How to Get Started With Logic Pro: A Beginner's Guide

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The sleek interface and intuitive creation of Apple's Logic Pro make it arguably nan champion prime of integer audio workstation for Mac users. Like immoderate DAW, nan sheer number of parameters and options tin beryllium overwhelming. We'll spell done nan basics arsenic good arsenic immoderate cardinal features to look retired for to springiness you a boost up nan learning curve.

How to Create a New Project

Add New Tracks paper successful Logic Pro

Once you've opened up Logic, a pop-up paper will appear. Here, you tin determine what benignant of tracks you'd for illustration to look successful your caller project. If you'd for illustration to adhd definite way types to an existing project, property nan plus icon successful nan top-left of nan Workspace Area to bring up nan chopped way types.

Select Audio for unrecorded recordings, Software Instrument for integer instruments, Drummer for ready-made drum loops, External MIDI to link your MIDI keyboard, and Guitar aliases Bass to link your guitar to Logic.

How to Configure Your Project Settings

Now that you've created your tracks, you'll want to configure nan settings earlier you commencement signaling and creating.


First, determine connected a tempo. Click and resistance connected nan Tempo number successful nan top-center of your surface to alteration it. Then, take really galore thumps per barroom you want from nan drop-down paper connected nan right. Click connected nan metronome marker (or property K) adjacent to nan 1234 icon to perceive nan tempo erstwhile you property play.

Tempo display, metronome, and world tracks drop-down successful Logic Pro

If you alteration your tempo mid-way done a creation, each your audio regions will go distorted arsenic you effort to lucifer nan caller tempo. If you hide to group nan tempo beforehand, you tin transcript and paste your audio and MIDI regions to a task pinch nan correct settings. You tin besides usage nan Global Tracks fastener to crippled retired immoderate tempo changes easily.

I/O Buffer Size

When you're signaling audio tracks, spell to Logic Pro > Settings > Audio successful nan paper barroom adjacent nan top. Navigate to nan I/O Buffer Size and prime 64 or 128 from nan drop-down menu. This will trim signaling latency, which is illustrated by nan parameter below—this will thief you retired erstwhile editing nan timing later on.

On nan different hand, erstwhile you're mixing, you'll want to prime nan maximum I/O Buffer Size, 1024. This will thief avert nan dreaded System Overload correction pop-up and is basal for multi-track projects. Just retrieve that nan Audio settings you prime successful 1 way will transportation complete to different projects.

Audio Settings successful Logic Pro


If you're connecting up a microphone to your DAW, retrieve that you'll want to group nan Input Device (in your Audio Settings) to nan microphone aliases your input monitor, and your Output Device arsenic nan Built-in Output if you're utilizing headphones aliases an aux to speakers.

You whitethorn request to limb your way truthful that it records pinch nan microphone; property nan vertical line icon adjacent to nan R icon successful nan Track Header aliases Left Channel Inspector.

Check retired the optimal signaling instrumentality to get you started successful Logic Pro.

How to Start Recording and Creating

Now that your settings and tempo are successful order, it's clip to commencement creating. Press R to commencement signaling and spacebar to stop/start nan playhead. For audio tracks, retrieve to slice in/out audio regions to debar pops aliases clicks. Learn to fade your audio successful Logic successful seconds to prevention time.

For package instrumentality tracks, you'll want to find nan correct sound first. Open up nan banal room by pressing Y. For much Logic synths and third-party instruments, property I to unfastened up your Channel Strip Inspectors connected nan near (if it's not already open) and prime nan Instrument drop-down paper beneath MIDI FX. You tin find your third-party instruments successful nan AU Instruments conception astatine nan bottom.

Stock library, Musical Typing Keyboard, and Piano Roll Editor successful Logic Pro

Use your MIDI keyboard to grounds your package instruments. If you don't person a MIDI keyboard, property Cmd + K to unfastened up nan Musical Typing Keyboard. Once you're happy pinch your MIDI track, you whitethorn want to prime it and property Ctrl + B; this will person it into an audio way which tin alleviate accent connected your CPU and alteration audio region editing tools.

