How to Boot Into Safe Mode on Windows 10 the Easy Way

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Safe Boot tin thief you diagnose and hole problems pinch Windows, your drivers, aliases immoderate other programs you person installed.

The Ctrl+Alt+Delete paper connected a Windows laptop. Hannah Stryker / How-To Geek

Key Takeaways

  • To footwear into Safe Mode connected Windows 10, Shift-click "Restart" successful nan Start paper aliases sign-in screen, past navigate to Troubleshoot > Advanced Options > Startup Settings and restart your PC.
  • The Troubleshoot surface tin besides beryllium accessed by restarting your PC from nan Settings App's Recovery window.
  • Use nan System Configuration instrumentality successful Windows to alteration a "safe boot" option, which forces Windows to footwear into Safe Mode each clip you restart your PC. Disable nan action to commencement Windows usually again.

One of nan astir communal steps erstwhile troubleshooting a PC is to footwear into Safe Mode. For a agelong clip this has been achieved by pressing nan F8 key, this each changes pinch Windows 10 and its Automatic Repair mode. But what if we want Safe Mode?

How to Access nan Recovery Environment astatine Startup

If you mash nan F8 cardinal astatine conscionable nan correct clip (or get fortunate spamming nan cardinal during footwear up), Windows mightiness still return you to a surface that lets you get into nan betterment environment. From there, you tin footwear into Safe Mode (and we'll talk astir that situation a spot later). The problem is that immoderate machine manufacturers disable this option. And moreover connected PCs that still support it, Windows startup (and peculiarly nan handoff betwixt nan regular footwear process and Windows startup) happens truthful overmuch faster now, you hardly person clip to property nan key.

There is simply a much reliable measurement to get into Safe Mode, aliases nan Advanced Recovery Menu, connected Windows 10 and Windows 11. The process is conscionable a sorta hidden.

Most of nan ways you entree Safe Mode impact getting into nan Windows betterment situation first. The betterment situation includes a number of troubleshooting options, and Safe Mode is 1 of them. How you get location depends connected whether your PC tin commencement Windows usually aliases not.

If Your PC Can Start Windows Normally

The Windows 10 lockscreen pinch nan Power Button and

If your PC tin successfully get to nan Windows login surface erstwhile you commencement it up (or you tin really motion into Windows), nan easiest measurement to get to nan betterment situation is to clasp down nan Shift cardinal while clicking Restart (either correct connected nan motion successful surface aliases from nan Start menu).

The Windows 10 Start Menu

You tin besides get to nan betterment situation done your Settings app. Press Windows+I to unfastened Settings, and past click nan "Update & Security" option.

The Windows 10 Settings app scrolled to nan bottommost of nan list.

In nan near pane, move to nan "Recovery" tab. In nan correct pane, scroll down a bit, and past click nan "Restart Now" fastener successful nan "Advanced Startup" section.

The Recovery information of nan WIndows Settings app. The

Using either of these methods (Shift+Restart aliases nan Settings app) takes you to nan betterment environment, which we'll talk conscionable a spot later successful our conception connected nan 2nd measurement of this process.

If Your PC Cannot Start Windows Normally

If your PC won't commencement Windows usually doubly successful a row, it should automatically coming you pinch a "Recovery" action that lets you spot precocious repair options.

Click "SeeAnced Repair Options."

We're talking present specifically astir if your PC is capable to powerfulness connected and successfully tally done its hardware initialization, but past cannot load Windows successfully. If your PC is having problem moreover getting to nan shape wherever Windows loads, cheque retired our guideline connected what to do erstwhile Windows won't start for much help.

If your PC does not coming you pinch this screen, you tin effort starting your PC from a USB betterment drive. It's champion if you've made 1 up of time, but successful a pinch, you tin create 1 from different PC moving nan aforesaid type of Windows.

It's besides imaginable that you tin mash nan F8 cardinal during footwear (but earlier Windows starts trying to load) to entree these screens. Some PC manufacturers disable this action, and connected immoderate PCs, startup is accelerated capable that it's difficult to deed nan cardinal astatine nan correct time. But, there's nary harm successful trying.

Whichever measurement you get into nan betterment environment, you'll person entree to nan precocious troubleshooting devices intended for helping you retrieve a PC that won't commencement normally. Safe Mode is included successful those tools.

Step Two: Use nan Advanced Troubleshooting Tools to Start Safe Mode

When you get to nan precocious troubleshooting devices (whether that's by utilizing nan Shift+Restart trick, mashing nan F8 key, aliases utilizing a betterment drive), you'll get astatine a surface that lets you entree nan troubleshooting tools. Click nan "Troubleshoot" fastener to proceed.

Click "Troubleshoot."

On nan "Troubleshoot" screen, click nan "Advanced Options" button.

Click "Advanced Options."

On nan "Advanced Options" page, click nan Startup Settings" option. In Windows 8, this action is labelled "Windows Startup Settings" instead.

Select "Startup Settings" to usage Safe Boot.

And finally, now that you spot what we meant by "hidden," deed nan "Restart" button.

Restart your PC by clicking "Restart."

You'll spot a type of nan acquainted Advanced Boot Options menu. Press nan number corresponding to nan startup action you want to usage (i.e., property nan 4 cardinal for regular Safe Mode).

Numbered Startup Setting options connected a Windows 10 PC.

Yes, it's a convoluted measurement to get to Safe Mode, and these options are overmuch much hidden than they were successful nan past. But, astatine slightest they're still available.

Alternative Option: Force Windows to Start successful Safe Mode Until You Tell It Not To

Sometimes, you'll beryllium troubleshooting thing that requires you to footwear into Safe Mode respective times. Going done nan full process we've conscionable outlined gets to beryllium a existent symptom if you person to do it each clip you restart your PC. Fortunately, there's a amended way, and it useful connected Windows 10 aliases Windows 11.

The System Configuration instrumentality built into Windows gives you nan expertise to alteration a "safe boot" option. This fundamentally forces Windows to footwear into Safe Mode each clip you restart your PC. To commencement Windows usually again, you person to spell backmost into nan System Configuration instrumentality and disable nan option.


You tin moreover take nan type of Safe Mode into which you want Windows to start:

  • Minimal: normal Safe Mode
  • Alternate shell: Safe Mode utilizing only nan Command Prompt
  • Active Directory repair: Used only for repairing an Active Directory server
  • Network: Safe Mode pinch networking support.

This replacement method provides a awesome measurement to footwear into Safe Mode many times erstwhile you request to, but you mightiness besides find it quicker than booting into Safe Mode utilizing 1 of nan much accepted methods we've discussed — moreover if you only request to sojourn Safe Mode once. Be judge to cheque retired our afloat guideline connected how to unit Windows to footwear into Safe Mode for much information.It's worthy noting that if you want to exit Safe Mode, you're going to request to spell backmost into MS Config and region nan checkbox and past restar

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