Embattled Top Border Official Resigns Under Pressure

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U.S.|Embattled Top Border Official Resigns Under Pressure


Chris Magnus initially refused to measurement down arsenic the caput of Customs and Border Protection. He had taken the helm of the bureau amid a melodramatic spike successful amerciable immigration.

Chris Magnus, the commissioner of U.S. Customs and Border Protection. On Friday, helium said helium had been asked to resign but had refused.
Credit...Al Drago for The New York Times

Eileen Sullivan

Nov. 12, 2022

The commissioner of Customs and Border Protection submitted his resignation connected Saturday aft a daylong standoff with his boss, the Homeland Security secretary, who conscionable days earlier had demanded that helium either measurement down oregon beryllium fired.

The White House issued a little connection connected Saturday evening acknowledging that President Biden had accepted the resignation of the commissioner, Chris Magnus, little than a twelvemonth aft appointing him to tally 1 of the largest instrumentality enforcement agencies successful the world. As commissioner, Mr. Magnus oversaw the United States’ planetary borders, a relation that encompassed borderline absorption arsenic good arsenic customs and trade.

The Homeland Security secretary, Alejandro N. Mayorkas, has not publically explained wherefore helium insisted that Mr. Magnus measurement down truthful urgently, and determination person been nary allegations of wrongdoing.

The Biden medication has faced record-breaking amerciable borderline crossings and struggled internally implicit however to woody with the challenge, which successful the lead-up to the midterms was viewed arsenic a governmental vulnerability with nary speedy solution.

Republicans person pledged to impeach Mr. Mayorkas for his absorption of the borderline if they regain power of the House.

In a connection connected Saturday evening, Mr. Magnus said, “I resigned due to the fact that I judge this determination provides maine with the champion way for advancing my committedness to professional, innovative and community-engaged policing.”

It was an abrupt extremity to a bizarre occurrence that began Friday greeting erstwhile Mr. Magnus said helium had nary plans to resign — a effect that elder leaders astatine the Homeland Security Department had not expected. Mr. Magnus said Mr. Mayorkas had asked him to resign oregon look being fired connected Wednesday, telling him that helium had mislaid assurance successful him.

When Mr. Biden appointed Mr. Magnus, a erstwhile constabulary main with a estimation for bringing reform, helium was the archetypal openly cheery commissioner of the agency. Democrats hoped his decades of acquisition moving constabulary departments and changing longstanding instrumentality enforcement cultures would bring what galore had considered to beryllium much-needed betterment to the U.S. Border Patrol, an bureau that is portion of C.B.P.

The Border Patrol has agelong been criticized for its achromatic male-dominated enactment unit and persistent problems with favoritism some wrong the bureau and successful its attraction of migrants.

Mr. Magnus said that efforts helium had made to code immoderate of those issues were met with changeless pushback from the Border Patrol, which, done its union, has harshly criticized the Biden medication for its borderline policies and also called for a Republican-led House to impeach Mr. Mayorkas. In the end, Mr. Magnus said, the caput sided with the Border Patrol. The national said “good riddance” to Mr. Magnus successful a Twitter post connected Friday.

“He was truthful engaged chasing imaginary ‘culture’ problems successful B.P., helium forgot his superior job,” the national wrote. The national president has said that Mr. Magnus should person been focused connected uncovering solutions to the precocious fig of amerciable borderline crossings. “B.P. doesn’t person a civilization problem. It has a enactment problem, starting with Biden.”

In a connection to the C.B.P. enactment force, Mr. Mayorkas said, “Commissioner Chris Magnus has resigned and near the agency. We are thankful to Commissioner Magnus for his contributions implicit the past twelvemonth and privation him well.”

The lawman commissioner, Troy Miller, has returned to the relation of acting commissioner, which helium held earlier Mr. Magnus was confirmed by the Senate precocious past year.