How to Become an Amazon Affiliate: A Step-by-Step Walkthrough

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Learning really to go an Amazon connection will let you to beforehand your favourite products. You tin stock these connection links connected societal media, podcasts, blogs, websites, and respective different platforms.

Each clip you make a sale, you will besides gain a mini committee successful nan process. Keep reference for a step-by-step walkthrough to signing up for Amazon connection marketing.

1. Basic Sign-Up Procedures for Amazon Associates

The first measurement connected your way to becoming an Amazon connection is to motion up for Amazon Associates. Follow these instructions to do that:

  1. Go to nan Amazon Associates website.
  2. On nan location screen, you’ll spot a yellow Sign up button. Click connected it.
    The Sign Up Button for Amazon Associates
  3. Choose nan reside and personification you want Amazon to salary (which, successful this case, will beryllium you). You’ll request to participate your name, telephone number, and location aliases business address.
    Enter your individual specifications erstwhile signing up for an Amazon Associates account
  4. Tap Next aft adding this information.

Once you’ve group up your account, you tin commencement reasoning astir reliable ways to gain connected Amazon. You tin cheque retired that guideline aft you’ve vanished reference this one.

2. Continue Your Sign-Up Process

Before you’re fresh to get started pinch Amazon connection marketing, you’ll request to adhd immoderate different basal bits of information.

Adding Websites and Mobile Apps

You’ll request to show Amazon wherever you scheme to stock nan links you create pinch your Amazon Associates account. After entering your first bits of information, you will spot a conception titled Your Websites and Mobile Apps connected nan adjacent page.

In nan boxes, adhd immoderate websites aliases societal media accounts wherever you scheme to usage Amazon connection links. You can, for example, usage these links arsenic 1 of nan ways to make money pinch your website. But if you person thing for illustration a YouTube channel, you tin participate that alternatively (or successful summation to thing else).

Before commencing, you must adhd astatine slightest 1 link. Select Next erstwhile you’ve added that link, and corroborate whether your website is aimed astatine minors aliases not.

Add Websites to Your Amazon Associates Account

Building Out Your Amazon Associates Profile

Before you complete your Amazon Associates application, you’ll request to create a profile. The astir important areas to see connected nan adjacent page are:

  • The type of contented you create.
  • The type of website you run.

You’ll besides request to prime a shop ID, participate nan CAPTCHA that you see, and show Amazon really you heard astir nan connection program.

Design Your Profile successful Amazon Associates

Once you’ve filled retired this page, you’ll *almost* beryllium fresh to commencement promoting Amazon products. If your contented is appropriate, you shouldn’t person immoderate problems getting accepted into nan program.

3. Entering Your Payment Information

Of course, it’s rather pointless signing up for Amazon Associates if you don’t participate a costs method to person commissions. Here’s really to adhd a costs action to your account:

  1. Sign into your Amazon Associates account, click connected your email address, and past prime Account Settings.
  2. Under Payment and Tax Information, take Change Payment Method.
    Account Settings Page and Selection successful Amazon Associates
  3. Select Bank relationship > Add a caller bank relationship and participate your details.
    Add a Bank Account successful Your Amazon Associates Account

After submitting your costs information, it’s besides a bully thought to update your taxation details. You tin do that by going to Account Settings > Payment and Tax Information > View/Provide Tax Information.

Sometimes, nan Amazon Associates website tin beryllium rather unresponsive. You tin effort refreshing your browser aliases trying a caller one, but it should commencement moving again earlier excessively long.

Once you’ve successfully signed up for Amazon Associates, you’re fresh to commencement recommending your favourite products to others. To do that, you will request to create and administer connection links.

You tin create 3 types of connection links:

  • Text
  • Text + Image
  • Image

Below, you’ll find nan instructions for creating and sharing connection links connected Amazon Associates.

  1. Go to Amazon and motion into nan aforesaid relationship associated pinch your connection profile.
  2. Search for nan merchandise you’d for illustration to urge and click connected it.
    Search Result for a Product to Recommend connected Amazon
  3. At nan apical of nan screen, you should spot a SiteStripe banner. Expand this to take nan type of connection nexus you’d for illustration to share.
    The SiteStripe Banner connected Amazon
  4. Copy and paste nan nexus aliases codification for nan product. Then, spell to your website and stock it connected nan due page.

If you’ve joined Amazon Associates because you want to motorboat an online business, see checking retired our top tips for succeeding arsenic an online business.

5. Viewing Your Analytics

Analyzing which products are trading nan astir is basal for anyone who wants to beryllium a successful semipermanent Amazon affiliate. Fortunately, viewing your analytics is rather easy.

You tin position your 30-day analytics by scrolling down connected nan homepage. Here, you’ll find a chart outlining full clicks, earnings, and more.

Analytics for Amazon Associates

Amazon Affiliate Program Requirements

Once you’ve learned really to go an Amazon connection and signed up for an account, you must comply pinch immoderate basal requirements.

Minimum Sales

When you motion up for Amazon Associates, you request to make astatine slightest 3 income successful 180 days for your relationship to stay active. If you don’t meet this threshold, Amazon will apt adjacent your connection account.

While accepted proposal will show you to hold until you person an assemblage earlier signing up, it’s really a bully thought to motion up arsenic soon arsenic you commencement whichever task you’re commencing with. You'll study overmuch much quickly astir connection trading by having real-world experience.

The income deadline serves arsenic information to beforehand efficaciously and build marque loyalty early on. Even if your relationship gets closed for not reaching nan income threshold, you tin still motion up for different relationship later. So, nan consequence is minimal.

When you stock connection links, you must adhd a disclaimer wherever you put them. For example, connected my ain website, I commencement my blog posts pinch nan following:

*This article contains connection links. If you acquisition from them, I whitethorn gain a mini committee astatine nary further costs to you.

You should besides mention that you’re a subordinate successful nan Amazon Associates programme connected nan footer of your website. Furthermore, mentioning that you’re an Amazon connection successful your privateness argumentation is besides a smart idea.

Maximize Your Earnings By Becoming an Amazon Affiliate

Now that you cognize really to go an Amazon affiliate, you’ve sewage nan basal accusation you request to motion up for an account.

You’re besides successful a amended position to create and stock engaging links, on pinch knowing nan Amazon connection programme requirements you must adhere to. So, why not create your ain relationship and statesman nan learning process?

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