How to Update and Upgrade Linux on Your Chromebook

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Once you've group up a Linux situation connected your Chromebook, it's recommended that you update and upgrade nan installed Linux packages.

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Linux connected Chromebook gives you versatility and amended utility, particularly erstwhile utilizing Google and Linux apps. If you person a Chromebook and want to tally Linux via nan terminal, you tin update and upgrade your instrumentality to instal nan latest disposable updates.

It’s basal to update and upgrade your Chromebook regularly, truthful your instrumentality tin reap nan benefits of nan latest Google releases.

Here’s really you tin alteration Linux and update and upgrade your packages via nan Chromebook terminal:

How to Enable Linux connected Your Chromebook

The caller Chromebook laptops travel pre-configured and preloaded pinch Linux containers, which you tin move on/off depending connected your requirements. To move connected Linux, you must enable nan developer mode connected your Chromebook first.

Simply travel nan steps beneath to alteration Linux connected your Chromebook:

  1. Navigate to nan Settings icon via nan main paper and click connected nan Advanced sub-menu.
  2. Within nan Advanced section, click connected Developers.
  3. In nan Developers menu, click nan Turn On fastener successful nan Linux Development Environment section.
    Developers settings connected Chromebook
  4. On nan Set up Linux improvement environment screen, click connected Next.
    Setup Linux improvement surface connected Chromebook to instal Linux
  5. Enter your username. The username you group present will beryllium shown connected your terminal window. Subsequently, you tin moreover group up nan representation for your Linux instrumentality via nan Custom power fastener aliases spell pinch nan default value. Click Install erstwhile done.
    User sanction and representation settings connected Chromebook Linux installation
  6. Once you've group up nan container, nan installation begins. The process takes a small clip if it's your first clip mounting up nan Linux instrumentality connected your machine.
  7. Once nan setup is completed, nan terminal pops up immediately.

Chromebook's caller Linux interface tin beryllium a small confusing, but pinch nan correct inputs, you tin quickly get it up and moving successful nary time.

Access Penguin connected Chromebook

To proceed, you must entree nan Penguin terminal, particularly if you person enabled Linux and want to update and upgrade your Linux packages. You tin unfastened nan terminal pinch nan steps listed below:

  1. Navigate to nan main paper and click connected nan Linux app icon.
  2. Click connected nan Terminal icon.
    List of icons wrong nan paper connected a chromebook
  3. In nan resulting menu, you will spot a fewer options to alteration nan terminal settings and an action to motorboat Penguin. Click connected nan Penguin icon to occurrence up nan terminal.

Update and Upgrade Your Chromebook From nan Terminal

Once Linux is enabled and nan terminal model is group up, you tin update and upgrade Linux connected your Chromebook. Like connected immoderate different Debian-based distro, you tin usage nan update and upgrade commands connected your Chromebook.

To update your machine, use:

sudo apt update
Chromebook terminal codes to update disposable packages

Let nan update process complete. Once nan process runs successfully, you will beryllium prompted to upgrade your machine's disposable packages. Use nan apt upgrade bid to upgrade to nan latest package versions.

sudo apt upgrade -y
Chromebook terminal to upgrade disposable strategy packages

You tin moreover tally some commands together; Linux will update and upgrade nan packages. Use nan bid beneath to update and upgrade Linux astatine once:

sudo apt update && sudo apt upgrade -y

Once nan full rhythm runs successfully, it's clip to upgrade ChromeOS to nan latest release. You tin usage dist-upgrade for this purpose, arsenic follows:

sudo apt dist-upgrade -y
Upgrade ChromeOS via nan Chromebook terminal

Since Google releases regular updates for ChromeOS, this bid proves to beryllium rather helpful, particularly erstwhile you want to instal nan latest disposable release.

Check nan OS Version After nan Upgrade

Post an OS upgrade, you tin cheque if your strategy upgraded successfully. To do so, simply run:

feline /etc/os-release
Chromebook terminal codification to cheque nan OS version

The type number is printed connected nan terminal screen, which you tin mention to for confirmation.

Update and Upgrade Linux connected Your Chromebook Easily

Linux's versatility arsenic an OS is clear, particularly erstwhile you tin run, download, and usage various packages connected ChromeOS. The full update and upgrade process is simple, easy to follow, and gets nan activity done.

After all, erstwhile dealing pinch 2 of nan champion OSes successful town, you will undoubtedly person simplicity pinch your update processes.

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