Gear up your iPhone 15 with a ROKFORM case that does more than the basics

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ROKFORM Rugged lawsuit protecting iPhone 15 connected rocks
(Image credit: Rokform)

The caller iPhone 15 lineup is present and, pinch it, caller opportunities to put a hurting connected nan solid that surrounds your precious caller purchase. But, if you descent your caller telephone into 1 of nan caller cases from ROKFORM, you tin put each your worries away. The All-New ROKFORM Rugged and Crystal cases connection up 360-degree protection for nan iPhone 15 statement and move things up pinch immoderate useful other features you ne'er moreover knew you needed.

The ROKFORM Rugged and Crystal cases are recently redesigned for nan iPhone 15 line, ensuring you get a awesome fresh for your telephone and entree to each nan upgraded features coming pinch this latest model. The cases person been upgraded complete respective generations, improving camera protection and offering easy-to-press buttons that won’t interfere pinch mundane usage of nan phone. These cases are MagSafe compatible arsenic well, truthful you don’t person to miss retired connected wireless charging, and that’s only nan commencement of their magnetic capabilities. 

ROKFORM Crystal lawsuit protecting iPhone 15 connected rocks

(Image credit: Rokform)

Both cases characteristic their ain magnetic ringing and secondary magnet bar, making for a multi-magnet statement that’s other strong. Now it’s not conscionable MagSafe devices that your telephone tin connect to but besides magnetic surfaces, for illustration metallic poles, workbenches, toolboxes, and refrigerators.

While you shouldn’t interest astir your telephone dropping from wherever you connect it acknowledgment to each nan tech ROKFORM has built into its cases, you tin remainder assured that your telephone is good protected moreover if it does fall. These are action-ready cases pinch heavy-duty protection connected each sides, guarding nan telephone against awesome falls. And while supplies last, ROKFORM is offering a free iPhone 15 Screen Protector erstwhile you acquisition 1 of these cases.

ROKFORM Rugged iPhone 15 lawsuit attaching to RokLock Bike Mount

(Image credit: Rokform)

Magnets are conscionable nan commencement of what ROKFORM is adding to your phone, too. For an moreover much unafraid hold, ROKFORM’s unsocial RokLock™ exertion combines a twist-lock system pinch nan magnetic attachment for a nexus that’s not coming undone by accident. This lets nan lawsuit nexus up pinch ROKFORM’s galore motorcycle mounts, car mounts, and bike mounts. Some of those aforesaid mounts are besides compatible pinch ROKFORM’s G-ROK Wireless Golf Speaker, truthful you tin get other mileage retired of them. 

If you’re group connected getting a caller iPhone 15, you’ll want to protect it. You tin respire easier knowing your caller telephone is safe wrong a ROKFORM case, and for other assurance, ROKFORM offers a 2 twelvemonth warranty connected its cases 60-day money backmost guarantee connected its products, truthful if you’re not magnetically attached to your caller case, you tin get your money back.

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