Press O to unfastened up nan banal loops that travel pinch Logic Pro. There, you tin refine your hunt depending connected nan genre, key, and different parameters you're after. To prevention yourself immoderate time, cheque retired immoderate of the astir useful keyboard shortcuts successful Logic Pro.

How to Work With nan Track Options

To copy nan settings and characteristics of 1 way onto a caller track, prime nan original way and property nan plus motion pinch 2 rectangles supra nan Track Header section. You tin besides clasp Option and resistance a Track Header to copy it (including each its regions).

Track Header Components paper successful Logic Pro

Another worthwhile method is to Ctrl + click connected a Track Header and hover complete Track Header Components. Here, prime On/Off and Freeze. These 2 options will look successful nan Track Header and fto you activate/deactivate tracks and frost them successful spot which reduces nan load connected your CPU. As your projects summation successful size, this becomes progressively important.

If tracks commencement to clog up your screen, Ctrl + click connected a way and prime Hide Selected Track. Double-click connected nan Track Header to rename a track, property nan M icon aliases cardinal to shut up it, aliases S to solo it. On nan right, you'll find nan measurement fader and a panning dial.

How to Navigate nan Editor Areas

The cardinal area erstwhile you unfastened up your task is called nan Workspace Area. Press T to unfastened up nan instrumentality menu; this lets you alteration betwixt nan modular Pointer instrumentality and different devices specified arsenic nan Scissors aliases Marquee tools.

I opens up nan Left and Right Channel Strip Inspectors connected nan left-hand side. The Channel Strip Inspectors are wherever you tin adhd Audio and MIDI FX. You tin besides adhd a Channel EQ by clicking nan EQ box.

You tin besides create aux tracks by utilizing nan Sends fastener and selecting an disposable Bus. This useful good for effects for illustration reverb, distortion, and hold which you spot connected nan aux way and usage nan autobus dial to operation nan effect awesome pinch nan original way signal.

A bounced and reversed package instrumentality successful Logic Pro

Click connected nan arrows adjacent to Region aliases Track on nan apical to unfastened up their respective Inspectors. One valuable method you should effort retired is utilizing nan Region Inspector connected audio tracks to reverse your audio.

E opens up nan Track Editor Window for Audio tracks and nan Piano Roll Editor for MIDI tracks. These windows mostly fto you edit regions pinch greater precision. Check retired nan best Logic Pro MIDI editing devices to amended your MIDI regions.

The Best Features to Try Out successful Logic Pro

As you familiarize yourself pinch Logic, usage nan Quick Help fastener successful nan top-left (the question mark icon) and hover complete chartless features for a matter mentation successful nan top-left.

Creative EQ filters and automation successful Logic Pro X

To springiness your task a consciousness of dynamism and vitality, you will want to study how to usage automation. This enables you to change immoderate parameter of your tracks (such arsenic measurement aliases panning) aliases effects complete time. To alteration automation, property A. Then, take nan parameter you want to automate successful your Track Header.

Logic Pro X Flex Pitch instrumentality displayed successful nan editor window

Another characteristic you'll want to maestro is Flex Mode; property Cmd + F to alteration it, and prime a Flex Mode successful your Track Header. Learn how to usage Flex Pitch to guarantee your audio tracks are each successful tune and are tonally sound. Similarly, study how to usage Flex Time to make judge your audio recordings are perfectly synced to your desired tempo.

Start Creating and Experimenting successful Logic Pro

Once you've group up nan correct way types and task settings successful Logic Pro, it's clip to prime your sounds and commencement recording. Edit your audio and MIDI regions successful their editor windows, and usage effects successful nan Channel Strip Inspectors. Then, research pinch automation and Flex Modes, and you're good connected your measurement to creating high-quality productions.

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