How to Set an Alarm on Your Android Phone

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Learn really to group a caller siren connected Android phones and tablets pinch nan Google Clock app, nan Samsung Clock app, and by utilizing Google Assistant and Bixby.

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There's nary worse emotion than waking up precocious for an important gathering aliases sleeping successful for acold excessively long. Luckily, nan timepiece app that comes pre-installed connected your instrumentality has each nan features to guarantee you're ever connected time.

Let's look astatine really you tin toggle shape your Android instrumentality into an all-in-one siren clock!

Use Google's Clock App to Set an Alarm

The astir straightforward measurement of mounting a caller siren without downloading a third-party app is by utilizing nan timepiece app that comes pre-installed connected your device. Google's Clock app is usually nan default timepiece app connected astir Android devices. If you can't find it connected your device, you tin download it from Google Play Store.

Download: Clock

Launch Google's Clock app and travel nan steps beneath to group an alarm:

  1. You'll spot a bid of tabs successful nan paper astatine nan bottommost of nan screen. Choose Alarm and pat nan Plus (+) fastener to adhd an alarm.
  2. Use nan hr and infinitesimal sliders to group a clip for your caller alarm. Ensure you take nan correct AM aliases PM option.
  3. If you group caller alarms often and usage nan Android Clock app to negociate your day-to-day routine, we urge labeling your caller alarms pinch descriptive names, specified arsenic "Morning Workout" aliases "Meeting Reminder." To do so, pat connected nan Alarm name placeholder.
  4. By default, your caller siren will beryllium group to ringing nan adjacent time only. If you'd for illustration to create an siren that rings connected circumstantial days of nan week, pat Custom and prime nan days.
  5. The autochthonal Android Clock app offers a assortment of sounds for your alarm. To alteration your alarm's sound, pat Ringtone.
  6. Tap nan Tick icon to prevention your caller alarm.

Use Samsung's Clock App to Set an Alarm

If you person a Samsung Galaxy device, you tin usage Samsung's Clock app to group alarms, edit existing ones, and alteration Bixby briefing. Here's really you tin group an siren connected your Samsung:

  1. Open nan Clock app from your Apps screen.
  2. Tap nan Plus (+) fastener to adhd a caller alarm.
  3. Once you group a clip for your Alarm, customize nan siren settings according to your needs. Label your siren by tapping nan Alarm name placeholder.
  4. You tin besides take betwixt a one-time siren aliases a recurring alarm. Simply pat nan days you'd for illustration nan siren to repetition from nan weekday bar.
  5. If you're mounting an siren for an arena successful advance, you tin schedule it to ringing automatically by tapping nan Calendar icon.
  6. To alteration nan sound that plays erstwhile your siren rings, pat Ringtone. If you'd for illustration to commencement your mornings disconnected by waking up to your favourite songs, you tin set a Spotify playlist arsenic your siren connected your Android device.

Set an Alarm With Bixby aliases Google Assistant

If you're ever successful a rush, nan simplest measurement of mounting a caller siren is by asking Bixby aliases Google Assistant.

For Samsung devices, you tin activate Bixby by long-pressing your device's broadside fastener aliases by saying "Hi Bixby." Simply inquire Bixby to group a caller siren by saying commands like, "Set an siren for 7 AM tomorrow" aliases "Wake maine up successful 30 minutes."

If you've been moving precocious for activity each day, you tin besides inquire Bixby to group recurring alarms. All you request to do is opportunity thing like, "Wake maine up astatine 7 AM each weekday."

Along pinch creating and turning disconnected alarms, Bixby Briefing tin besides show you nan existent time, news, and upwind forecast while your siren rings. To alteration this feature, pat Bixby Alarm erstwhile choosing your alarm's ringtone.

To group an siren utilizing Google Assistant, aftermath it up by long-pressing your device's location fastener aliases saying "Hey Google" aliases "OK Google." Now, fto Google Assistant cognize nan clip of your siren by saying thing for illustration "Set an siren for 5 AM tomorrow." Similarly, you tin create a recurring siren by saying, "Set an siren for 7 AM each Friday."

The Days of Running Late Are Long Gone

If you're tired of starting your time successful a unreserved and missing important deadlines, utilizing nan Clock app to enactment connected way is simply a awesome idea. Android's Clock apps tin do a batch much than conscionable aftermath you up. Your Android device's timepiece app has a built-in stopwatch, a timer, and a world timepiece that allows you to spot nan clip anyplace connected Earth.

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