Governors opposed to draconian lockdowns increased margins of victory in 2022

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Governors who were accelerated to reason pandemic lockdowns and reopen their states were capable to triumph re-election easy successful the 2022 midterms, expanding their borderline of triumph implicit their 2018 performances.

Govs. Ron DeSantis of Florida, Kristi Noem of South Dakota, Kim Reynolds of Iowa, Jared Polis of Colorado and Brian Kemp of Georgia each cruised to re-election successful Tuesday's midterms, winning by an mean of 18.1 percent points. The margins of triumph for the anti-lockdown governors stood successful stark opposition to their narrower victories successful 2018 erstwhile the aforesaid 5 candidates won by an mean borderline of 3.7 percent points.

DeSantis provided possibly the astir stunning turnaround successful 2022, winning re-election by 19.4 percent points. The fashionable Republican hardly won his archetypal bid for politician successful 2018, winning by conscionable 0.4 percent points.

The Florida politician was famously opposed to strict lockdown measures for overmuch of the COVID-19 pandemic. Though helium ordered a stay-at-home bid successful the aboriginal days of the pandemic connected April 2, 2020, DeSantis lifted the bid conscionable implicit a period aboriginal connected May 4.


Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis (James Gilbert/Getty Images)

Florida schools besides unopen down in-person acquisition successful March 2020, though each the state's nationalist schools were re-opened to in-person acquisition by the extremity of the schoolhouse year. Public schools were past required to reopen for in-person acquisition astatine the opening of the pursuing schoolhouse year, with DeSantis resisting calls to adjacent them down done assorted waves of COVID-19 infections successful the state.

Last month, the Republican touted the results of his propulsion to reopen schools.

"In Florida our 4th people students fertile #3 successful Reading and #4 successful Math, achieving apical 4 successful some English and Math for the archetypal clip successful authorities history, portion lockdown California and New York aren’t adjacent successful the apical 30," DeSantis said successful a connection past month.

In South Dakota, Noem besides cruised to an casual triumph past week, winning re-election by 26.8 percent points. The contention was overmuch antithetic than her 2018 victory, which saw the Republican triumph by conscionable 3.4 percent points.


South Dakota Gov. Kristi Noem

South Dakota Gov. Kristi Noem (AP Photo/John Raoux)

Noem became a person of the anti-lockdown question aboriginal successful the pandemic. The South Dakota politician ne'er issued a stay-at-home order. Though Noem ordered schools to adjacent successful March 2020 and extended that bid done the extremity of the schoolhouse twelvemonth successful May, the authorities reopened its schools to in-person acquisition by the commencement of the adjacent schoolhouse year. Like DeSantis, Noem resisted calls to adjacent schools again during waves of affirmative cases successful the state.

Noem publically defended her attack passim the pandemic, going truthful acold arsenic to knock different Republicans governors who issued what she called "useless" lockdowns.

"We’ve got Republican governors crossed this state pretending they didn’t unopen down their states; that they didn’t adjacent their regions; that they didn’t mandate masks, that they didn’t request to contented structure successful places," Noem said past year. "South Dakota did not bash immoderate of those… we didn’t mandate. We trusted our radical and told them that idiosyncratic work was the champion answer,"

In Iowa, Reynolds took a akin attack and did not contented a stay-at-home bid aboriginal successful the pandemic. The Republican politician did bid schools to adjacent crossed the authorities successful April 2020, an bid that was extended done the extremity of the schoolhouse year. She began pushing for schools to reopen astatine the opening of the adjacent schoolhouse twelvemonth and signed authorities requiring schools unfastened to in-person acquisition successful January 2021.

Iowa Gov. Kim Reynolds

Iowa Gov. Kim Reynolds (AP Photo/Charlie Neibergall, File)


The governor's attack to the pandemic proved popular, with Reynolds winning re-election by 18.6 percent points. The triumph was 15.8 percent points amended than her 2018 show erstwhile she won by a constrictive 2.8 percent points.

In Georgia, Kemp won his rematch with Democratic campaigner Stacey Abrams by 7.6 percent points. The borderline was acold much comfy than his 2018 triumph implicit the aforesaid opponent, which helium won by conscionable 1.4 percent points.

Kemp did contented a stay-at-home bid successful effect to the pandemic connected April 2, 2020, but lifted it by the extremity of the month. Kemp ordered schools successful the authorities to adjacent successful March 2020, an bid that was extended done the extremity of the schoolhouse year. Kemp past began a propulsion to reopen schools successful the state, with fractional of the schools successful Georgia opening by the commencement of the adjacent schoolhouse twelvemonth and astir of the state's schools being opened to in-person acquisition astatine the decision of the aforesaid year.

Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp

Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp (Joe Raedle/Getty Images)

Kemp besides took connected schoolhouse masking requirements, signing a measure successful March of this twelvemonth that allowed parents to exempt their children from wearing masks successful districts with mandates.


"This volition guarantee that parents person the last accidental erstwhile it comes to the wellness and well-being of their child," Kemp said astatine the time. "It is simply a communal consciousness measurement that puts parents successful complaint — not the government."

In Colorado, Polis issued 1 of the briefest stay-at-home orders of the country's Democratic governors successful 2020, shutting down the authorities connected March 26 but reopening it a period later. Polis besides took a little strict attack than his Democratic peers to schoolhouse closings, shutting down the state's schools for the remainder of the schoolhouse twelvemonth successful April but allowing districts to marque their ain prime connected in-person acquisition for the commencement of the adjacent schoolhouse year.

Colorado Gov. Jared Polis

Colorado Gov. Jared Polis (Andy Cross/The Denver Post via Getty Images)

The governor's show during the pandemic was rewarded by Colorado voters, who re-elected Polis by 18.1 percent points. The show was 7.5 percent points amended than his 2018 tally for politician erstwhile Polis won by 10.6 percent points.

"I don't deliberation this is astir stay-at-homes oregon lockdowns anymore," Polis said successful November 2020 amid unit to contented caller lockdown orders arsenic COVID-19 cases surged successful Colorado.

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