How to Customize Your TikTok Viewing Experience

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Here are settings you tin tweak to alteration nan type of contented you spot connected TikTok, arsenic good arsenic nan measurement that contented is displayed.

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With nan diverseness of contented connected nan TikTok app, sometimes you mightiness occasionally consciousness bogged down pinch videos that don't rather align pinch your values aliases interests.

But location are applicable ways to customize your TikTok viewing experience. These see settings you tin tweak and features you tin configure successful bid to limit unwanted aliases inappropriate content.

How to Filter Video Keywords connected TikTok

On TikTok, you tin shut up circumstantial keywords, preventing videos pinch those words successful their explanation from appearing successful your feed.

To execute this, simply travel these steps:

  1. Log successful to your TikTok relationship if you haven't already.
  2. Click connected Profile successful nan bottom-right corner.
  3. Tap connected nan three horizontal lines successful nan top-right corner.
  4. Select Settings and privacy.
  5. In nan Content & Display section, prime Content preferences.
  6. Tap connected Filter video keywords.
  7. Select Add keyword and type successful nan keywords that you want to mute.
  8. Choose either For You aliases Following to find wherever you would for illustration nan connection to beryllium filtered.
  9. Then click Save successful nan top-right corner.

You tin adhd arsenic galore keywords arsenic you want. Videos pinch those words will beryllium censored from appearing connected your provender moreover if you travel nan poster. Notably, muting circumstantial keywords is simply a awesome measurement to dodge those sneaky movie spoilers.

How to Enable Restricted Mode for Age-Appropriate Viewing

If you’re a genitor and your teen is an progressive TikTok user, you should see enabling Restricted Mode to guarantee that nan contented they are viewing is age-appropriate.

To alteration nan age-restricted setting:

  1. Open your TikTok floor plan and pat connected nan three horizontal lines successful nan top-right corner.
  2. Select Content preferences nether Settings and privacy.
  3. Click connected Restricted Mode, past pat Turn on.
  4. Enter a four-digit passcode.
  5. Click Next.
  6. Confirm your passcode, past click Set.

For big users who person activated this setting, if astatine immoderate constituent you find yourself missing videos you’d for illustration to see, you tin move disconnected Restricted Mode whenever you like.

Due to TikTok's powerful algorithm that learns your behavior, you mightiness still find yourself spending an extended magnitude of clip connected nan platform. But don't worry, here's really to regain control.

How to Limit Your Screen Time connected TikTok

If you find yourself caught up successful nan endless scrolling connected TikTok, past this characteristic will thief you return complaint and support nan hours from slipping away.

Here's really to negociate your regular surface time:

  1. In nan TikTok app, pat Profile astatine nan bottom.
  2. Tap connected nan three horizontal lines successful nan top-right corner.
  3. Select Settings and privacy.
  4. Tap connected Screen time, past prime Daily surface time.
  5. Then, click connected Set regular surface time.

You tin group nan aforesaid limit each time aliases a civilization limit per day.

Once group up, a notification will popular up erstwhile you scope your regular surface clip limit. This way, you'll get a friends reminder that it's clip to return a break and do different awesome things successful life!

How to Enable Clear Mode connected TikTok

The playback surface while watching a TikTok video often appears cluttered pinch various app icons, hashtags, captions, and different elements. This tin sometimes create a consciousness of chaos connected your screen. Using Clear Mode connected TikTok tin thief you destruct these icons and springiness you a much enjoyable viewing experience.

Here are nan steps to follow:

  1. In nan TikTok app, agelong property connected immoderate TikTok video you are watching.
  2. From nan pop-up menu, prime Clear Mode.

That's it! The icons will vanish from your video and you person a clear screen.

To exit Clear Mode, agelong property connected nan video again and click connected Restore display. Your icons will beryllium backmost immediately.

Take Control of Your TikTok Viewing Experience

Despite TikTok's intentionality to put arsenic overmuch contented successful your face, you tin successfully customize your acquisition by tweaking nan settings to align pinch your preferences.

Customizing your TikTok acquisition however, isn't only astir avoiding contented you do not like. You tin besides punctual TikTok to show much of your favourite contented and nan things you bask viewing.


Q: How Do I Change My Viewing Settings connected TikTok?

You tin alteration your viewing settings successful TikTok by opening your floor plan page successful nan app, tapping nan 3 horizontal lines, choosing Settings and privacy, selecting Accessibility, and toggling options on/off arsenic desired.

Q: How Does TikTok Suggest Videos?

TikTok suggests videos utilizing a operation of factors based connected what you do successful nan app and what you've shown and not shown your liking in. TikTok uses this information to find videos that it thinks you'd beryllium willing in.

Q: What Are nan Audience Controls connected TikTok?

Audience controls connected TikTok let creators to take nan due assemblage for their videos. For example, a creator tin tag their videos truthful these videos aren't shown to users nether nan property of 18 years.

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