Did You Know You Can Speak to ChatGPT?

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Why discarded clip typing your ChatGPT prompts erstwhile you tin usage your sound instead? We'll show you really to do it.

person utilizing ChatGPT susurration connected iPhone

Have you ever imagined conversing pinch an AI that understands and tin respond to you pinch your voice? OpenAI's open-source reside nickname strategy called "Whisper" allows you to speak to ChatGPT and get answers to your questions.

You tin usage this characteristic to make codes, get answers, aliases person a speedy brainstorming convention pinch conscionable your voice.

What You Need to Speak to ChatGPT

ChatGPT's Whisper integration allows you to usage your sound to speak pinch ChatGPT alternatively of typing. The beauty of this lies successful nan truth that you tin velocity up your prompts alternatively of typing agelong and descriptive sentences.

To entree ChatGPT's sound input characteristic connected your phone, you'll request to download and instal nan charismatic ChatGPT app for mobile devices. Once you motion successful pinch your OpenAI account, you're each group to return advantage of nan Whisper feature.

If you're connected a Windows PC, you'll request to trust connected third-party workarounds for illustration Whisper Desktop to move your sound to matter successful existent time.

Download: ChatGPT for iOS | Android (Free, subscription available)

How to Send ChatGPT Prompts With Your Voice

Both iPhones and Android devices travel pinch autochthonal dictation features. And that's what you'll usage to return advantage of ChatGPT's Whisper integration connected your phone.

To nonstop prompts successful nan ChatGPT app pinch your voice, travel these elemental steps successful nan ChatGPT mobile app.

  1. On an iPhone, pat nan sound wave icon connected nan correct broadside of nan matter section astatine nan bottom. On an Android device, pat nan microphone fastener adjacent to nan matter field.
  2. ChatGPT will instantly commencement signaling your voice. So, commencement speaking.
  3. When you're done, deed Tap to extremity recording and hold for ChatGPT to transcribe nan recording.
  4. Tap nan Send fastener adjacent to nan matter section to nonstop your prompt.

Now, each you request to do is hold a mates of seconds for ChatGPT to type retired its response. You tin trial this characteristic while trying these ChatGPT crypto prompts.

Talk to ChatGPT and Save Time

By speaking to ChatGPT, you tin nonstop longer and much descriptive prompts pinch your sound and person a speech without manually typing a punctual that could return respective minutes. This way, you tin beryllium much productive pinch your task and prevention clip while utilizing ChatGPT.

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