7 Ways to Improve Notifications on Android

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Make judge you're utilizing nan champion Android notifications features.

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Android notifications are head and shoulders supra iPhone notifications, but they're surely not perfect. You tin amended them pinch a fewer of Android's built-in features. We'll show you nan settings to tweak to make Android notifications moreover better.

View Your Notification History

One of nan astir frustrating things astir notifications is accidentally dismissing them. What app was it from? Did you miss thing important? How tin you find it again? That's wherever Notification History comes in.

The Notification History is simply a log of each nan notifications that person appeared connected your instrumentality successful nan past 24 hours. It's not enabled by default for immoderate reason, truthful you'll request to move it connected first.

Hide Notification Icons From nan Status Bar

Pixel telephone pinch hidden notifications.

The crown jewel of Android notifications is nan position barroom and "notification shade." You tin easy spot which notifications you person and swipe down to publication them. However, you whitethorn not want each app to put an icon up there.

For those little important apps, you tin simply hide nan notification icon from nan position bar. The notification is still location erstwhile you swipe down, but now it's a little priority.

Fix Missing Notifications

Some Android devices are notorious for making artillery "optimizations" that spell excessively far. This tin person nan unintended consequence of sidesplitting apps successful nan inheritance and preventing you from getting their notifications.

There are a fewer things you tin set to hole this problem. If you person a Samsung Galaxy device, there's a bully chance you've knowledgeable this annoying "feature." There are a few things you tin set to hole this problem.

Stop Notifications from Popping Up

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By default, astir Android notifications will "pop" connected nan screen. These notifications tin get successful nan way, and it's particularly annoying for unimportant apps. Thankfully, there's an easy measurement to toggle this off.

When you move disconnected "Pop connected screen," nan notification will only look arsenic an icon successful nan position bar. You won't spot nan afloat pop-up pinch nan contents of nan notification. This is simply a awesome action for low-priority notifications.

Hide Sensitive Notifications connected nan Lock Screen

The fastener surface is nan model into your Android phone. Even if it's locked, group tin still spot nan notifications. The bully news is you tin hide nan contented and still spot nan notification.

Android gives you 2 options for this. You tin take to hide each "Sensitive Notifications," which are wished by Android, truthful there's not overmuch control. Alternatively, you tin move this connected aliases disconnected for individual apps.

Get Reminders for Notifications

Tap nan doorbell aliases timepiece icon.

What if your extremity isn't to trim aliases region notifications but to retrieve them for later? Android allows you to "snooze" notifications—just for illustration emails successful Gmail—so you tin beryllium reminded of them astatine a later time.

Snoozing a notification simply hides it for nan selected play of clip and past delivers it to your telephone again. This way, you won't accidentally region nan notification aliases hide astir it sitting successful your position bar.

Block Notifications for Focus Time

When notifications go excessively overmuch of a distraction, Focus Mode is your champion friend. This characteristic allows you to take circumstantial distracting apps and artifact them temporarily.

Focus Mode is akin to Do Not Disturb, but it's intended to beryllium utilized much connected demand. Also, Focus Mode only blocks apps, it doesn't person nan expertise to artifact calls aliases texts from circumstantial people.

Android notifications are mostly beautiful good, and each these options are portion of why that is. You person a batch of controls astatine your disposal, truthful make judge you're taking advantage of them. Don't fto your telephone go a constituent of changeless distraction.

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