How to watch A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving online

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A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving
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Trying to fig retired really to watch A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving? While Apple TV still holds nan authorities to watercourse nan classical vacation typical year-round, it is disposable for free for a fewer days connected different channels starring up to Thanksgiving. 

A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving cheat sheet

Streaming service: Apple TV Plus
30 minutes
Bill Melendez, Phil Roman
Rotten Tomatoes: 100%
Original merchandise date: 1973

While not arsenic celebrated arsenic A Charlie Brown Christmas and It's nan Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown, A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving is nan 3rd limb of nan Peanuts vacation triumvirate. 

Like a classical sitcom, Charlie Brown finds himself having to big Thanksgiving meal for Marcie, Peppermint Patty, Franklin, and nan remainder of nan pack connected short notice. However, he has neither nan clip nor nan ingredients for a due feast, truthful he enlists Snoopy and Woodstock to thief make a repast retired of toast, popcorn, and jelly beans. 

The crippled of A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving treads a small complete nan aforesaid crushed arsenic nan Christmas special, but it does characteristic Snoopy and Woodstock more.

How to watch A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving from anyplace connected earth

A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving is disposable to watercourse only connected Apple TV Plus. For astir of nan year, you will request a subscription, but it will beryllium disposable for free connected Saturday and Sunday, Nov. 18 -19, 2023.

If you're stuck overseas — successful 1 of nan fewer countries wherever Apple TV Plus isn't disposable — you will apt tally into geo-fenced restrictions connected nan platforms and services you tin use. But pinch nan thief of a virtual backstage web (VPN), you tin watch A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving and each nan different services you already salary for nary matter wherever you are. 

Based connected our testing, nan best VPN is ExpressVPN, which is easy to usage and delivers accelerated net speeds, making it elemental to group up for streaming successful nary clip astatine all. It besides useful connected practically any device, starting pinch iOS and Android and including streaming devices specified arsenic nan Amazon Fire TV Stick and Apple TV. Plus, crippled consoles for illustration PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X. 

How to watch A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving for free

In years past, A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving was disposable connected PBS aliases immoderate different network, but unfortunately, this is nary longer nan case. However, A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving will beryllium disposable connected Apple TV Plus for free — meaning, you don't request to motion up for a subscription — connected Saturday and Sunday, Nov. 18-19, 2023. 

If you want to watch it person to Thanksgiving itself, you could besides motion up for Apple TV Plus, which offers a free 7-day proceedings for caller members.

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