Indiana Republican: House to be last line of defense against Biden

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Rep. Jim Banks speaks astatine a property league astatine the U.S. Capitol successful Washington, D.C. | Kevin Dietsch/Getty Images

An Indiana congressman expects House Republicans to regroup from past week’s predetermination disappointments to enactment to artifact President Joe Biden’s policies.

“We person an accidental implicit the adjacent 2 years to beryllium the past enactment of defence to artifact the Biden agenda,” Rep. Jim Banks (R-Ind.).

Neither enactment has clinched a bulk successful the House arsenic of yet. As of Sunday morning, Republicans had won 211 seats; they volition request 218 for a majority, and Democrats inactive person a way to victory.

But speaking to big Shannon Bream connected “Fox News Sunday,” Banks said helium expects Republicans volition yet prevail and get a slim House majority.

“This was a precise disappointing result connected predetermination night, not the 1 that we expected,” Banks said. “There volition beryllium a batch of unpacking of the result for weeks to come. Did we person the incorrect strategy? Why did our connection not interruption through? Why did the voters not bargain into the imaginativeness and the connection that Republicans were selling?”

Banks, the Republican Study Committee chair, pushed backmost connected an assertion by Sen. Mitt Romney (R-Utah) that Republicans would beryllium foolish to absorption excessively overmuch connected investigations into the Biden medication alternatively of attempting to walk authorities and code the nation’s problems.

It is, Banks said, “the work of the Congress to supply oversight. I judge that the American people, not conscionable those connected the right, they expect Congress to measurement up to the sheet and supply that benignant of accountability. It is desperately needed.”

He cited the troubled U.S. withdrawal from Afghanistan successful 2021 arsenic thing that needed to beryllium investigated.

Banks besides said helium would enactment House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy for talker if, arsenic helium expects, Republicans triumph a bulk successful the House.

“I enactment Kevin McCarthy and his experience,” helium said.