How to Add or Replace Objects in Your Photos Using Luminar Neo's GenSwap AI Tool

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Key Takeaways

  • Luminar Neo's GenSwap instrumentality allows photographers to easy switch aliases adhd objects successful their photos for cleanable compositions.
  • GenSwap is portion of Luminar Neo's 2nd generative AI tool, released successful November 2023.
  • Users tin update to nan latest type of Luminar Neo to entree nan GenSwap tool, unfastened their photos successful nan catalog, and usage nan GenSwap toolbar to brushwood complete nan area to switch aliases adhd objects successful nary time.

Using Luminar Neo’s latest generative AI feature, GenSwap, photographers tin easy switch aliases adhd objects successful their photos for cleanable compositions. Keep reference to study really to usage GenSwap for effortless imaginative power of your images.

On November 16th, 2023, Luminar Neo—Skylum’s AI photo-editing software—released its 2nd generative AI tool, GenSwap.

While Luminar Neo’s attraction is photograph editing pinch an AI twist, it only ventured into generative AI devices successful October 2023 erstwhile it announced nan AI GenErase instrumentality for removing photograph distractions. GenErase allows photographers to region distracting elements successful different beautiful photos; GenSwap has arrived for you to switch aliases adhd elements pinch better-fitting choices.

GenSwap is nan 2nd of 3 generative AI devices Luminar Neo is adding to its package successful 2023. The 3rd generative AI tool, GenExpand, is owed successful December 2023, and it will compete against Photoshop's Generative Expand and Canva's Magic Expand tools.

How to Use GenSwap successful Luminar Neo

GenSwap is an easy-to-use instrumentality pinch a adjuvant toolbar, and nan results are precocious quality. Find retired really to usage GenSwap to adhd aliases switch elements successful your photos below.

Step 1: Update to Luminar Neo 1.16.0

Luminar Neo Check for Updates Menu

To get nan latest update, you should subscribe to Luminar Neo from nan assortment of subscription plans connected offer. For caller users, caput to Luminar Neo’s subscription page to find nan tier level that suits you. Prices commencement from $14.95 for 1 month.

If you’re already a Luminar Neo subscriber, you tin update to nan latest type from nan installed software.

To update, unfastened Luminar Neo and navigate to Luminar Neo > Check for Updates. Install nan update from nan popup window. Once installed, adjacent nan Luminar Neo exertion and re-open it to uncover nan GenSwap instrumentality and different updated assets.

Step 2: Open Your Photos successful nan Catalog

Luminar Neo Photo Catalog

If you already person photos uploaded to your Catalog that you’d for illustration to use, select All Photos and find nan photograph you wish to edit pinch GenSwap.

To upload caller photos, prime Catalog astatine nan apical and past Add Photos successful nan near menu. Find and take your photos, past prime Add to import them to your Luminar Neo Catalog.

In nan Catalog window, prime nan photograph you wish to edit. You tin only edit 1 photograph astatine a clip utilizing nan GenSwap feature.

Step 3: Open GenSwap

Luminar Neo GenSwap pinch Toolbar

You tin entree Luminar Neo’s generative AI devices straight from nan photograph Catalog alternatively than nan presets aliases edit windows. After updating, GenSwap will look nether Generative Tools on nan correct broadside of nan Catalog page; prime it.

Your image will unfastened successful nan GenSwap page and nether it is nan GenSwap toolbar. The toolbar contains nan title of nan instrumentality you’re utilizing (not to beryllium confused pinch nan different generative AI tools), undo and redo buttons, a preview viewer, zoom options, prime and deselect buttons, a brushwood size slider, a reset button, and yet nan magic Swap button.

Step 4: Brush Over nan Area to Replace aliases Add

Luminar Neo GenSwap Mask Brush

By default, nan masking brushwood will look for nan GenSwap tool. Use nan size slider to find really large aliases mini your brushwood should be, past brushwood complete nan area you wish to switch aliases adhd an wholly caller entity to.

If you’re replacing an existing constituent successful your photo, disguise complete each parts of it including shadows and reflections. Include a buffer area astir nan separator of nan existing element, too.

To adhd a caller element, brushwood a generic style aliases area wherever you want nan entity to appear.

Refining GenSwap Mask successful Luminar Neo

If needed, refine your action by selecting Deselect to fundamentally move nan brushwood into an eraser. Then deselect—or erase—parts of nan disguise to refine its shape.

Step 5: Write Your Prompt

Luminar Neo GenSwap Text Prompt Box

After nan brushwood disguise is painted, nan GenSwap punctual container will appear. In this box, usage adjectives and nouns for your descriptive prompt. There’s nary request for meta verbs for illustration “add,” “generate,” “replace,” aliases “create.”

Your punctual tin beryllium up to 256 characters long, truthful beryllium arsenic elaborate arsenic you for illustration and make your punctual arsenic clear arsenic possible.

Step 6: Select Swap

Luminar Neo pinch Photo of Mountains and Snow pinch a Skiier

The last measurement for your generative image is to prime Swap connected nan GenSwap toolbar. Luminar Neo takes a mates of minutes to process your request, and you should guarantee a coagulated net relationship to complete nan GenSwap AI task.

Once your caller image is generated, you tin usage Preview connected nan toolbar to position aliases hide nan generative summation to spot nan original image versus nan caller result.

If you don’t for illustration nan result, deed Swap again to regenerate from nan aforesaid prompt. Alternatively, rewrite nan punctual aliases refine your action area for an replacement image.

Luminar Neo GenSwap Results

When you’re happy pinch your generative image creation, prime Save successful nan apical correct of nan screen. You tin past proceed to make nan astir of Luminar Neo pinch its different editing tools.

Create nan Perfect Composition With GenSwap

Skylum’s Luminar Neo package is famed for its usage of AI tools, and generative AI devices are nan latest successful its AI evolution. Not only is GenSwap easy to entree and use, but it besides produces high-quality, clear results that lucifer your photo.

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