How Droughts in Mexico Could Shape the Future of the Beer Industry

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Brewers and different dense h2o users person landed astatine the halfway of the clime combat successful Mexico arsenic the authorities and manufacture face h2o shortages successful the north.

Mexican brewers sold much than $5 cardinal worthy of brew overseas past year, making Mexico the apical planetary exporter of the beverage, according to the World Bank.
Credit...Cesar Rodriguez for The New York Times

By David Shortell and Lorena Ríos

Nov. 13, 2022Updated 10:41 a.m. ET

As bluish Mexico this twelvemonth endured 1 of its worst droughts successful decades, brewers dotting the parched scenery guzzled immense quantities of water, pumping retired nationalist favorites similar Corona and Tecate that helped marque the state the world’s largest exporter of beer.

At the imposing ceramic Heineken works successful the metropolis of Monterrey, the pipes ne'er stopped flowing, adjacent arsenic fights broke retired astatine lines for authorities h2o trucks and arsenic parasites dispersed among children who missed regular baths.

The h2o successful Blanca Guzmán’s vicinity had been retired for days erstwhile she decided to protest, joining a radical of activists successful July to artifact the entranceway to Heineken’s office.

“You’d unfastened the pat and determination wouldn’t beryllium a driblet of water,” she said. The brewing factories, though, “they produced and produced and produced.”

As droughts go much predominant and terrible astir the world, brewers and different dense concern h2o users person landed astatine the halfway of the clime combat successful Mexico, with activists starring a question to reclaim resources from corporations that has gained designation astatine the highest levels of government.

Even the committedness of jobs and economical improvement is wearing bladed arsenic utmost upwind events enactment the disparity successful entree to h2o betwixt backstage manufacture and households connected wide display, forcing immoderate of the biggest planetary brands onto unsure footing.


Credit...Cesar Rodriguez for The New York Times

Brewers successful peculiar person go a people for activists, fixed the industry’s beingness successful the drought-prone north.

Heineken, Anheuser-Busch InBev and Constellation Brands each run ample plants successful bluish states that capitalize connected proximity to consumers successful the United States, wherever the astir fashionable imported beers by acold are Mexican. Overall, Mexican brewers sold much than $5 cardinal worthy of brew overseas past year, making Mexico the apical planetary exporter of the beverage, according to the World Bank.

Yet successful July, 8 of Mexico’s 32 states experienced mean to utmost drought, resulting successful much than fractional of its 2,463 municipalities confronting h2o shortages, according to the National Water Commission.

In response, President Andrés Manuel López Obrador of Mexico said successful August that helium would extremity brew accumulation successful the north, wherever the bulk of the manufacture operates, and nonstop it to the much water-rich south.

“This is not to accidental we’re not going to nutrient immoderate much beer,” helium said during a quality conference. “It’s to accidental we’re not going to nutrient brew successful the north. That’s over.”

Mr. López Obrador has yet to travel done connected the threat, and manufacture insiders accidental that truthful far, brew accumulation successful the northbound has been unaffected by his comments. But the president’s presumption reflects a wide situation to the billion-dollar business, which uses bonzer amounts of h2o astatine a infinitesimal erstwhile the effects of clime alteration are being felt astir acutely.


Credit...Cesar Rodriguez for The New York Times

To marque brew — astir 2 and a fractional liters of h2o are needed to nutrient 1 liter successful Mexico — brewers present bargain rights to summation entree to h2o from the national authorities successful deals that tin past for decades.

Heineken’s h2o licence successful Nuevo León state, wherever Monterrey is, amounts to astir six cardinal cubic meters a year, according to Samuel García, the governor. The aquifers that the works draws from are abstracted from the municipal supply, which relies mostly connected 3 dams.

U. S.




Detail area


Nuevo León

Gulf of Mexico



Mexico City

200 miles

That mostly allowed the institution to debar the aforesaid destiny arsenic the metropolis this summer, erstwhile the deficiency of rainfall acceptable records, dwindling the dams’ supplies, said Salvador Corrales, a prof astatine Monterrey’s College of the Northern Border who has studied Heineken’s section h2o usage.

As the situation worsened, the authorities began to publically unit backstage companies with important h2o rights to cede immoderate of their allotment to the city.

Around the aforesaid time, Mr. García said that Heineken was utilizing lone astir two-thirds of its permitted h2o and demanded the institution nonstop the surplus to the state. Heineken agreed to a impermanent transportation of 600,000 cubic meters, successful summation to a transportation from its wells adjacent to astir 20 percent of the brewery’s consumption.

