Destiny 2 players will shortly be banned from equipping crafted weapons

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Destiny 2 developer Bungie has announced plans to temporarily disable players from utilizing crafted weapons successful a bid to get connected apical of an in-game glitch.

After acknowledging that players could springiness Legendary guns Exotic traits – fundamentally circumventing nan game's accustomed equilibrium systems and allowing players to equip what is, successful essence, 3 exotic weapons astatine erstwhile – Bungie confirmed complete nan play that it's "working connected 2 fixes" that it hopes will reside nan issue. 

The first is simply a server-side update that will disable each crafted weapons from being equipped, aft which nan squad will reside "illegal" weapons by resetting them "to a default state".

The squad besides confirmed that it was not going to disable Trials of Osiris because of this issue, and location were "no plans for a rollback", either.

UPDATE: We're moving connected 2 fixes for this issue. There are nary plans for a rollback.For nan first fix, deploying wrong nan adjacent 24 hours, we’re building a server-side update that will disable each crafted weapons from being equipped. Players will still beryllium capable to trade weapons… 16, 2023

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"We're alert of an rumor that allows circumstantial limb perks to beryllium crafted into different legendary weapons and are investigating a fix, which will consequence successful these weapons being reset successful nan future," nan workplace explained via a connection posted to societal media.

The squad confirmed that nan sever-side update is expected to deploy successful nan adjacent 24 hours aliases so, and though players will still beryllium capable to trade during this time, they won't beryllium capable to equip immoderate of these recently crafted weapons in-game (sorry, Guardian). 

There's nary circumstantial deadline for erstwhile crafted weapons will beryllium re-enabled, either, but Bungie says it hopes to do this measurement of nan process "soon aft nan first". 

Bungie besides took nan opportunity to punctual players that anyone who "discovers an utilization in-game" will not beryllium banned aliases taxable to in-game restrictions, but nan "use of outer scripting and web manipulation devices are still bannable offenses and taxable to information review".

If it's been immoderate clip since you past jumped into Bungie's immense (and hugely complex) sci-fi shooter, Destiny 2's crippled head Joe Blackburn precocious promised a free PvP representation adjacent year pursuing nan antagonistic consequence to a caller State of nan Game station wherever Bungie stated that nan workplace didn't person nan resources to merchandise much than 1 PvP representation per almanac year. 

As you tin expect, nan station didn't spell down each excessively good pinch nan organization – Bungie is owned by megacorp Sony, aft each – and Blackburn apologized to Destiny 2 players.

Even nan astir committed Destiny 2 subordinate should cheque retired our guideline for nan best Destiny 2 PvE weapons. We've besides sewage a guideline to nan best FPS games if you're looking for an acquisition further afield too. 

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