Michael Flarup Launches a Kickstarter Campaign for The macOS Icon Book

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Michael Flarup has launched a Kickstarter run to money an illustrated book astir macOS iconography. The macOS App Icon Book, which has already been afloat funded, is estimated to vessel successful January 2024.

This book is simply a follow-up to The iOS App Icon Book, which was besides funded via Kickstarter and shipped past year, and I reviewed connected MacStories. The caller title includes full-color reproductions of hundreds of icons and profiles of nan designers down immoderate of them.

Flarup’s iOS icon book was a awesome spot of Apple history that preserved immoderate of nan champion iconography produced connected nan platform. It’s awesome to spot a macOS type is being added to sphere nan history of iconography connected nan Mac, too. If you’re willing successful pledging, there are aggregate reward levels, including nan hardback book, a PDF version, and a group of some nan iOS and macOS icon books.

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