How to Set a Custom Playing Status on Discord

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Discord displays an activity position whenever you motorboat a game. Here's really you tin edit and customize that position to your preference.

children playing games connected discord

Discord is simply a connection level specially developed for gamers. As a result, galore of its features are inclined toward gamers and their needs, specified arsenic support for streaming and nan activity status.

Whenever you motorboat a crippled (or different program) alongside Discord, it adds a position displaying nan programme sanction and long for which you've been playing nan game.

Here's really you tin alteration nan activity position connected Discord and customize it to suit your needs.

Enable nan Activity Status connected Discord

The activity position comes successful useful erstwhile you want to live watercourse a crippled successful Discord sound channels aliases simply show others what crippled you're playing while utilizing Discord connected your PC.

You tin alteration and customize nan activity position only if you're utilizing nan Discord desktop client. Smartphone and web type users won't beryllium capable to show their activity to their friends connected Discord.

To move connected nan Discord activity status:

  1. Click connected nan Gear icon adjacent to your username (located astatine nan bottommost left).
  2. Select Activity Privacy from nan near sidebar.
  3. Enable nan action that says Display existent activity arsenic a position message.
enable nan discord activity status

Most of nan time, Discord will automatically observe and adhd a position for nan games moving connected your computer, but you tin besides adhd much programs by switching to Registered Games from nan near sidebar and clicking Add It.

How to Customize nan Discord Playing Status

You mightiness person noticed your friends playing unreleased games aliases unusual programs (like GTA VII) from nan Discord activity status. If you've ever wondered really you tin execute nan same, it's dormant easy.

Here's really to customize nan playing position connected Discord:

  1. Launch a programme and support it moving successful nan inheritance (WordPad recommended).
  2. Switch to Discord and adhd nan programme to nan activity status, arsenic discussed previously.
  3. The position that said "No crippled detected" will now move greenish and show nan programme name.
  4. Click connected nan programme sanction and alteration it to thing else; "Red Dead Redemption 3," for example.
  5. The alteration will beryllium reflected successful your activity position successful existent time.
changing nan activity position discord

Discord will automatically adhd a programme icon adjacent to nan position if it recognizes nan crippled name.

To verify nan change, move to a server and click connected your username from nan correct sidebar.

customized activity position discord

When you want to region nan crippled from your status, you tin either adjacent nan programme aliases spell to User Settings > Registered Games and click nan Cross icon adjacent to nan progressive status. You tin moreover disable automatic discovery for programs by clicking nan oculus icon located adjacent to nan crippled entry.

discord activity status

User position and activity position connected Discord are 2 different features. A personification position is akin to your Instagram aliases WhatsApp statuses but is matter only.

If you want, you tin besides show your existent activity by setting a civilization Discord status. You tin modify your personification position to fto your friends cognize what you're doing aliases adhd a witty one-liner to your bio to make your friends chuckle.

Surprise Your Discord Friends by Playing Random Games

You tin either take to support your gaming activity to yourself aliases adhd a position each clip you commencement playing a game. Discord offers you that power and nan last prime depends connected you. You tin besides group a civilization activity position connected Discord and play (not really) unreleased games to time off your friends awestruck.

If you're moving retired of games to play remotely pinch your friends, you should cheque retired Discord Games Lab, a server offering you a multitude of casual games to play while chattering connected sound channels.

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