How to Stop Sharing Read Receipts for Texts on an iPhone

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Read receipts don't person to make you consciousness obligated to respond.

person sending an iMessage connected their iPhone

If you don't want personification to cognize if and erstwhile you've seen their message, you'll request to move disconnected publication receipts. Fortunately, Apple makes it easy to disable publication receipts successful iMessage. We'll show you precisely what you request to do connected your iPhone.

Turn Off iMessage Read Receipts for Everyone connected Your iPhone

In astir cases, you whitethorn want to move disconnected iMessage publication receipts wholly truthful cipher tin spot if you've publication their texts.

To move disconnected publication receipts connected an iPhone aliases iPad, spell to Settings > Messages and scroll down to Send Read Receipts. Toggle nan move disconnected to make judge that publication receipts are deactivated.

Apple's Messages app besides gives you nan action to move disconnected publication receipts for circumstantial conversations. So, if personification successful peculiar is bothering you astir not responding to texts quickly enough, you tin disable publication receipts for your iMessage thread pinch them.

Launch nan Messages app and unfastened a speech pinch nan individual you don't want to stock publication receipts with. If you don't person an existing conversation, you'll person to create 1 to entree this feature. Then, pat nan floor plan image astatine nan apical of nan surface and toggle disconnected Send Read Receipts.

Do retrieve that location are different ways to publication iMessage texts without alerting nan sender too disabling publication receipts. For instance, you tin spell offline earlier viewing nan messages aliases publication them from nan notification previews connected your iPhone's Lock Screen aliases Notification Center.

Maintain Your Privacy While Using iMessage

Although useful successful their ain way, publication receipts travel astatine a costs to privacy. Thankfully, Apple's Messages app makes it easy to move disconnected publication receipts for everybody aliases prime individuals sloppy of nan instrumentality you use. From now on, you don't person to interest astir responding to messages arsenic soon arsenic you've publication them.

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