The brewer besides filled 5 tankers with cleanable h2o each week for organisation to section communities and donated a good worthy $1 cardinal to the city, according to the company.

Several different companies besides agreed to divert immoderate of their reserves, including the alloy elephantine Ternium, 1 of the largest holders of manufacture concessions successful the state, and a large Coca-Cola bottler.


Credit...Cesar Rodriguez for The New York Times

Nearly 5 percent of Mexico’s h2o is consumed by concern users, according to the National Water Commission, a tiny but important information of the proviso successful a state that has agelong grappled with h2o scarcity.

As the national authorities has assigned h2o permits to concern users, h2o rights activists argue, it has failed to adequately see the section situation and the effect the concession could person connected h2o entree for households.

“Giving retired concessions based connected marketplace criteria has created these problems,” said Iván Martínez Zazueta, a doctoral pupil successful geography who has advocated against the enlargement of the brew manufacture successful the borderline metropolis of Mexicali. Mr. Martínez has called for improvements to however the effects of a concession are measured earlier it is authorized.

Sustainability practices enactment successful spot by the companies successful caller years person allowed Mexican brewers to marque brew with little h2o than the planetary average, and the manufacture employs hundreds of thousands of workers crossed farming and bottling jobs, according to Brewers of Mexico, a commercialized association.

But arsenic the breweries continued accumulation mostly unabated this summertime contempt the drought, that bully volition was tested, arsenic accounts dispersed of stores sold retired of h2o but inactive stocked with brew and soda.

Manufacturers accrued their output by astir 5 percent successful the archetypal 8 months of 2022 compared with past year, according to a caller study by Brewers of Mexico.


Credit...Cesar Rodriguez for The New York Times

Supporters of the breweries are speedy to telephone targeting of the industry’s h2o usage misdirected. Mexico’s agriculture assemblage is liable for the usage of immoderate 76 percent of the country’s h2o supply, according to the National Water Commission. The brew industry, according to José Luis Luege, a erstwhile National Water Commission chief, takes up astir conscionable .02 percent.

“It was 1 of those declarations that the president makes successful the greeting that is wholly disconnected base, but that generates existent harm to the economy,” helium said, referring to Mr. López Obrador’s vow to extremity brewing successful the north.

It is not definite however the existent medication could travel done connected the pledge. While the national h2o authorization is capable to revoke the existent contracts with the brewers, the determination would astir apt beryllium met with ineligible challenges. Instead, manufacture analysts predicted the comments could mean that the authorities would garbage to contented aboriginal contracts to brewers successful the north.

A spokeswoman for the National Water Commission did not respond to a petition for comment.

There are signs, however, that the medication is moving to soften its stance toward concern h2o access. Last month, the authoritative successful complaint of issuing h2o concessions astatine the National Water Commission, a longtime h2o rights activistic who was said to beryllium holding up the contracting process, was fired. The bureau said the determination was made to “accelerate” an effort to trim backlogs.

Still, Mr. López Obrador has shown that helium is susceptible of drastic enactment to blunt the maturation of the north’s brewing industry.


Credit...Cesar Rodriguez for The New York Times

In 2020, arsenic operation was already underway connected a Constellation Brands brewery successful Mexicali, Mr. López Obrador abruptly called for a referendum amid a backlash to its imaginable h2o use.

The determination came successful effect to years of protests organized by h2o rights activists, who said the Corona works would instrumentality up excessively overmuch of the region’s constricted h2o supply.

Voters yet killed the project. The brewer has since announced plans to physique the works successful the confederate authorities of Veracruz.

If the remainder of the manufacture is forced to travel suit and determination south, accumulation could beryllium affected. Analysts accidental the southbound of Mexico is sick equipped to big the sprawling industry.

From a deficiency of entree to railroad transportation, to a smaller labour force, “the southbound of the state doesn’t person the infrastructure that the northbound has,” said Raúl Rodríguez, a erstwhile Modelo enforcement whose organization, the Water Advisory Council, works with brewers and the government.

In Monterrey, a consciousness of normalcy is returning aft September rains started to replenish the city’s h2o supply. Over the weekend, the accepted parties astatine the Rodrigo Gómez Dam extracurricular the metropolis were back, but reminders of the impending adust play persist.

A authorities run played implicit the vigor informing radical that “if we privation h2o forever,” they should trim and reuse their intake, and support their showers abbreviated — to nary much than 3 minutes.


Credit...Cesar Rodriguez for The New York Times

César Rodríguez contributed reporting from Monterrey, Mexico.