How to Disable the Yellow Flashing Light on Your Amazon Echo Device

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Is your Amazon Echo instrumentality flashing a yellowish light? Here's really to disable that irritating yellowish ray erstwhile and for all.

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If your Amazon Echo instrumentality is flashing yellow, you whitethorn beryllium confused astir why it is. There are a fewer reasons why your Echo is flashing a yellowish light, and there's a sure-fire measurement to extremity this from happening.

What Does a Flashing Yellow Light Mean connected an Echo?

Your Echo device's yellowish flashing ray tin bespeak 1 aliases much of nan following:

  • You person a missed telephone aliases unread connection from an Alexa contact.
  • You person an unchecked past reminder alert.
  • You person an unread Alexa app notification.
  • A merchandise you ordered connected Amazon has been shipped aliases delivered.
  • There's been an update connected nan Amazon return process for an point you've sent back.

Standard missed calls, SMS texts, aliases societal media DMs will not trigger a yellowish flash connected your Alexa device. Rather, a missed aliases unread connection from an Alexa interaction will origin this.

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An Alexa interaction is personification who besides owns an Echo device. If, for example, you and your friend some person an Echo instrumentality and your friend texts you via nan Alexa app, your Echo device's ringing ray will make a sound and flash yellow. Your Echo won't extremity flashing yellowish until nan connection has been publication wrong nan Alexa app.

The aforesaid goes for reminders. Only missed Alexa app reminders will origin a yellowish flashing light, not a reminder from immoderate different app.

If you don't person your telephone to hand, you tin inquire Alexa to show you what notifications you have. Something for illustration "Alexa, what are my notifications?" aliases "Alexa, publication maine my unread messages" will origin Alexa to pass you of what notifications you haven't checked yet. Once Alexa is done pinch this, nan yellowish flashing ray will stop.

Check retired our guideline connected what nan various Alexa ringing lights mean to study much astir Alexa's various ray modes.

How to Disable Your Echo's Yellow Flashing Light

If you find your Echo device's yellowish ray to beryllium irritating and person nary request to beryllium notified of things successful this way, you tin disable nan usability successful nan Alexa smartphone app via a fewer different methods.

There is nary "turn off" action for your connection (Alexa telephone and text) notifications, but location is simply a measurement you tin get astir them. Firstly, you tin move your Echo instrumentality connected Do Not Disturb mode. To do this, caput into your Alexa app and spell to Devices. Then, prime nan Echo instrumentality you want to alter.

Here, you'll spot a satellite awesome connected nan right-hand broadside of nan screen. If you pat this and nan icon turns purple, you now person Do Not Disturb mode enabled.

However, if you for illustration to person notifications for illustration Amazon bid updates while avoiding telephone and matter alerts, there's a solution. There is simply a measurement to extremity telephone and matter notifications while still keeping different notifications active.

You tin do this by altering your interaction entree successful your connection settings, meaning only your favourite contacts tin get successful touch pinch you via Alexa. Alexa will look astatine which contacts you telephone astir often connected your telephone and past group those numbers arsenic your favorites.

If you click connected immoderate of your favourite contacts successful your Alexa interaction database (which you tin entree via nan Communicate tab), you'll spot a Remove from Favorites option.

By simply tapping connected this, nan interaction successful mobility will beryllium removed from your favorites. By removing each contacts from your favorites and having constricted connection settings enabled, nary 1 will beryllium capable to interaction you via nan Alexa app, meaning you won't get immoderate yellowish flashing lights for calls aliases texts.

To disable Amazon shopping notifications, unfastened your Alexa app, and caput to More > Settings > Notifications > Amazon Shopping.

Here, you tin toggle notifications for transportation and return updates connected aliases off. You tin besides alteration aliases disable alerts for woody recommendations, reorder recommendations, reappraisal requests, and answers to merchandise questions.

To disable reminder notifications, you're amended disconnected not mounting Alexa reminders. After all, nan intent of a reminder is to punctual you of something, and Alexa cannot do this if it cannot alert you.

However, you tin caput to More > Settings > Device settings > Reminders to customize your reminder notification settings. For instance, you tin group nan alert volume, disable reminder matter messages, aliases disable reminder follow-ups.

Your Echo's Yellow Light Doesn't Need to Be a Nuisance

It's irritating to person your Echo's ray flashing successful nan area of your eye, but this doesn't person to beryllium a imperishable issue. Using a fewer different methods and tweaks, you tin guarantee your Echo's yellowish ray stops flashing for good.

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