moreover widen to see your hep flexors and glutes. Building spot successful your torso will thief support you safe and protected during dense lifting and mundane tasks, truthful we emotion this workout for processing halfway and enarthrosis stableness and strengthening immoderate of nan galore muscles responsible for posture. 

How to do kettlebell halos


  • Hold your kettlebell upside down by nan horns and grip them tight to thief activate your wrists, arms, precocious backmost and shoulders.
  • Brace your halfway and compression your glutes to create a unchangeable base.
  • Press nan kettlebell overhead and cheque you’re not arching your backmost aliases leaning forward.
  • From here, statesman rotating nan kettlebell successful circles astir your caput pinch bent elbows.
  • Once nan doorbell travels successful beforehand of your face, alteration direction. Maintain a soft knee crook and move pinch control.

Kettlebell halo: Common mistakes

Kettlebell halos target nan arms, shoulders, precocious backmost and core, strengthening nan muscles successful your precocious body. Doing them incorrect could lead to injury, truthful these are nan astir communal mistakes we urge avoiding.

Arching nan back

It’s communal to spot group push their hips guardant and arch their backs nether heavier loads. Try squeezing arsenic galore musculus groups arsenic you tin to create a beardown pillar for nan kettlebell to move around. Slightly tuck your pelvis without hunching over. An arched backmost indicates a deficiency of halfway engagement aliases that you’re lifting excessively heavy, truthful attraction connected keeping your tummy braced and thorax proud and take a weight you tin control. 

Moving pinch consecutive arms

Your elbows should beryllium bent during kettlebell halos truthful that you tin rotate nan doorbell astir your caput alternatively than supra it. Ensure you person capable crook successful your elbows to let afloat power of nan weight astatine each times.


There are a fewer ways to grip nan kettlebell during halos, but we urge holding it by nan horns pinch nan doorbell upside down. You could besides grip nan doorbell itself pinch nan grip facing upward if you prefer, but guarantee you person a unafraid position connected nan kettlebell. 

Unlike nan bottoms-up kettlebell press, utilizing some hands will thief stabilize nan weight pinch acold little consequence of falling. You tin study how to clasp a kettlebell properly pinch immoderate grip techniques explained by a maestro kettlebell coach. Either way, debar flaring your elbows outward and support nan doorbell adjacent to your body.  

Kettlebell halo: Variations

There are respective ways to advancement aliases standard back. 

Experiment pinch different grips and weights to find a challenging kettlebell halo variety for you. You could besides effort nan halo sitting aliases kneeling to situation your halfway stableness more, removing your legs from nan equation. For immoderate people, utilizing a chair aliases chair tin supply other support for nan back, but for others, sitting aliases kneeling unsupported adds challenge.

You tin besides adhd exercises to nan kettlebell halo by lunging aliases squatting arsenic you rotate nan bell. If your coordination is lacking, move into a debased lunge aliases squat hold, past rotate nan kettlebell from a holding position; this combines isometric (non-moving) pinch isotonic (moving) contraction and ramps up request connected your halfway muscles.

If you don’t consciousness assured controlling nan kettlebell supra your head, our fittingness editor did 50 kettlebell Around The Worlds a time for a week — here’s what happened. She circled nan doorbell astir her hips instead, which helped activity nan arms and abs, amended grip spot and prosecute nan precocious body. 

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