How to Use the YouTube Audio Library to Add Sounds to Your Videos

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Looking for free euphony and sounds to adhd to your videos? YouTube's audio room has you covered.

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Key Takeaways

  • Access YouTube's audio room easy by going to YouTube Studio and selecting nan Audio Library tab. Filter and hunt for circumstantial euphony aliases sound effects.
  • Use YouTube's video editor to adhd euphony to your already uploaded videos. Simply spell to YouTube Studio, prime nan video, click connected Editor, and take nan Music tab.
  • Make judge to cheque nan licence type of nan audio files successful nan room to find if attribution is required. Avoid trading aliases modifying nan audio to debar copyright strikes and demonetization.

YouTube has made it easy for anyone pinch a YouTube relationship to download euphony and sounds from its audio room and usage it successful immoderate video editing software. You tin besides usage nan euphony for your ain individual listening. Here’s really to usage YouTube’s audio room and nan requirements to do so.

How to Use YouTube’s Audio Library

Using YouTube’s audio room is reasonably straightforward, and you person a mates of options for really and erstwhile to usage it.

How to Add Sounds Before Your Video Is Uploaded

To find nan audio library, you’ll request to commencement connected YouTube's main page and click connected your floor plan image successful nan precocious right-hand corner. In nan drop-down menu, click connected YouTube Studio. On nan adjacent surface you’ll spot galore options wrong nan left-hand toolbar—select Audio Library.

YouTube's audio room tab successful YouTube Studio

From there, nan audio room will open. The first tab contains each nan euphony and nan 2nd tab has sound effects. The 3rd tab is wherever you tin commencement to shape a favorites room by clicking connected nan prima icon adjacent to immoderate audio record you want to save.

YouTube's audio room euphony tab unfastened pinch download option

If you click connected nan circled arrow icon adjacent to a song, you tin perceive to nan way earlier downloading it. If you wish to download nan audio file, click connected Download to nan acold correct of nan track. It will download arsenic an MP3 file, which tin easy beryllium uploaded and added to immoderate video editing software.

YouTube's audio room hunt and select action open

You tin besides hunt and select nan audio room if location is thing circumstantial you are looking for. For example, you tin select by temper aliases hunt for a band. You besides tin select audio based connected whether attribution is needed aliases not. Simply click connected Search aliases Filter Library and take nan guidance you want to spell pinch your search.

How to Add Music After Your Video Is Uploaded

If you’ve already uploaded a video to YouTube, that doesn’t mean you’ve missed your chance to adhd euphony to it. You tin use YouTube’s video editor to do so.

YouTube Studio Video Editor open

Click connected Content successful nan near toolbar successful YouTube Studio and past prime nan Details icon connected nan video you want to adhd audio to. From there, click connected Editor successful nan near toolbar. The Audio action will beryllium 3rd connected nan database of edits you tin make.

YouTube Studio Video Editor unfastened pinch opus connected timeline

When you click connected Audio, you’ll spot nan Music tab and nan Search and Filter option. Simply find a opus you want to use, click Add, and set nan opus to nan due position wrong nan video. Hit Save erstwhile you are finished.

Requirements for Using YouTube’s Audio Library

One of nan biggest requirements you will request to look retired for erstwhile utilizing YouTube’s audio room is whether attribution is required. To cognize if you request to in installments nan artist, simply look to nan correct of nan opus nether License Type.

If location is simply a CC icon, that intends nan way has a Creative Commons license. If you spot nan YouTube icon, that intends nary attribution is needed. When you hover your cursor complete nan icon, though, you tin publication precisely what is required of you.

YouTube audio room attribution options

Additionally, you are not allowed to waste aliases make changes to nan audio aliases declare nan euphony aliases sound arsenic your own. If you break YouTube’s audio room policies, you whitethorn receive a copyright strike aliases find nan video demonetized.

Why You Should Use YouTube’s Audio Library

Using YouTube’s audio room has galore advantages. If you’ve conscionable started retired making videos aliases request one-time entree to royalty-free euphony and sounds, much than likely, you don’t want to salary excessively overmuch for it. YouTube’s audio room is perfectly free to use, which intends keeping money successful your pocket.

Additionally, there’s a fearfulness of utilizing euphony aliases sounds successful a video and having it trigger copyright infringement. If it does, your video will go demonetized. However, because nan licence is free for YouTube’s audio library, you don’t person to interest astir copyright strikes arsenic agelong arsenic you springiness afloat in installments if required.

Take Advantage of YouTube’s Free Music and Sounds

YouTube’s audio room has a immense action of euphony and sounds. This makes it awesome for anyone who needs to adhd euphony aliases sounds to their YouTube videos aliases simply wants free euphony for their ain listening. Just make judge to enactment mindful of YouTube’s policies.

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