Home Affairs Ministry Clarifies Objection to Depok's Religious City Policy

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TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - Makmur Marbun, the Home Affairs Ministry’s director of regional legal products, stated that the regional bill (Raperda) on the religious city of Depok is rejected by the West Java Provincial Government, not the ministry.

“The ministry is not in charged of facilitating city regulations,” said Makmur to Tempo on Monday, October 3, 2022.

He recalled that when the West Java government voiced objection to the bill, the Depok administration consulted with the Home Affairs Ministry for asking the truth behind the refusal.

“West Java Governor said there are articles in the bill that is the absolute authority of the central government. The Depok government then consulted with the ministry informally and my staffers conveyed what’s been said by the West Java government,” said Makmur, adding that the city mayor received different information.

Depok Mayor Mohammad Idris said the bill on the religious city was not approved by the Home Affairs Ministry.

“It has been approved by the council, but not ratified by the Ministry of Home Affairs, the Governor also does not support it, so it stagnates at the ministry. We do not regulate that people should wear headscarves or arrange prayers, but it is about religious harmony, peace, cohesiveness, and tolerance,” Idris asserted as quoted from his personal site.

Idris said the regulation is aimed at accommodating a number of needs in the community regarding religion, one of which is for budgeting for spiritual guides.

“With the regional regulation, Depok can arrange direct spending at the Development Planning and Research Development Agency (Bappeda) for surveys," said Idris. However, since the bill is rejected, Depok’s vision and mission to carry a religious tagline is hampered.


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