How to Create and Remove Directories in the Linux Terminal

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Directories are basal to your Linux OS, arsenic they incorporate files you mightiness usage regularly aliases your strategy needs to usability correctly. While location is ever an action to create folders manually utilizing a record manager, galore precocious users mightiness for illustration utilizing a terminal model to create and navigate done files and folders connected their machines.

If you are a Linux aficionado and want to maestro creating and managing directories from nan bid line, here's what you request to know.

How to Create a Directory With nan Command Line

The mkdir bid holds nan cardinal to each your directory creation tasks. You tin create azygous and aggregate directories wrong nan terminal pinch 1 statement of code. Here's really nan mkdir bid connected Linux works:

1. Create a Single Directory connected Linux

Here's really you tin usage nan mkdir usability to create a azygous directory:

mkdir [option] <directory name>

For example, if you want to create a caller directory, you tin usage nan pursuing command:

mkdir MUO

The supra bid creates a caller MUO directory wrong nan existent location. To navigate to nan MUO directory via nan bid line, you tin past usage nan cd command:

cd ./MUO
Linux terminal commands showing nan usage of nan mkdir command

The cd bid is simply a highly elastic measurement to alteration directories wrong nan Linux terminal.

2. Create Multiple Directories connected Linux

The mkdir usability is versatile, allowing you to create aggregate directories pinch a azygous command. For example, to create aggregate folders via nan bid line, usage nan codification below:

mkdir <directory name1><directory name2><directory name3>....<directory name_n>

To create 3 folders, here's really you tin usage nan mkdir command:

mkdir MUO_sample1 MUO_sample2 MUO_sample3

Once you tally nan supra command, nan programme creates 3 directories: MUO_sample1, MUO_sample2, and MUO_sample3. You tin tally nan ls bid to database nan recently created directories.

Ubuntu terminal model pinch codification snippets to create aggregate directories

The Linux directory building is intricate, truthful it's ever champion to familiarize yourself pinch genitor and kid directories to debar unnecessary roadblocks.

3. Create Directories Directly

As a Linux user, you tin create a directory straight astatine nan desired location. You don't request to navigate to nan location aliases usage nan mkdir usability wrong nan terminal.

All you request to do is caput complete to nan folder/location wherever you want to create a caller directory/folder and right-click.

From nan database menu, click connected nan New Folder option.

Linux Ubuntu desktop driblet down menu

Once you spot a caller files icon, you tin rename nan files to a sanction of your choice.

New files icon pinch a naming action connected Ubuntu desktop

Rest assured, if you want to cheque nan directory position from nan terminal window, you tin still usage nan cd bid to navigate to nan circumstantial location and tally nan ls bid to database nan contents.

mkdir Options

You tin usage a fewer options pinch nan mkdir command, which helps you heighten nan existing inferior of nan command. You tin usage nan commands listed below:

1. -p aliases -parents: The -p bid is adjuvant erstwhile creating a genitor directory and subdirectory together. If nan specified genitor directory exists already, it automatically creates nan subdirectory.

mkdir -p MUO/MUO_CHILD
Ubuntu terminal model pinch codification snippets to crate a genitor directory

2. -v aliases -verbose: The -v bid adds verbose messages to each directory created.

mkdir - v file1 file2
Terminal bid to adhd verbose to a directory

3. --version: The --version commands people nan type specifications of nan license.

mkdir --version
Ubuntu terminal to cheque Linux directory version

Delete Empty and Non-Empty Linux Directories

Finally, erstwhile you person created directories connected your Linux OS, you mightiness want to region nan ones you nary longer need. You tin delete nan directories connected your Linux OS successful 2 ways:

  • rm
  • rmdir

Let's talk some these methods successful detail:

1. Using nan rm Command

If you want to delete quiet and non-empty directories, you tin usage nan rm bid arsenic follows:

1. Check nan Directory’s Contents

Before deleting nan directory, you should cheque its contents. To do so, navigate to nan directory's location pinch nan cd command.

cd ./MUO

In nan illustration above, MUO is simply a directory connected nan Ubuntu Desktop.

2. List nan Directory’s Contents

Once you are successful nan directory's location, usage nan use nan ls bid to database nan directory's contents.

Terminal codification snippets showing really to database nan directory's contents successful Ubuntu

The bid lists each nan directory's contents. You will spot a database of each nan files stored wrong this directory connected your screen.

3. Delete a Directory via nan Terminal

Type successful nan rm command, followed by nan different commands and nan directory sanction you want to delete.

rm -option <directory name>

You tin usage nan ls bid again to corroborate nan directory is nary longer available.

Here are immoderate of nan astir commonly utilized options pinch nan rm command:

  1. -f: Forcefully region nan files and folders from nan directory
  2. -i: Asks for permissions earlier deleting a directory
  3. -r: Removes directories and nan stored files recursively
  4. -d: Removes an quiet directory

You tin moreover region aggregate directories successful 1 go. For example, erstwhile you want to region directories MUO_sample1, MUO_sample2, and MUO_sample3 pinch 1 command, here's really you tin do it:

rm -d MUO_sample1 MUO_sample2 MUO_sample3
 Ubuntu terminal model pinch codification snippets to region aggregate directories

There is an alternate method you tin usage to delete quiet directories. You tin usage nan rmdir bid to region nan directory quickly, arsenic follows:

rmdir <directory name>

To region nan MUO3 directory erstwhile it does not person immoderate files/subdirectories successful it, you tin usage nan rmdir bid arsenic below:

rmdir MUO3

However, if nan directory isn't empty, you will get an correction connection whenever you effort to delete nan directory pinch nan rmdir command.

rmdir correction connection wrong nan Ubuntu terminal

Use nan rm and rmdir commands carefully, arsenic nan deleted directories can't beryllium retrieved.

4. Delete a Directory Directly

The measurement you create a directory, you tin moreover delete nan directory/folder directly. Select nan directory you want to delete and property nan Delete fastener connected your keyboard. Ensure you cheque nan directory's contents earlier deleting it, arsenic nan effect is imperishable via this method.

Working With Linux Directories Effortlessly

Directories shape a important portion of your files and files structures wrong Linux. Like immoderate different OS, creating and deleting directories is reasonably easy connected Linux, particularly erstwhile you want to activity seamlessly from wrong nan terminal window.

To make nan astir of your experience, you tin usage nan supra commands, and successful a fewer easy steps, you tin quickly execute nan task astatine hand.

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